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  1. @TheWhiteZilla Change the hair and keep the rest. Take some time to see what people in SL look like. Use the in-viewer PLACES to find What's Hot, the places where people are.
  2. @Semirans I don't know that the problem was fixed. However, the problem went away, at least for me and my swimsuit. I had quit wearing the suit. Then a couple of months later I tried it and it rendered correctly. Did that give my cache and the CDN cache time to drop the texture? Yeah, but was that really the fix? That my suit started rendering suggests a number of possibilities. I didn't test them because my problem went away. I just happily wore the suit. Henri built a fix into his viewer. That it works and my suit now renders without his viewer two hints the problem may be in the CDN pipeline or the network in general. In your IM to me where you say you see the problem across accounts omits whether you tried the accounts on the same machine, but I assume you did. If your cache or the CDN's cache is corrupt this will be the case. All accounts on the same machine using the same viewer share a single cache. So, if cache content is bad, its bad for all accounts in that computer and viewer. If other machines work OK with the texture that suggests it is not the CDN or network. I think it then points to the cache on your machine. Try clearing it. Your husband's idea that it is a mipmap problem is easily tested. The viewers have a setting in Preferences to turn mipmap on or off. I think the default setting depends on your video card. But, change it to test.
  3. If someone told you they got the Lab to remove your Adult Status, they are messing with you. Ignore them.
  4. Many of the RP areas in SL have their own or at least preferred meters. The WasteLands has an extensive system. Others have RP meters that are more for combat.
  5. @Sandra8675 Finding role players in SL is a challenge. You can however find RP places pretty easily. Start with the SL Destination Guide - Role Play. They have almost 300 communities listed. In world use search. Set it to Groups. Search on Role Play. Once the results come up click the column heading: Members. This will sort the large groups to the top. You'll be able to see the popular groups. You can join some of those groups and talk to other role players. I think the SL forum is way under used. There are may be a couple thousand regular users. So I think for some things asking in a group in world is better. But, you do have to figure out what time of day the majority of that group is online. Remember. Only those online at the time you post the chat see your chat.
  6. @ItzMozak Sometimes the new can't find there way back... Other times they don't know to post back saying what worked or didn't so others will be helped.
  7. What is being said has been accurate, you can't control what I see. HOWEVER... Everyone wants what you want, to look good. So everyone is making similar choices to yours. You can see that by looking in the thread 'How's your avatar look...' in this section of the forum. When we take a picture in SL our computer reproduces what we are seeing in our viewer. That is what gets posted. Amazing how many of us have nearly identical environments. We use basic flat lighting, like CalWL, to setup the avatar as best as is possible. Doing provides a setup that looks best in most lighting situations. This means most people are going to see us as we want to appear... or at least close to what we want. You can find one of the people in the 'look' thread and visit them. I have met a few of the people that commonly post in that thread. They look just like they do in their pictures. So I know their computer and my computer are rendering so close to the same I don't really notice the difference. The real point of this thread is that if you make your avatar look good in a basic neutral environment it is going to look good in most environments. If you adjust your look in exotic lighting it is only going to look good in the unique lighting. While it is true that you can't control what I see in my viewer that really doesn't matter. Make yourself look good and most of us will be doing the same, so we will all look good when we get together.
  8. You've gotten several good answers above... and you can link to files. If you post an image by pasting or uploading you are limited to a 2MB file size. For JPG files that is a decent size. But for PNG it is restrictive. A link to a Flickr image, for instance, circumvents that file size limit. So, links are often a better choice. Any link that ends in JPG or PNG usually works. I have linked to images in my blog's image library. But, there are sites that prevent such linking. You just have to try it and see if it works. This forum will show you the image in your post BEFORE you click submit. So, you can easily tell if it works.
