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  1. The watery pre-mustard that shoots out all over your bread on the first squeeze.
  2. I had a mom like that. She was diagnosed with mental health issues later in life. I tell myself that she probably couldn't help how she was. I'm sorry this happened to you.
  3. Cold. Just cold. I know people get annoyed when folks complain about the cold in the winter and being too hot in the summer, but it was in the 60's last week and in the teens yesterday. I'd like to speak to a manager.
  4. My opinion? Maybe people do play games or post popularity pics for attention. So? I'm an only child, I NEED ATTENTION.
  5. I keep the mini map open all the time so that I can obsessively check the profiles of every little dot I see. It's a hobby. Or I'm just nosey.
  6. I log in daily, but I tend to wander afk without setting myself away. Dogs want out, coffee cup is empty, nature calls.
  7. Baked beans are better with tiny wieners.
  8. We have a diner with tourist prices and a convenience store, which oddly, has much better take out.
  9. OMG I miss food delivery. This town is so small you can walk to the two take out options anyway. I need to get to the city soon. Ya'll are making me homesick AND hungry!
  10. I just finished "A.J. and the Queen." It was campy and fun. Perfect brain candy.
  11. For fried chicken, I'd rather have Bojangles. They have good breakie biscuits too... all day! It's a good thing the nearest one is over an hour away.
  12. Personally, I don't mind when racist bigots proudly display their propaganda and hate speech. Their actions make them easily identifiable to me and makes it much easier to decide who I want to spend my time with. Also, it makes them easy targets when, on occasion, I'm feeling particularly bitchy and feel the need to take it out on someone.
  13. Dr. Phil, because my therapist isn't on my new insurance.
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