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  1. I suggest you post your viewer & computer specs using the viewer's HELP->About... If there is a hardware or driver problem we'll be able to see it. You can try turning off your Anti-Virus for an hour then start your viewer. If this makes a difference then white-list your viewer's program files and cache folders. You can look in your Windows Users folder to find your self (aka the Windows User) then look in C:\Users\[Windows_user]\AppData. Go through those folders to find your viewer's folders. White list those folders. That will get your chat, caches, and settings folders. Also look in C:\Program Files and find your viewer there. White list these folders. That gets your viewer's program and various control files. This stops your AV from checking these folders and files every time your viewer accesses them. This is low risk as the Lab checks their uploads and downloads for viruses plus the storage formats used in the asset database are not virus friendly.
  2. I think of AOs in different ways. There are canned AO devices which come with a set of animations. There is a generic AO device that has no animations and the user has to load in animations. There multiple brands of both AO devices. Then there are AOs categorized by the animation they contain. So, a guy AO and a gal AO may be the same device with different animations loaded. @SimplyJiwoon It isn't clear what you are asking about. As far as devices go there are built-into-the-viewer AOs, AOs in attachments like a dragon body or horse, and in HUDs. The viewer-built-ins have the least script impact in-world. All the others have an in-world impact. So check your script weight for which ever attached AO you use. In this case new AOs are not necessarily better. -- In the LL Viewer you can click top menu AVATAR->Attachment Scripts and get a list of the scripts you have attached and how much memory each is using. As to which device is better... other than to say which has the smallest foot print script-wise, I think this is more personal choice than technical excellence. I mostly use Firestorm built-in AO with animations I've purchased over time. I started with a female set of animations and have been changing and adding to that set. I duplicated it using a ZHAO II for those times I use a viewer other than FS. Some are a bit complicated when it comes to adding new animations or changing animations. Some carry the setup in memory others depend on a note card contained in the HUD. You need a backup of any AO that uses memory. You need to backup the note card from those AOs that use that method. ...and there are good free AO devices.
  3. If you think this is a Linden issue, talk to the Lindens. Go to the Governance Meetings and ask questions. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Office_Hours
  4. Guys never seem to figure out the gals in a region are talking... Male or female you will get hit on. The mix of gender bending and none binary preferences really mixes things up in SL. Complimenting others is a good thing. Never fear they will think it is a come-on. Just assume they will. Give your compliment and let it drop. Most people are polite and accept it then wait for the follow up come-on. If there isn't one, I think most consider it a sincere compliment. Some times some interesting non-sexual conversations follow. Better to get out there than live in 'what they might think', which is really our projection onto them. Compliments... yeah I get them now and then. The rate they come in depends on where I am. Which also usually determines why they are making the compliment. The Flickr compliments seem more sincere, which may just be how I see them. Lots of the SL compliments are just part of the guy's (...gal's) game. Still, I consider being hit on a compliment.
  5. No. We just let them die a natural death.
  6. You need to give us more information. What you describe sounds like your avatar is going into AFK mode. This happens if there is no mouse or key input for a time, which is adjustable via a viewer setting. I don't have a Vista AO. I suspect you mean you have it set to CHANGE animations every 2 minutes. I have never seen an AO that sets the animation run time. The length of an animation's run/play time is set when it uploads and AFAIK there is no way to change it after upload. I assume by "self canceling out" you mean the animations stop after 15 seconds. There are several possible causes. But, give us the viewer brand and the list of animations you are using. AOs require various animations for walk, stand, sit, turn... and they have to be identified as walk, stand, etc. Most AO malfunctions happen from mistakes in the AO setup and IDing of the animations. Vista has an in-world group (I think) for support. Try asking in that group. You may have to ask at different times of day as only those currently online will hear your question. Also, wearing more than one AO can cause conflicts, whether the second one is enabled or not you can have problems. Make sure you are wearing only one AO for walks, stands, etc.
  7. @MaxCraxster The conversion from 10 to 1 textures offers the possibility of a performance improvement. In SL it is going to be a very small and brief improvement, provided you are using BoM. The idea with BoM is one wears their system layers. As an example consider the 3 primary textures; head, upper, and lower body, Take just the upper body which carries; skin, tats, underwear, shirt, and jacket. Other than skin, the layers can carry multiple textures. All the layers and their textures are baked into a single composite texture sent back to you. While your viewer shows you wearing all these textures the render engine in your viewer uses the composite. The system sends everyone seeing you the UUID for the composite texture. So the only savings is in the few seconds it takes for you to put on the tats and the system to rebake your avatar.
