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  1. Oh baby, you so know how to get us excited. It looks like we are getting close
  2. Oh 1Blue, no we don't know when, but we all so understand that someitmes we need sl cos rl sukx
  3. Actually, that looks like an Estate Manager I used to have to deal with and the way he fixed things. Guess what ? I moved
  4. Oh I want a martian invasion just to see what it is like
  5. Actually, seems we are getting different messages and now suddenly we do have a grid status message
  6. Disagree it is about resource and no one in 2014 misses out on saying they are fixing a problem, just give us time
  7. Oh Ayesha you sre so right, but when I want it I sooooooooooooo want it lol
  8. Cmon sweety that is a 2 second job when there is a major fail, so they owe it to us
  9. I noticed it too, then much later, early am in Europe, things suddenly got a lot better. I just picked up on this grid status posting too, for 3 December - [Posted 7:17pm PST, 02 December 2012] At approximately 6:30 am PST tomorrow (3 December 2012) we will be performing some scheduled maintenance on three server racks. Regions hosted on those racks will restart. We will attempt to minimize latency on restart times, but some affected regions may be down for longer than the usual restart cycle
  10. The roll outs seemed to have gone well and the laggy jitters of the past week have gone for me too. I have had a lovely day today boating and flying around the Blake Seas and United Sailing Sims, so, nice one Maestro, thank you.
  11. Well done for reporting them as down Ayesha, but as you say, how can you tell they are down. It did seem there were quite a few sims down but they didn't show up as being down and there are other strange things too. For example with Blake Sea - Black. I can walk in to that sim from a sim next to it, but I can't TP in to it or get in to it with a plane. Strange !
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