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  1. im aware but as i said before i kind of need my 300 back at least maybe i wont get that but im not letting it go for 120
  2. sorry was up night before posting this and yes i would like at least 300 usd back plus the transfer fee i dont wanna just abandon but i may have to
  3. SELLING MY SIM NEED TO SELL NOW TAKING BIDS PLEASE THANKS xx SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/nueva vista/90/189/23 full sim had it all year and over it its always empty lol reply for details 20k prims asking at least 80k + transfer I need 80k or best offer
  4. hey do any of you in this thread rig clothes and or can optimize my mesh clothing made with marvelous designer? hope i dont get flagged lol , thanks xx
  5. Really need someone to make textures and rig these meshes to the bodies im an utter noob at this!! i have the designs done and the mesh is ready to go (may need a few alterations) hoping to find someone skilled at texturing and zbrush maybe.. im wanting to build a lasting partnership for my store. please help! spread the word!
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