  8. @angelbunny777 When you are not rendered by someone they see you as a Jelly-Doll. A colored silhouette of the avatar. These warnings you see about how many can or can't render you are designed to trigger you and push you toward a more render efficient avatar. I think in general it has worked. In this age you really have to be aware of psychological manipulation (aka propaganda). People often spin these ACI/ARC ideas for their purposes. Consider. I usually have an ACI <80k and get a notice that some people cannot render me. THAT is because they likely have an older computer and have set their ACI limit VERY low. It has nothing to do with me destroying the SL system by lagging it to death. The Jelly-Doll system was set up so people with weak computers could improve their performance and the Lab would not have to take away everyone's freedom to dress as they want. The Jelly-Doll system was updated in the last year. Jelly-Dolls now greatly reduce load on the system and viewer. Most of the evaluation was moved over to the SL servers. I don't have hard evidence, but a 1,000,000 ACI avatar pushed into Jelly-Doll no-render may very well place less load on the system than a 200,000 ACI avatar that renders. Notice that the Lindens decided on a top ACI limit of 350,000. Above that we are moving into video-level-griefing territory. There are griefer tools that place an object so complex in the render stream it crashes the viewer. These objects are likely what set the top limit on the ACI setting. I think it reasonable to be considerate of others and keep one's ACI/ARC low. But I do not consider it a law with the death penalty to have high ACI. After all, I can set whatever ACI limit on my viewer that I think is best. That protects my viewer performance. So I have no reason to go all fascist-like and try to force you to comply with my ideas. Have fun.
  9. When you slide it is because that walk animation has not loaded. One of the things that can cause that is having two AOs. Seems something conflicts. If I have an attached AO, like ZHAO II, and the Firestorm built in AO, I'll slide instead of walk. Even if the ZHAO is turned off I will often slide. If I remove the ZHAO then FS works well. In any viewer other than FS the ZHAO is fine. See if you are having an AO conflict.
  10. I have actually never bought a No-Mod shape. I do have a couple of No-Mod shapes that came with other things. Wear a No-Mod shape and you can't open the shape editing panel to even read the numbers. Creating a new shape while wearing a mod-ok or a no-mod shape sets all the shape values to their defaults. There are ways to hack the system and get the shape numbers or even a copy of the no-mod shape. But, if you can't read an XML file and see the value names that appear in the shape panel, you aren't going to be able to figure out the hacks. So, shape hacks are rare. I like this idea. Consider adding it in the SL JIRA as a feature request.
  11. Controlling the camera with mouse only gets tricky. Assuming you are in 3rd person view, the Alt-LMB will lock the focus point on a target, stationary or moving. As a moving object moves so will the camera. It follows. But the camera angle does not change. Say you click and the camera is looking north. As the object turns the camera remains looking north. IF you are in 1st person view (press M) the camera is anchored to the avatar. If the avatar is riding something and it turns, so does the avatar and camera. Things change when you turn the object, i.e., steer a boat. Now everything depends on how the boat or whatever is programmed to control the camera. Pressing a key to turn usually snaps the camera to a pre-programmed position. There may be camera controls in the vehicle or whatever. But, it tends to be a battle between steering and camera positions. Steering usually breaks the Alt-LMB lock. You can find all the camera control's explanations and shortcuts here. The SL Marketplace has a number of camera control add-ons. Those doing machinima in SL usually opt for a SpaceNavigator - 3D mouse. I have several videos up using SN. Look here.
  12. Skin looks this way when it has not completely rezzed. Or the tats haven't rezzed. Some days it can take 5 or more minutes for a texture to rez. Other days some textures simply never rez. I've tried all the tricks I know to get a stubborn texture to rez and nothing has worked. In such cases I suspect a problem at the CDN server level. Eventually something changes and the texture will rez one day. But my problem swimsuit took weeks... ...and clearing the cache did not help. It s a complicated read but you can press Ctrl-Shift-3 to open the texture console and see if a texture is not completely loading. For info on the panel see the wiki. You may have to wait 5 to 10 minutes for everything around you to load. Don't move the camera or it will never finish. But eventually the cue empties... or gets down to 2 or 3 textures loading every few seconds as things around you change. The texture not loading may or may not show as loading. If the viewer thinks it has loaded when it hasn't... it will show as loaded. You can try rezzing the thing on the ground... something you can't do with skin or tats... and doing Texture Refresh (a Firestorm thing) to force a reload.
