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  1. a misunderstanding...I have one folder in my sl inventory with 7700 items in it...I am moving them, small group by small group, to the marketplace interface in sl...many items are getting lost in this process...I am looking for a way to create a list of the 7700 items so that if any do go missing, I will know which ones
  2. I need much more than a screenshot can capture...I have nearly 7700 items in a folder that I'm attempting to load to mp...I've loaded 2300 already and I've lost dozens of items in the process, no idea why...before I load more, I wanted to at least have a list of items to identify which ones make it to mp and which ones don't.
  3. is it possible to create/export a list of items in a folder/multiple folders/entire inventory?
  4. where do i change the preview aspect ratio of my pictures? the default is always a square with the picture getting squished. i'd like to change it so the default for all of my pictures is 10:7 or 4:3 or something that resembles the in world shot. thanks
  5. free...is this what you're referring to? https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Free-Alpha-Layer-Textures-kit/2589923
  6. A little while back, i saw an avatar with a pet animal of sorts that I'd like to re-find again. it was a fantasy beast, maybe part dog, part boar or something, and really well made. I inspected it and it led me to the name of the creator. At the time, the creator was no longer in SL but a link in their profile led me to a small parcel where you could buy all their "pets". I inspected the box and it had maybe 15-20 in it and was, I'm guessing, maybe 1000L. I didn't have the lindens at that moment and I crashed before I could grab a landmark. It would seem this creator's pets wer
  7. smiles...yeah...it's slow BECAUSE it's the weekend LOL...more folks, more action...not TOO unusual in my experience
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