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  1. Yes that's the exact error message. Ok, off to delete those favorite landmarks. Thanks!
  2. Hello all, I've been on SL almost 14 years, so I'm no stranger to technical problems. All of we "old-timers' can remember the grid-wide griefer attacks. However, my question today is about those....annoying but necessary degraded sim performance messages. They occur at my Linden home. They happen at sandboxes. They even occur at one of the Linden "official" sims. They seem to happen at least 3x a week. What's going on ? Was this always happening before, I never noticed it and wasn't notified ? Is this a "new phenomenon" ? I'm not trying to bash Linden Lab or the Lindens here. I'm just very curious. Thank you in advance. Steve Mahfouz
  3. of course I cannot speak for the Firestorm team, but I am referring to software which uses more than one core at a time.
  4. My understanding per the Firestorm team is that the official viewer is not multi-threaded. If they are incorrect, I am a bit amazed they would be wrong. Please explain more to me. I am not trying to argue with you, just trying to understand. Thanks.
  5. Hi all, If this topic has been beaten to death in here, my apologies. I don't read this forum all the time. My understanding is that the official SL client is not multi-threaded, except for a texture picker ? Very fuzzy on the details and very open to correction. If it's not multi-threaded, is there any hope it ever will be, or has that hope died with the coming advent of Sansar ? I would think Sansar would take priority in development over SL at this point, but what do I know. Thank you all in advance! Steve (in SL since 2005, I'm sure some of you are older than I)
  6. Please note, I AM LOSING MONEY ON THIS SALE. Please do not insult us by offering a lowball offer. I am only willing to lose so much money. $1600 USD for one sim is reasonable. That includes all fees I MUST pay to Linden Lab. You pay nothing to Linden Lab. $3200 USD for TWO sims is reasonable. Two sims back in the day went, retail, for $3400 (which did not include the setup fees also), and there is no such thing as wear and tear, or depreciation on sims. Every penny of that $3400 was for the servers. The setup fee was around $195 USD. $3200 USD includes ALL fees I must pay to Linden Lab. Again, you pay nothing to Linden Lab. Please do not insult us. Thank you kindly.
  7. Two fully-grandfathered regions for sale. They are both private islands that are charged at the OLD rate of $195 USD per month PER SIM (or $390 USD for both). If you buy one or both, you will only be charged $195 per month instead of the current rate of $295 per month. If you rent land, this is extremely valuable property enabling you to make more money. Both sims can be sold together or separately. Only serious reasonable offers accepted. Bear in mind that I must pay a $600 fee PER SIM (or $1200 USD for both) out of the proceeds to make this happen. I am in no great rush to sell, so I am not desperate. Once again, only serious reasonable offers entertained. Best offer wins one or both sims. DO NOT CONTACT ME. Contact my agent, Kayla Itano. She will handle all the details. If you contact me, I will simply refer you to her. Thank you for your time, and good luck! Steve Mahfouz, CEO, Ecstasy Realty in Second Life
  8. I've tried that. I'm on Windows 10 x64 and that method does not work for that page. Normally, yes, the TAB key does the trick. on edit: NOW my Tab key works perfectly. Weird. Thanks for helping!
  9. Hello all, this is a question on the Firestorm viewer, which I hope is OK for this forum. Sometimes I need to navigate my Firestorm UI with my keyboard. I know all about using TAB (Windows OS) to navigate, but sometimes that doesn't accomplish what I need. Example: Please look at this pic of a FS screen I have to navigate  How do I navigate from the 2D Overlay options down to APPLY and then click OK ? I've tried using F6 in Windows OS but that doesn't work. Using TAB button does NOT work. Thank you very much in advance! Steve Mahfouz
  10. You do forget to mention some important factors that might be telling of poor experiences - Geography, Sim Ping, graphics RAM, caching space and speeds, operating system (OS X always runs at fewer FPS than Windows, IME). Some viewers see performance gain over others, but this varies a lot. I'm in the southeast USA. Sim ping at this club varies wildly, from 125 ms to 350 ms at times. Graphics RAM is 12 gigs (Titan X). Caching space, I usually leave it at default for Firestorm. Caching speed, not sure about this. OS is Windows 10 x64. Viewer is Firestorm x64, latest version.
  11. Hello all. I've been playing SL for almost 11 years now. My frame rates per second in crowded sims have steadily been getting better but I remain perplexed. I just upgraded my gear to a high-end i7 Intel processor, 32 gigs of RAM, a very high-end Nvidia card, and a PCI-E hard drive. I'm not willing to get into overclocking, so that's ruled out. My ISP is 50 megabits per second download. I'm still only pulling 6 frames a second in a very crowded club. I'm not going to name the club, because that feels like "calling out" to me. Granted, I have all the " eye candy " turned on. I understand, of course, that I can get higher frame rates by going to lower settings. I know that avatars, scripts, and very large textures, among other factors, influence frame rate. Is my experience in line with others ? As I said, I'm not willing to get into overclocking. Thank you for your time and patience. Steve on edit: I just did an experiment. I put my Firestorm viewer on Ultra, with Shadow Quality cranked up to 4.0, Scale of Terrain Texture Rendering up to 24, Anti-Aliasing up to 16X, Anisotropic Filtering enabled, and Lossy Texture Compression disabled. I went home to my very low lag sim, in my Linden home. So, these are more or less ideal conditions. My FPS topped out around 61 FPS with all the ultra-ish settings on. So, 61 fps is my more or less theoretical max right now.
  12. http://blog.nalates.net/2015/03/21/second-life-next-generation-platform-update-2015/ I said guesses. I know no one on the forums knows. Or do you ? :cathappy: Information density = display resolutions for avatars increase significantly. Hopefully we can have a fun discussion.
  13. If I have to contort my face excessively, then yes, it's certainly not worth it.
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