  13. Lots of guessing going on... good guesses, but guesses. Club? Likely contributing to the crash but we can't know without your computer specs and driver versions. Use the viewer's Help->About... to collect the info we need. Post it with any tech question to get better guesses. Depending on your graphics card or lack of it, it may be a combination of the club overloading the graphics system and a buggy driver. The driver you can update. In SL that should be a regular thing. You can reduce your graphics load by tweaking your settings. Most of the "Improve SL Performance" tutorials you can find online will help. There will be several you can find with "Best SL Graphics Settings". You can use those to tweak your viewer for SL on your computer. These graphics and other performance settings vary widely from computer to computer. So, you EXPERIMENT. Use the graphics PRESETS in your viewer to save the settings you have now. Then start playing. This is a game of balancing what you like and what works well. You'll find settings in your viewer that with your computer hardware have either no effect on performance or no effect on what you see. If you can't see a difference, tweak that setting for best performance. If you see a pronounced visual difference then balance what you see and like with performance. If a setting makes a visual difference but no performance difference then go for gorgeous. Remember. You can set a PRESET for any one of your experiments and save it. I have settings for shopping, very basic performance oriented, and photography, max visual quality and distance. You could tweak one for clubbing. Your Computer? It could have been a combination of network and your computer glitching. If this is the case, going back to the club and testing won't crash you. If going back does crash you then the problem is likely more like I describe above. Was it SL? This happens too. SL can glitch and confuse the viewer. This can happen to just one person or everyone there. Restart and try again. Region and network issues are transient. By the time you can relog they are gone. If your computer crashes, by the time you restart and relog the problem is gone. So don't take these things too seriously until they are repetitive. Don't tear your computer apart or start clearing cache until you know for sure what'sup. The Firestorm AO and Fav Wearables are inventory things.That info is in the #Firestorm folder. So, you 'should' only need to clear the inventory cache.
  14. I suspect you are using an applier to add the problem skin. If so then the odd appearance is likely from the Materials being applied with the skin or a previous skin. Try clearing the Normal Map layer and see if that solves the problem. The Normal Map is going to have different names in different HUDs. In Slink Redux there is a Skin Materials On and Off that enables of disables both Materials layers. In previous Slink versions there was an Effects section in the HUD and one had control over Materials in that section. In the right side image, the pattern on the right side could be from a couple of things. But on the left side of that image the edge of the shadow shows a clear 3D texture which only comes from the Normal Map. Notice the eyelids, nose, nose bridge, and forehead in the right image has nice skin texture and some pronounced wrinkles. In the left image the skin in those places is smooth and looks way plastic. Way too much shine in both. The left image is a common problem in computer models. I think the skin in the right image is an attempt to be more realistic. Just something isn't right. Try adjusting Shine, Bump aka Normal, and reflection.
  15. Today I was playing with hair color. Dark skin and white hair are striking... but I've gotta work on those brows.
  16. @liberty4us It is great that you are usually 30k and less. But that is only about 10% of what the Lab considered a reasonable max, 350k. Half of the Lab's max is 175k... SL is about fun, not austerity. Being considerate and keeping one's ACI as low as possible for crowded events is a nice thing to do. But you can dress as you want and park your AV at 200m or more altitude while caming through the event and achieve the same thing. Your ACI has little effect on the region server once you are in the region. More importantly, look at your script weight. More than 3MB of scripts is obese. For crowded events having a low script weight and count is more important then ACI. Your scripts affect region performance the whole time you are there. Altitude doesn't change that effect.
  17. Furniture has animations and programming to set the avatar in the right place. But, that doesn't work well. So, you'll see the ADJUST option in most furniture controls built to position your avatar. AOs depend on only the animation to position the avatar. The only adjustment for position is the avatar's Hover Height. All AOs that I have seen have a master ON/OFF and Sit-Override ON/OFF. The Firestorm viewer has an additional Be Smart option for sit-override. I think it makes things a little unpredictable. But, it can help. The problem is furniture moves the sit-point, the place where the avatar is positioned. These positions are for a specific size avatar, animation, and the furniture. An animation can't be designed to work will all the furniture in SL. So, an AO's animation are unlikely to work with most furniture. However, animation usually work ok with prims without sit-position modification. The work around for home furiture and photos in various places is to use one of the sits in the furniture for your AO's sits. When you get one of the AO's sits adjusted to the right place on the furniture, the rest of the AO sits will be close to correct for that single funiture sit.
