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    Linden home

    Where can I find the info about my new linden home as I haven't received the email from Linden labs yet?
  2. I am not looking for mainland either
  3. I am looking for some land with about 1875 prims. I have rented real estate but with some residential/ light commercial they don't have the wow factor. This is wot I am looking for. Is there any1 who can help me. Thanks
  4. Can anyone send me a list of all the hunts that are happening this month. IT'S in world plz.
  5. Thank you for your help :-)
  6. I am looking for a nice large house with big rooms and fairly open plan. 2 storey. Low prim and copy modify. Can anyone help please. Unfurnished preferably. And maybe a area for a pool too. Need it to be of low cost. Thank you.
  7. M&M have loads of lucky boards they are about 10 minute changes but are fairly quick to be won. Sorry I don't have the surl for them.
  8. Very beautiful. Does it come with full owner rights and is it still available. Thank u
  9. Hi am interested in looking at this piece of land or similar
  10. Looking for a large piece of land to rent about 2000 prims with full rights. Can any 1 help .
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