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  1. To understand skins consider that they are not just one color. Also they are flat (2D) like a sheet of paper and the avatar is like a ball (3D). This texture is what the skin for the head looks like. With the body nipples, navel, and genitals all have to be painted on in the correct places. If you press Ctrl-Shift-R you can toggle your viewer in and out of Wire Frame mode. Each of the triangles (polygons) you see has to be colored. To do that well we unwrap the avatar, or whatever we are coloring, and flatten it. The result for the upper body looks like this: Notice in the top image the shadows in the ears are painted on. The same is done for the rest of the body. It is more efficient to paint in details than to build them into the model and hope the system makes the right shadows. If you have hung around here you will have seen PermaRuth. The skin he uses is a single color without the shading that fools the human eye into seeing shape and details that really aren't there. His is not a realistic look that most of us want. It works for him. The better the artist is the more real the skin makes the avatar look. You can completely change the look of a face just by changing the skin. If you have been to Disney Land you have seen faces projected on plastic heads that are all pretty much the same shape. But, they look like different people. It is an illusion made by how they paint in the shadows and highlights. Color matching is complex. You have three colors that make up all the colors in SL: Red, Green, and Blue. The skin has those colors in some mix and the light in the region is some mix of those too. Both interact and you see the result. This is why we do color matching in a neutral Windlight (CalWL) setting so we have as little distortion from the lighting as possible. While the skin has its color, the system allows us to "tint' the skin. Often we use that tinting to match skins that are not the exact same color. While bodies generally use one skin your choice of skin for the head usually adds another. It can be a tedious process to get a good match. To reduce the pain some skin makers make body and head skins. They give you a skin with all parts color-matched. The problem is different makers use different layouts for their polygons. So, skins are not completely interchangeable between brands of body and head. Some are. Most aren't. Which is why we say DEMO everything. Some skins include a painted in texture (pores, wrinkles, etc.) and they provide a 'bump' map to make the light reveal those imperfections in the skin. Without them the avatar would look like a plastic doll. So some skins include SL Materials to make the skin look even more real. All of this leads to numerous possibilities for skin makers. Also, people like unique looks which means people want different looking skins. There is no "One Size Fits All" in SL.
  2. The tech for using BoM is simple. Mesh bodies are a type of prim and can therefore use SL Materials. Either an applier or the body's HUD sets the 'material' for the skin; texture (diffuse), bump (normal map), and shiny (specular map). With BoM we put a skin texture on the classic avatar using a system layer we call skin. The server-side BoM engine takes the texture IDs from the system layers and bakes a composite temporary texture and returns the UUID for it. Any prim (the body) set to use the returning texture UUID shows the newly baked texture. Something has to tell the body which texture to use. Either the raw texture supplied by the skin maker or the system layer with that same texture in it. Because most bodies are No-Mod, we can't do that manually as we would any Mod-OK prim. We use appliers or the built-in applier in the body's HUD. Once BOM is enabled we see changes to the system layers reflected by the mesh body as the BoM system makes the mesh body changes for us. If the body is set to use an applied texture then changing skin using a system layer skin will have no effect. You can change the system skin but since BOM is off, the body will not use the system skin aka the temporary BoM texture. Somewhere along the process something has to tell the mesh body to change textures. That is an applier, BOM enabling applier, or the body's HUD enabling BoM.
  3. Between Blueberry and Addams you should find about everything. Scandalize tends more toward WAY SEXY wear. Very trashy. Search the web for Second Life Fashion. There are a ton of blogs doing fashion. For an overview look at https://iheartsl.com/. They aggregate the fashion blogs. You can find blogs you like and follow them.
  4. Yeah... and any avatar under 5-10 (1.82) can't be here because it is probably a child... I hate that! But there are lots of places smaller avatars are accepted. I ignore those that kick me for being a 5-10 36-24-38 tattooed "child"... maroons... People are scared of so many things and react in strange ways. Don't let their ignorance and cowardice drive you out or make you miserable. If you aren't finding the anime community, bounce through the forum sections asking. Search the Destination Guide, it lists 17 regions. Searching the marketplace will give you anime stores, but marketplace search sucks and will be tedious because of the false hits. Searching groups returns 555 anime related groups. If you search 'groups' with the Firestorm viewer you can sort the results for those with the most members, which are likely the most active. Join and ask your questions in the big groups. Remember. SL is world wide. SO we have groups that are predominantly; European, Arabic, Brazilian, American, Australian, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. They have peak users at different times of day. They are often quite most of the SLT day and pick up when that group comes on after their work day. Takes some experimenting to find out when you can get answers.