  18. It is sort of funny how many here have adopted the language of the propagandists and from all appearance haven't realized what they have done or who they have aligned themselves with. I think it should be obvious those with the most power are those that are willing to lie. Those with the least power are the uneducated and uninformed that cannot tell how they are being conditioned and run. I suspect few here, this thread, have realized how racist they have become.
  19. @FantasyLife1 HunniHopE pretty much explained it. I'm going to say it a different way so that some of the tech side may make more sense. All heads and bodies in SL have the same amount of adjustment. Classic or mesh there is only so much adjustment. Typically 0 to 100. Those adjustments are always and only applied to the armature aka the avatar's skeleton. The adjustments change the body shape by changing the distance from the skeleton to the skin. The real difference between Classic and Mesh is the starting place. The set of vertices making up the classic avatar are built into the viewer. It is possible to change the set of vertices used by the Classic avatar by changing a file in the viewer's install folder. Firestorm has info on that somewhere and an improved lists of vertices. It is easier to buy a body. Every brand of mesh body and head has a custom list of vertices. While the nose on the Classic avatar can only be made so big... a mesh head can be sculpted with a gigantic nose. Said another way, a 1/2" (~1cm) nose on the Classic avatar may max out at 1-1/2" (~3cm). A mesh nose could be made to be 3" and then when the shape is adjusted to the max, you would have a 4-1/2" nose. But... there would be no way to get a 1/2" nose with that head. The basic idea is find a head with a default shape close to what you want. Then tweak it to exactly what you want. Another huge factor is skin. IF you have ever seen pictures projected onto a Styrofoam head then you know a single head can be made to look like different people. Surprisingly realistic. The same illusion works with SL heads. So to get a specific look that EXACTLY matches, one needs to match skin and head. If you settle for a near approximation you can be less precise. There artists in SL that will turn a RL image of the RL you into a skin texture. It used to be a common request. I suspect some of those artists are still around. If you are handy with image editing software you can make your own. There are tutorials on YouTube. You have almost anything you want in SL. It just takes money or time and effort.
  20. @ixBeatzxi If you have a Display Name, non-blank, whether someone sees it or not is up too them. You can't control what they do or don't see name-tag-wise. It is an anti-griefer thing.
  21. I am with Whimsy... @ixBeatzxi Are you asking how to make your display name blank or how to find out what the person's name is? All the info on user names is here.
  22. @Sam1 Bellisserian As with most things in SL experimenting is the best way to learn. To avoid messing up the existing shape, make a copy as others have recommended. You can save a worn shape using Save As... You can copy the shape in inventory Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-V. I have found over time that I tweak my shape. Plus I also often adjust my shape for certain clothes. So naming shape so I know what is what months later is important.
  23. There are issues. I've seen problems too. Today (8/17) things are working better. There are major cyber wars ongoing. So it is expected we will have network issues.
  24. When you first log in there is a lot going on. So expect delays. It will take a few minutes for the viewer to get everything done it needs to do. Also, when you teleport into a region there is a lot to be done too. So, again delays. Most games pre-download all their game content. SL has over 200 terabytes of content. We can't store all that data on our computers. So, we cache 5 to10GB of content and continually update our cache, discarding the unused and loading what we need now. In that process are the CDN (Content Delivery Network) servers. They hold copies of the SL content in a cache. They too discard and load as needed. When you enter a region that no one in your RL area visits then the CDN and your viewer both have to download copies of the content. You can notice a delay in things loading and completely rezzing. You can do little to reduce delays from these causes. You are new, so you probably use the Linden made default viewer. I haven't made a clean install of the Linden viewer for some time. I have forgotten what the cache size is set to by default. But, you can improve performance and reduce initial rez time by setting cache size to the max. Press Ctrl-P to open the Viewer Preferences. On the Advanced tab set your cache size. You can watch your viewer performance using Ctrl-Shift-1. PING time in the viewer is not the usual ping time we talk about in RL networking. In RL networking ping time is actual packet travel time, network card to card. The viewer's ping includes server reaction time. If a server lags, your ping time increases. So, it can be hard to tell whether you are having network issues or server lag issues or some combination. Typical rez time is usually less than 2 minutes. Rez time over 5 minutes is not uncommon but it does indicate a problem. The problem is figuring out what is causing the delay. You can use this information to hopefully figure it out: http://blog.nalates.net/2011/10/26/troubleshoot-your-sl-connection/
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