  9. @Elinah Iredell Firestorm has changed a number of times. Typically 2 to 4 times a year. So, you may want to reconsider it. It is the most popular viewer for a reason. Since you are interested in how things appear, you should probably try the Black Dragon viewer. This is a top choice for many SL photographers. You can search the SL Forum for more information on and comments about the Black Dragon viewer. It has some awesome features that are only in it. BUT... it has a unique user interface and that is a problem for me but I still use it for pictures where I want to fix the avatar pose. The Linden viewer has the setting in Menu->World->Environment->check: Use Shared Environment. I think the default setting is enabled. I think for you it should be enabled.
  10. Thanks for saying, but we didn't all start out with current level of awesomeness... 😆 I've spent considerable time learning how to use Windlight/EEP and the viewer's camera. I still see images and wish I could make an image as nice as that. Even with my skill in Photoshop I often fall short of what I hope to achieve. And I do believe we are our own worst critic. So, put in some pics and get a view other than your own.
  11. @Elinah Iredell With Firestorm, and I think most viewers, you have the choice to use a single environment setting for your session OR... you can use the region's settings as you move region to region in a session. Aviators and sailors prefer the first. But, you may be happier with the later. You may be surprised at all the amazing environments you have been missing. In Firestorm the setting is in Preferences->Firestorm->Extras (tab) at the bottom, Persist Environment settings through out sessions. I tend to have my viewer set to persist. So I will often open the PhotoTools and and select the Shared Environment for Sky, Water, and Day Cycle.
  12. @SimplyJiwoon - Appliers for skin and tats are on the way out. Buying a new body and then buying appliers for that body is a double dead end. While there are still uses for appliers, BOM aka system layers are the way forward.
  13. You can try typing a space after the '@' then start with the name. In the early days of this version of the forum that was the ONLY way to get the link/alert. @Jaylinbridges As soon as I type the space after @ I get the drop down. I have tried skipping the space. Then I notice it matters how quickly I type the next letter. Too fast and it doesn't always work. I have only ever seen this "@" information passing from user to user. I was never able to find it in SL help. You can however jump over to the forum for Invision Software and read their manuals for this forum's software. Invision Help
  14. You don't change it in Blender. You export a male shape and import a male shape. Blender with add-ons has both male and female shapes. In the add-on is a control for selecting the add-on's built-in male or female. The SL Wiki has male and female bodies that can be imported into Blender. This type of question is better asked in the Answers section of the SL Forum. Also, Blender related questions can be asked in the in-world Blender groups.
  15. I suggest you try the shape that came with the head. See if it has the problem, likely not. If not then write down the settings for the head. Return to your shape and compare the head settings. With any luck you'll find the problem setting. Not all heads can be made to look as we want. To get your look, you may be pushing the limit on one of the settings. Those making the heads do lots of testing and experimenting with animations. It is doubtful the head is broken. That others do not have the problem is an indication it works as intended. The difficult part is finding out whats gone wrong in your case. If you can't find the problem talk to the designer and ask for help.
  16. Windows has been having problems with performance over the last 6 to 10 weeks. A recent update has apparently added molasses to the OS. No one seems to know which update it was or which one to role back. 🤔 There are a few things one can do to reduce the windows system lag. First restart the computer and notice if you have the option to restart and update. If you have that option, select it. Also, run Windows' Check for updates. I haven't installed the 21H1 update. But everything else should be installed. You'll have to make your own call on 21H1. The next simple one is to open the CMD window run it as Admin. Run the command SFC /SCANNOW. This takes some time. Be patient. If it reports problems it cannot fix you'll need to search the Internet for your next steps and find a walk-through with images. Also make sure it is a recent posting. Stuff has moved around in Windows. So the 'go here and click...' instructions are often out of date. Frustrating. There are some other issues with the Internet. We seem to be in a cyber war with Russia, China, and Iran. While that is debatable we have lots of reports of companies being hacked. So... who knows? Internet traffic is increasing as we stream more in the post-pandemic age. Are we overloading? Some think so. Others think Microsoft is slowing Win10 because Win11 is coming soon and the thinking is this is how they push people into Win11. There is no solid evidence for any of those possibilities. But there are lots of complaints about poor Internet and computer performance. It seems something is up... or we've just run out of patience.