  5. Realize you will have to move the backup file from one computer to the other. Depending on how many changes you have made it may be easier to just set them on the new computer.
  6. The setting is likely only in the viewer's Debug Settings. FS Support people are trained to have you avoid messing with those settings. There is nothing magical about them. They give you access to advanced control of your viewer. But people can mess up anything and I suspect FS peeps don't want to get blamed. You can open Debug Settings by clicking Advanced in the top menu. Then Show Debug Settings. If you don't have Advanced in your top menu open Preferences->Advanced (left tab)->Show Advanced Menu (checkbox-enable). Or use the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S. Once in the settings panel search on Complexity. This will bring up most of the settings related to AV Complexity. I think you are looking for the setting FSTagShowTooComplexOnl... Be smart. Backup your viewer's settings. Then note which values you change. If you need to come back to them and undo them, you will be able to. There is a button: Reset to Default. The FS 6.4.21 changed how this panel works. I think the search is better but overall the panel makes it harder to share info about important settings. We can no longer see the full setting name nor copy it. Grrrr... Nor does the old keyboard shortcut to add/remove Advanced to the top menu work in 21. Sheeee... Not changes that help me. The max complexity you can set in FS is 350,000. The next step up is Unlimited. Using the Unlimited setting opens you up griefer attacks. The new v21 changes how FS handles jellydolls. It is now much more efficient and should improve performance.
  7. You can get Omega stuff in the SL Marketplace or the Omega store in-world. Plus, some merchants include or sell an Omega relay or installer in/for their package. Whether or not you can get an Omega Evolved for your body depends on whether one is made for that body. You'll have to look. But as your body is saying it is Omega compatible then probably. Not knowing which body you have we can't answer definitively. While Omega is no longer a "must have" since BOM was added it still has its uses. For instance, the only way to add materials to the basic mesh body is to use an applier, which for some bodies will have to be an Omega applier. Many people are going strictly BOM and system layers. That can work but that path also has its problems. To know which way you want to go, you'll need to understand what appliers do and how Omega adapts non-compatible appliers to specific bodies. Ask more questions if you need help with that.
  8. It is always good to say which viewer you are using. Then we could give you a screen capture and say take these alpha layers off.
  9. I've updated. I find scene render much faster. I also find it often gets slow rendering avatars and profile pictures. I do find that my FPS had dropped, significantly. I'll do a comparison with the previous version some time today. PS: I did test the viewer and compared it to the previous v6.4.13. The two are very similar FPS-wise. You can see the comparison and my thinking here.
  10. @TrishSummers Nova is correct. The viewers are independent. They even have separate caches. Back when I covered viewers on my blog I would have 6 or more viewers installed. Today I have 3 installed; SL, Firestorm, and Black Dragon. I use the SL to see new features. I use FS for may daily use. It is decent for photos and has features I often use. Black Dragon is my choice for creative photos and those Where I want to adjust the avatar's pose. On an older computer I use Cool VL Viewer for better performance. I often consider reinstalling Catznip when I decide to do inventory clean up... said like that cleanup thing happens as anything more than a thought. Having a second viewer installed is a key-basic step in troubleshooting problems. Also, if you end up needing SL Support you will have to use the SL Viewer and be able to show the problem using that viewer. Otherwise, the Lab won't help. They have enough trouble training support techs on the Lab's viewer. They know nothing about the FS viewer. I suggest you keep the SL viewer up to date. It is a real pain to have a problem and not be able to use the SL viewer without having to take time for an update. I'll point out that testing with an old version is not a real test of a current problem.
