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  1. Thanks all who have contacted me! I've found a solution.
  2. One person has replied to this ad...but unfortunately I accidentally exited your message before I was able to reply, and now I can't find you again!!! Please contact me again and/or drop a notecard on me or similar. Apologies!!!
  3. I like the Daisy SubAO for this (on MP, not sure if it's in stores) though if you're not into D/s poses you may want to adjust the groundsit. While it's designed for a more deferent and submissive look, it isn't SO submissive, just calm, feminine, not overly sexed (unless you are specifically using the sexualized presenting anims), and not all "look at me everyone!" . Unfortunately it is a bit older so no bento hands, and it is limited - no typing hands, no swimming, running etc. But you can edit it and add/remove as you like. It's the first AO I bought when I joined SL and I've bought others since but I always end up coming back to this one because of its calm elegance. It won't break your bank, either! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DaisyCreations-SubAO/3731344
  4. I have a home parcel that I've been trying to terraform by myself but my skills are non-existent and no matter what I do I just can't get the land on the beach area flat and smooth! Hoping to find help from someone who actually knows what they're doing to help me smooth it out and neaten things up, and maybe help me build a little path up the cliff if it won't just mess things up further. I can't afford to pay very much but I'm not expecting a freebie either. IM me inworld (hyacinth3704 Resident) to come see the space and let me know what you might charge. North American evening/weekend online hours.
  5. Kids in adult areas = automatic no no. But there are lots of situations in which people playing child avatars shoudl not be out alone in M or lower rated sims either. In RL it would be alarming and problematic for a child to show up in a women's clothing store on their own without a parent. Same with a racetrack, farm, university, almost anything you can name that is not *explicitly* kid-oriented. For that same reason it bugs me to see people in shops wearing animal avatars (that are not anthropomorphic). It's jarring. And as many others have said, this is doubly irritating if that child avatar is being "in character" and being disruptive or annoying or making noises. I have nothing against kid avatars in kid-related contexts, but when they venture out into the adult world - by which I mean the grown-up world, not just the sexual stuff - alone, they should switch to an adult avatar. Personally, I do find them mostly creepy, though I admit that has a lot to do with having had only negative experiences with them. If I were to run a sim, I would most likely not allow them, regardless of rating, or would at minimum require them to be accompanied by an adult avatar at all times. By the way - Adam, above someone posted that they found it discomfjiting when a child-avatar acts unchildlike in the middle of rping a child, and you immediately assumed she was talking about sex. This is an unfair assumption. There is more to being an adult than sex. A child can be unchildlike in many ways, including discussing advanced topics in current events, using vocabulary not normally associated with children, wearing high heels, etc etc; essentially they are breaking character while trying to stay in character. If they are otherwise in-character, that kind of behavior doesn't fit, and makes it hard to role-play in return because you don't know how to respond to a kid who is suddenly acting and talking like a grown-up.
  6. hear hear - what Chaser said. Advertising where it is not welcome - most especially in group chats where you have not been granted explicit permission - is a great way to alienate your target audience. Depending on the theme of your group, you might try starting by approaching the owners of sims along that theme and seeing if they're interested in joining and/or allowing you to put up an ad board, etc. for a small fee.
  7. Thank you both!!! At this point in time I'm thinking of furniture mostly for my own use/as a hobbyist, but I won't completely exclude the idea that I might someday want to see if anyone wants to buy them! I think you make an excellent suggestion in terms of trying out furniture made with the different systems and seeing if I like how the menus are built, how the furniture functions, adjustability, etc.
  8. Hi all, I'm just getting started in learning how to manipulate animations and would like to learn how to add couple poses to furniture. I've been trying to find information on the various engines and systems out there, like avsitter, MLP, MPS and others, but it's hard for me to tell based on their MP descriptions which ones are easiest to use for 'dummies' like me, and it's not easy to compare/contrast the features they offer. Can anyone point me to a website or blog or resource of some kind that considers the different systems out there and does some evaluation and compare/contrast? I think I must be using all the wrong search terms. I have found some info but it's a few years old and I don't know if it's still up to date. Any advice would be helpful! I don't want to pay for something that's way more complicated than I'm ready for or underpay for something I'll outgrow. Thanks!
  9. hi Gia, I'm not sure I understand your reply. is "I love lamp" the name of a content creator?
  10. Please please tell me that someone has made a super bowl shark costume/avatar? I must dance!
  11. Does anyone know where (if anywhere) I can find merchandise for CFL teams? I'm thinking fan wear like jerseys, hats, pompoms, t-shirts, watermelon helmets, etc. or maybe a cheerleader outfit. Any ideas?
  12. hi! I ran a quick search for 'bootcut' on the marketplace and used the filters to isolate ladies' jeans, and there seem to be a few potential options. For example, this set https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LuLeja-Mesh-Jeans-For-Boots/5712036?ple=c seems to be made for your purpose, but there were other good potentials too. good luck!
  13. Thanks! That's really helpful to hear. Are there other people I haven't mentioned in the list that could/should (maybe) be tipped?
  14. I've only recently begun frequenting areas where there are live performances or live customer services. I want to tip appropriately, but dont have wads of extra Linden either. I'm wondering if ppl can help me build my understanding of how much is an acceptable or usual tip for ppl such as store models and greeters hosts at clubs hosts at other events discussion leaders others - suggest please! just to mention - i'm looking for a general range, as I'm firmly of the school of thought that great service deserves a great tip. I just don't really know what constitutes a great tip in terms of L$. thanks for all suggestions.
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