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  1. Last time I mentioned this, I was terrified about the coronavirus. Genuinely in tears. I know this sounds terrible but I'm actually enjoying the lockdown now. The air seems clearer, there's less noise at night and I get to spend loads of time chilling out and reading. Actually - I don't want the lockdown to end! I don't want to go back to how things were. I know some people will get angry and call me a troll and think I'm disrespecting the dead or making light of people's pain but I wonder, is anyone else actually OK about the lockdown? For me it's gone from a nightmare to a nice extende
  2. Do you do it? I'm interested in learning it while we're locked down. But I worry that I'm too much of an airhead to get my noggin around ancient Chinese divination! Does it work for you and would you recommend it?
  3. I am terrified 😨 I don't want to die, or my nana 😭 Too down to go on SL...
  4. All new users should get 20Ls and a gift, IMO.
  5. Me and my friend were banned from the SL language school, my friend I understand because we were supposed to do intros in French and she sent a notecard to the school saying "WE HAVE FROG HOMEWORK" but all I did was send a group notice saying "We are having beer and heroin after a hard week at school :D" and they banned me too! Can Linden Labs contact the school to reverse this and get us reinstated, we are actually good students.
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