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  1. I had this issue. It was several Inverse televisions in the parcels around mine. I had to individually mute each one. Good luck!
  2. I hope it doesn't. Sure I want SL to grow and become popular again, but I remember when it reached it's peak of popularity. SLag was horrible. During peak hours, it was nearly impossible to even get in. Second LIfe exploded in population growth but, imho, didn't have the resources in place to support that growth. With proper planning, I think it can grow again, but not without improvements on the back end of things.
  3. Like the show? Or all encompassing Supernatural? Because if it's the show, I'll come dressed as Dean Winchester. Or Bobby. OOOOO no.. ROWENA.
  4. After some pretty major life events, I spent over a year with sleep issues. I took every OTC drug I could find and nothing helped. I'd be up all night, walking the floors and doze off as soon as the sun came up. I tried to power through, sometimes staying awake all night, all day and all the next night. I finally got a prescription for trazadone and was able to straighten myself out. Anxiety makes you do some weird crap.
  5. The plumbers arrived yesterday morning. They had to replace two sections of line that were full of giant holes. It cost less than half what they quoted us and I no longer have to self medicate with Jack Daniels every time it rains out of the fear that everything is going to back up. Now it begins. So. Much. Laundry.
  6. I feel like, if you can't control a child without force, you don't need to be in law enforcement or education.
  7. There was a guy on 90 Day Fiance last night putting mayo in his hair. I feel like this would have been a less messy option. And yes, I watch trash t.v.
  8. I've recently tried to breathe more life into my SL Pinterest account and Google search results. It does take work!
  9. Today I'm feeling hopeful. Not for anything deeply introspective or inspirational. After a solid week (or more, I'm not sure anymore) of sewage problems, the plumbers finally showed up. This was after I spent an hour plunging, praying and doing the peepee dance. My house does not smell pleasant. I've Febreezed, burned incense and taken more baby wipe baths than I care to mention. This may be TMI, but fingers crossed, I might have a new sewage line by the end of the day. Fingers crossed.
  10. I've done that actually. I'm afraid I'll have to work on my photo quality before I can hope to be featured there
  11. Back in the day, there was a an entire community of bloggers on Second LIfe. They were promoted outside of the grid via Twitter, Facebook, Plurk and Flickr. Now, Second Life Twitter isn't very active, I'm not sure if Plurk is even still a thing and while I promote on Facebook, I'd really rather not. Most blogging groups in-world cater to promotional sites rather than those that focus on writing. Any suggestions?
  12. Try running your own discussion event. I used to hold weekly "discussions" that were little more than a bunch of people sitting around chatting about whatever. I'm thinking about doing it again. But then, I think about doing a lot of things.
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