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  1. -Intel HD Graphics 4000 is it compatible with SL? ASUS VivoBook X540sa 15.6 Laptop Pentium N3700 2.4ghz 4 GB RAM 500gb HD10 LPV066
  2. Omg I figure out what or who is was.It was my Bento Buddy,that pet cloud thingy was causing the glitch but thanks so much for your help!
  3. So recently I bought the Letuka bento mesh head and everything was great until the next day. I loggin and I've notice that one of my eyes looked like it was popping out of my head,my eyelashes look like its going through my eyelids.So I thought that maybe it was Letuka bento head so I've bought the Catwa bento head and I'm still having the same problem. Im using the bento viewer as well. here some photos
  4. Hope this is the right place.I send 4000 lidens to the wrong person mistakenly and ask him to send it back asap,he is online when I send him the message.What should I do if he do not return my lidens?
  5. My mom wants to get TMP mesh heads but she has the deluxe mesh project body.Can she choose whatever TMP mesh head she wants or do she have to get the deluxe mesh to work with her TMP Deluxe body?
  6. Thanks for your help,I've found it!
  7. Is this a gacha hair?Where can I find this hair? https://www.flickr.com/photos/130997813@N06/16699517568/in/faves-130110305@N04/
  8. I'm looking for a land to rent price range 700-1200 lidens a week,700-1000 prims.I want stream my own radio staions and I want real second life sky.
  9. This been happening for about a month now,every other time I login to SL inworld my avi keeps turning 360 degrees around then walk over things or into a wall when I simply just want to make my avi turn a little.I just let the button go and she still continues to move on her own like she's doing a runway walk.I thought it was just me but my mom and brother are having the same problem on their own computers as well.I tried uninstalling the viewers I even use SL viewer because I thought maybe thats just firestorm but the SL viewer is doing the same.This is really getting annoying,what can I do?
  10. Thank you both for your help,I did found it!
  11. http://tsginsl.blogspot.com/2014/08/tsu-mesh-head.html
  12. How do I sell my meeroos nest in the marketplace?
  13. Yea your right,Im wearing the Maitreya body now.I also love the skin options and nails that comes with it!
  14. If I'm not mistaken slink also have omega too.
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