  17. There are a couple of ways to do what you were asked. One, open Inventory and click on the WORN tab. Not ideal for the forum. Two, open Outfits and click on WEARING. Much better for posting an image to the forum. And you can screen capture and paste int the forum. Use Windows' Snipping Tool or Windows' newer tool Snip & Sketch.
  18. You got some good answers. I'll try to give you a frame in which to understand what is going on. First, when you ask a tech question search the Answers section of this SL Forum. You may find your answer waiting for you. Second include viewer and computer information when asking a tech-ish question. Using the viewer's Help->About... provides all the detail needed for any problem. For your question that would have likely been over kill. But knowing which viewer you use would have been helpful. The basic SL idea is that you control your viewer and avatar. But, there are options for us to yield viewer and/or avatar control to others. These options can be exploited by griefers and in some regions the tricks are used to provide RP and various surprises. The only difference is often whether you did or didn't want what happens. The official way to give up some control of the viewer and/or avatar is the Experiences path. People providing experiences are signed up with the Lab so the Lab knows who is programming the experience and who to hold accountable for abuse of the system. I have yet to be abused by an Experience. I suspect some new people have been surprised by experiences and left wondering what happened and may have felt abused. In this system you can easily override most imposed restrictions. Doing so will often get you bounced out of the region. But you can easily break free of the experience's control. Next is RLV... this is a system that allows the game (in-world programming) to make changes to your viewer and avatar usually reserved to you. You give up more control than with an experience. Depending on the levels of control you give up, grant to another, you will find it difficult to override restrictions and controls placed on the viewer and avatar. While the system is about restraints (the R in RLV) it has many uses similar to experiences. I'll say the big difference is with Experiences is you must initially approve every Experience for it to have control. With RLV it is an ON or Off thing oriented around you and is grid wide. Next is basic SL system 'this is the way the world works'. There are things you can click on that give the thing control. Furniture is an example. Click here to sit and poof the furniture takes over control of animating and positioning your avatar. There are doors you click on to teleport somewhere. These and more are integral parts of the SL system. Without them the world would not work. Most of these basic things have to ask your permission before doing the things the Lindens have decided you should control. Experiences were created to reduce the number of times you get these 'permission requests', which can be really annoying. Next are the tricks and griefs, which most of us think you encountered. There are hacks and abuses of the system that exploit weaknesses in the system and users. If you can be tricked into something... This is somewhat like the PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) that anti-virus software attempt to protect you from. For instance Grammarly is a program (app) that spell checks and grammar checks your writing on a web page. There are other apps that change your writing on a web page, which can include filling out forms. It is impossible for an anti-virus to know which ones you do and don't want to change what you write on a web page. Thus they label an app a PUP after enough people complain while yet others embrace the app. So, you got bit by a trick that did something basic and common to do in SL, change appearance, but wasn't what you expected or wanted. For those watching it is hilarious. Not so much for the victim.
  19. You can take a copy from Firestorm. A bit tedious. I am assuming both viewer versions use Windlight EEP. In Firestorm, open Environments and find Mirror Water. Click the gear, usually near the bottom-left of the panel - depending which panel you have open, and with Mirror Water selected pick COPY. Open your inventory. Find the system folder SETTINGS. Paste Mirror Water into this folder. Log off. Login with BD and you'll find Mirror Water in inventory. But to use it, open Dragon->World->Environment Editor->Edit Water*. Click the drop down in the lower left of the panel. You'll see System and Inventory Presets. Mirror Water will be in the later. *You can also use Environment Settings to set the water. If you do lots of environment changes then click the double lines at the top of the last section to tear off the menu and put it wherever on your screen. FYI: you would probably have gotten your answer more quickly if you had posted your question in the Answers section of the forum. Of you might have found the answer there with a search and not had any wait.