  11. I think you have misunderstood. May be not. There is a difference between answering a question and advertising. Consider. If you were the owner of Wastelands and were answering a question about which is a good post apocalyptic RP, answering is not really advertising. While it is possible to turn the answer into a full blown advertisement, that is not generally what people do. If I, not the owner of Wastelands, answers Wastelands, am I advertising? I certainly am promoting WasteLands... but is what I say an answer or a promotion? Obviously both. But, the Lab makes a call as to when an answer is more than just an answer. Don't think of Linden TOS/rules as absolutes. Almost all the ambiguous TOS stuff is a matter of degrees and intent that can be interpreted in several ways. If you attend some of the SL Governance meetings you'll get a sense of how the Lindens handle things. I think of SL law as similar to the Pax Romana. Don't make waves or piss people off and you are likely OK. Disturb the peace and its a problem.
  12. I guess it is embarrassing when people notice the OBVIOUS...
  13. As Coffee says RAM drives can be persistent. I have one that I use, Dataram RAMDisk v4.4. They are the fastest drive you can get. With a normal shutdown the current state of the drive is saved to the hard disk. On start up it is reloaded. In the event of a crash the previous last good save is used for the recovery startup.
  14. Your video driver is a bit out of date. 461 vs my 466 and I'm not sure I have the latest. I have mini system freezes when my Win10 has updates pending. So do a restart and look to see if you have updates pending. Or better yet, run Windows Update to see if you need to install updates. Once you have checked that your machine is up to date then restart it and your router/gateway/modem. I disagree with Liv. If you have 30 or 40% free space on your drive Win10 will keep the disk defraged. So, there is no point in running a defrag. What you may want to do is run a disk check for bad/weak sectors: chkdsk C:\ /r (Ref) this takes some time. It will find bad or weak sectors and move data off them then mark them as bad and stop your system from using them. Next run Win10's System File Checker to assure all your Windows system files are good. Use the more detailed step by step found here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/using-system-file-checker-in-windows-10-365e0031-36b1-6031-f804-8fd86e0ef4ca You can copy paste the commands to avoid mistakes. I have noticed more and more network problems. Presumably the cyber war is escalating... or something is going on. But those issues come and go throughout the day. You can test your network connection to the SL servers in the cloud. I should probably update the article: Troubleshoot Your #SL Connection.
  15. May be I can clear up some of the thinking on inventory. First, consider what your inventory is. It is a list of item names and UUIDs. I haven't looked at the viewer code for the inventory but I suspect the entries are 128 to 256 bytes per entry. So, an inventory of 100k items would be a list size of about 25+/-MB. Not particularly large. We know that viewers start to have a time-out problem with flat inventories. Depending on your connection speed and quality you'll see problems starting around 5,000 items per single folder. That folder takes to long to download and you get an error and cannot login. The Lab provided SL Support a tool to rearrange users' inventories when they run into this problem. They sort of had to because when you hit this problem you likely cannot log in so you can't fit it. Avoid the problem by making sure you have lots of folders and sub-folders. With my objects folder I archive items in to years... Objects->2019, Objects->2020, and etc. I try to keep any folder to <2,000 items. Otherwise there is no limit on SL Inventory. Which makes sense as Linden Lab's income is based on a large part on products sold and stored in your inventory.
  16. In my opinion the viewer's site blocking is mostly superfluous. Visiting a music site with a browser allows scripts to run and offers ample opportunity for you to click on things. So, you can easily pickup PUPs and adware. That isn't true with the viewer. It connects to a stream and plays music. It does execute scripts or click on things. The viewer's blocking does prevent region owners from using music channels to obtain you IP address. It reduces the ability for you to be tracked. If you use Google for search, run Chrome, or use other software or DNS from Google and its brothers and sisters then they already have more data on you than you can imagine. So, a region owner tracking you is like a bee splatting on your windshield versus being run over by an 18-wheeler.
  17. @Einsman Schlegel I suspect you may have run into the difference between a "reinstall" and a "clean install". The difference is in whether or not you cleared out all the viewer's settings files. You can search to find instructions for a Clean Install. Or search to find out how to RESET or CLEAR all viewer settings. Or you can simply UNINSTALL the viewer and choose to remove all data during the uninstall. Then reinstall. Learning how to control settings and tweak them will come in handy later. But, you have to be comfortable digging around in the viewer's program and data files.
