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  1. hi Josie, I'm picking up SL again, was away for months I'll hit you up in game!
  2. seems that the shop is still active: ..::: Kal Rau :::.., Second Island Square (61, 103, 22) - Moderate
  3. i cant login right now but if you search in world after "kal rau" it's the second one (the one with +/-2500 travel)
  4. Yep SL support cannot do anything for me. Sad tbh I toutgh they would be more commercial. Just letting all you merchants know this. These were my first days in SL and it was my first purchase. You would think SL support would put the lindens back into my wallet to keep me a happy customer so I stay subbed and buy from all your merchants. After this very sour support chat with them I prolly won't return after my sub runs out. Nor will I spent any more RL money on SL. This was a very bad first experience for me, blame LL for being so uncommercial.
  5. Hi Sassy, I tried editting and dragging it on the other half of my screen -> same issue Marigold & Pamela > yep maybe he's on vacation, but I'm the impatient type of guy. Also when you try so see his profile it's says: This name is unavailable. Hence I made a forum post. I did sent him IM and also the notecard with all the info I dragged into IM. Aethelwine: I didn't block myself thanks for the tip though!
  6. Does anyone can get a hold of Kal Rau for me please? I've been trying to contact him for two weeks now. It was the first thing I bought in second life the casual shirt m4. It had a lot of options with a hud. Eveything works except both huds (tie and shirt). This is how the HUD loads (http://imgur.com/pAMmELO) I can only click a few buttons but can only change one part of the shirt. I've been trying to contact§ him over facebook, left a comment on his youtube video and sent him different IM'(s and a notecard. Never see some staff in his store either. Does somebody know Kal or can send him
  7. Hi Tremere thanks for the tips, I'll keep them in consideration. Hit me up in game if you like a chat, I'll try not to overload you with questions And thank you again Autumn, you showed me allready a much nicer part of SL today, hope to see more!
  8. Hi SL adult community! I'm Chris a 33year old male from Belgium. Before I came to SL (this will be my third day of logging in) I was playing another game RLC or Utherverse. People there told me to try out SL so I did. So far my first experiences werent great, I met some people got tricked into a ladyboy club (which doesnt float my boat lol). Then landed on a spot where there was a lot of verbal abuse on voice (I kept quiet but was flabbargasted by the way some people treat each other). I had the feeling that you met nicer people on RLC. Visiting clubs and so isn't easy to mingle as most k
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