  20. @JessiCaren Rowan is pointing you to another level of SL controls. RLV is a system of controlling the viewer and avatar with additional scripts running in-world. RLV offers a number of improvements and features. But, you are new. So I assumed you are using the SL Default viewer, which doesn't support RLV. You'll have to be using a third party viewer to use RLV. So I gave you a work-around that will work with any viewer. Controlling outfits/avatar attire with both SL standard Outfits and RLV folder, attachment, command locks, and RLV outfits can be confusing. Plus, if you mess it up you often have to log out and switch viewers to correct the problem. RLV outfits require additional knowledge to setup and I think are both tedious to create and a PITA to update. And I do have have a few RLV outfits for occasions. The SL Appearance Panel's Outfits are easy to use and do everything RLV does BUT allow others to dress and undress you.
  21. This is a tech question and best asked in the Answers section of this form. And it has been asked before. So there are existing answers there. So, no waiting on those. Also whirly gave the best answer available just above. When you do ask a tech-question include the info in your viewer's HELP->About... in with your question. And notice when threads are really old. It is usually better to start a new thread.
  22. No. You cannot lock things in place. There are reasons why that is so. You can however do a work-around. Save an outfit in the Appearance panel. It should have all the parts that you want to "lock" in place. Name it some thing like !!Add/Remove Perm Parts. The '!!' will force it to the top of the sort. You can adjust the number of '!'s to get things in the order you want. Next open the Inventory panel, look in OUTFITS and find the !!Add/Remove... outfit you just saved. Delete everything from the outfit EXCEPT the parts you want locked in place. In Outfits everything is a link. So you are only deleting links not things. You can now replace your outfit with any outfit and then select the !!Add/Remove... Outfit and right-click to pick WEAR - ADD to Current... or you can TAKE OFF - Remove from Current... I have a whole series of Add/Remove outfits for modifying other outfits.
  23. That's a little too much personal information... but nice pic
  24. Here is a more technical description of the terms. 100% mesh means the item was made in a 3D modeling program verses being made from primitives (aka prims - cubes and spheres that can be twisted into various shapes). Mesh items are the best clothes and more realistic things. Sculpty - this is an old type of prim that is sort of mesh. The vertices information is contained in an image. They are slow loading. There use is depreciated. Don't buy sculpties without a good reason. The KIT idea is so that you could make textures for the sculpty. UV Map - In SL these are the same as in any other 3D modeling effort. The UV Map is a 2D map of where a pixel appears on a 3D model. Some mesh clothes come with a UV map so you can make your own textures. Boats and planes often come with UV Maps so you can make your own paint job, Liquid Mesh - This is an early user effort at making rigged mesh. They are outdated and again do not but liquid mesh without a good reason. The explanation is about what 3D model rigging is. So... Rigging - Like on a sail boat the rigging ties the sails to the boat. In 3D modeling the rigging ties the model to an armature (aka skeleton) that can be animated (moved) by the computer. Play an animation that moves the avatar arm and the bone in the arm is moved. The rigging tells the computer how to move the skin and clothes rigged to the arm bone. There is data in the rigging info that allows the computer to more realistically bend the arm at the elbow. - Liquid mesh rigged to an early iteration of the SL avatar skeleton. It had problems. The Lindens upgraded the skeleton and made it rigging friendly. This was the change to Fitted Mesh. The later Bento upgrade provided more bones for us to rig to. Non-Rigged means there is no data in the item tying the mesh vertices to the bones. Move the bones and the mesh doesn't move. However, prims can be attached to attachment points on the avatar. Anything attached to the forearm attachment point will move with the forearm. If you make clothes from prims they cannot bend like rigged clothes. The clothes are like the manikins arms iRL. Joints are more like a hinge. Non-Rigged stuff is fine for a gun, sword, shield... things that do not have to imitate cloth. Note: As bodies and clothes are now mostly rigged items we have another gotcha. SL Users build the models and do the rigging. Each brand was made by a specific modeler. Each one made different models and uniquely rigged them. Clothes designers have to rig their clothes with similar rigging information to match the brand of body. This means Slink clothes will not fit a Maitreya body. Clothes have to be rigged for a specific body to fit and move correctly.
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