  18. SL has been around for almost 2 decades. During that time it has changed. We have moved from basic Ruth/Roth classic (aka system) avatars and only system and prim clothes through 2 or 3 generations of mesh bodies and clothes. A problem for you is all the products from those eras are still on sale and advertised. The newest stuff is labeled Bento and BOM. Appliers and Omega adapters are a generation back but still have uses with the newest products. Understanding how these things fit together and what works with what requires some understanding of how 3D modeling works in virtual worlds. The Lab and many users try to make it as simple as possible, but simplifying often is misleading. You figure all this out by experimenting with demo models of bodies and clothes. Ask specific questions. Also, things like appliers have lots of uses, i.e.; putting skin on the previous generation of bodies and heads as well as putting a paint job on a helicopter or boat. So, statements about appliers need a context and time frame. Providing you all the information in one bite would require a book. So, I suggest you ask questions as you encounter things new to you. For a short explanation and rule of thumb just go with Bento, BOM, and Fitted Mesh, often now just called mesh, as the new stuff you want when buying things. And experiment with demos. Watch the tutorials on YouTube. Remember there are years of tutorials on YouTube. You generally want those made in the last 18 months. SL is complex because of the extensive creative freedom we have. More possibilities means more complexity. Sort of like RL. Freedom and unlimited options means you have MANY decisions to make. With Communism the government makes all those decisions for you, much simpler.
  19. @TheWhiteZilla Change the hair and keep the rest. Take some time to see what people in SL look like. Use the in-viewer PLACES to find What's Hot, the places where people are.
  20. @Semirans I don't know that the problem was fixed. However, the problem went away, at least for me and my swimsuit. I had quit wearing the suit. Then a couple of months later I tried it and it rendered correctly. Did that give my cache and the CDN cache time to drop the texture? Yeah, but was that really the fix? That my suit started rendering suggests a number of possibilities. I didn't test them because my problem went away. I just happily wore the suit. Henri built a fix into his viewer. That it works and my suit now renders without his viewer two hints the problem may be in the CDN pipeline or the network in general. In your IM to me where you say you see the problem across accounts omits whether you tried the accounts on the same machine, but I assume you did. If your cache or the CDN's cache is corrupt this will be the case. All accounts on the same machine using the same viewer share a single cache. So, if cache content is bad, its bad for all accounts in that computer and viewer. If other machines work OK with the texture that suggests it is not the CDN or network. I think it then points to the cache on your machine. Try clearing it. Your husband's idea that it is a mipmap problem is easily tested. The viewers have a setting in Preferences to turn mipmap on or off. I think the default setting depends on your video card. But, change it to test.
  21. If someone told you they got the Lab to remove your Adult Status, they are messing with you. Ignore them.
  22. Many of the RP areas in SL have their own or at least preferred meters. The WasteLands has an extensive system. Others have RP meters that are more for combat.
  23. @Sandra8675 Finding role players in SL is a challenge. You can however find RP places pretty easily. Start with the SL Destination Guide - Role Play. They have almost 300 communities listed. In world use search. Set it to Groups. Search on Role Play. Once the results come up click the column heading: Members. This will sort the large groups to the top. You'll be able to see the popular groups. You can join some of those groups and talk to other role players. I think the SL forum is way under used. There are may be a couple thousand regular users. So I think for some things asking in a group in world is better. But, you do have to figure out what time of day the majority of that group is online. Remember. Only those online at the time you post the chat see your chat.
  24. @ItzMozak Sometimes the new can't find there way back... Other times they don't know to post back saying what worked or didn't so others will be helped.
  25. What is being said has been accurate, you can't control what I see. HOWEVER... Everyone wants what you want, to look good. So everyone is making similar choices to yours. You can see that by looking in the thread 'How's your avatar look...' in this section of the forum. When we take a picture in SL our computer reproduces what we are seeing in our viewer. That is what gets posted. Amazing how many of us have nearly identical environments. We use basic flat lighting, like CalWL, to setup the avatar as best as is possible. Doing provides a setup that looks best in most lighting situations. This means most people are going to see us as we want to appear... or at least close to what we want. You can find one of the people in the 'look' thread and visit them. I have met a few of the people that commonly post in that thread. They look just like they do in their pictures. So I know their computer and my computer are rendering so close to the same I don't really notice the difference. The real point of this thread is that if you make your avatar look good in a basic neutral environment it is going to look good in most environments. If you adjust your look in exotic lighting it is only going to look good in the unique lighting. While it is true that you can't control what I see in my viewer that really doesn't matter. Make yourself look good and most of us will be doing the same, so we will all look good when we get together.
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