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  1. Maybe spending his money makes him happy. Leave him alone.
  2. I've encountered that person as well. He hangs out at the "Premium" sandboxes and is a griefer, plain and simple. His profile is BS, imho. I love how it says he has a problem with boundaries, like you're meant to excuse his constant harassment. Not buying it.
  3. I think some would be well served to perhaps read a good book when they're bored, instead of trying to fulfill a lifelong dream of internet trolling. It may help with spelling challenges as well.
  4. I need those!!! I have a 2003 Silverado, named Jolene. I love my truck. I hope she lasts me the rest of my days.
  5. The first thing I did when I bought my water parcel was derender/blacklist the dock/club/pier between me and the open sea. It's seldom used, I think I've seen people over there once. I've derendered ugly border markers put up by neighbors. I don't mind seeing neighbors' builds or even skyboxes, usually, but I do like having an unobstructed view of sailboats going by.
  6. If I never wanted to speak to them again, I would simple remove them. Removing their ability to see if I'm online for a day or two doesn't mean I no longer desire to be available to them, forever and ever and into eternity. If I suspect someone has "hidden" my ability to see if they're online, I don't pay it much attention. Maybe they have a new significant other and want to spend their time bumping pixels. Maybe they're tired of my incessant babbling and need a break. I mean, why would I stress out about it or get angry? I have plenty to keep me busy, they'll come around... or not. Whatever.
  7. I've "hidden" from my friend's list recently. I was trying to learn something new and wanted to concentrate. I also have social anxiety and sometimes I have a hard time talking to people, especially when they start to get too close, or I feel like I've revealed too much RL information. But, it didn't occur to me people may be offended. *shrugs* There's nothing I can do about that. I think some people go around looking for a reason to be offended and they usually find it.
  8. That was the best thing I've seen all week. Maybe all month. Also, I have to find a headset with a mic. I've found my new hobby.
  9. OMG I'm not the only one. I think that's why I'm so paranoid about who's on my land when I'm not around. I remember what kind of mischief I got up to!
  10. I think it's worth mentioning that all those basic accounts are what keep rentals in business. In that way, they contribute to the SL economy in a way that is equal to having a premium account.
  11. As people go nuts, trying to claim their shiny new Linden house, vast rolling parcels of abandoned mainland continue to grow. I've seen residents comment that their reasoning is the "community" created by LL. Why not make an attempt to create community where you already are? Meet your neighbors. Create neighborhood events. Have a "cookout." Everyone hides behind locked doors, complaining that they can't meet new people.
  12. The Bramant Island parcel is a quiet, 1024m square water lot. To the east and west are tasteful builds. To the south is a large vacant parcel, with a smaller one to the north. Just beyond the northeastern border is a protected waterway (the markers are visible in the second photo,) perfect for boating. This serene, low-lag island is available for L$4700. L$3900 L$1800 See it inworld here: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bramant/77/192/21/
  13. Personally, I think someone who is obsessed about how other people are dressing their avatars in a virtual world probably have deeper questions to ask themselves.
  14. You seldom, if ever, see Second Life advertised at all anymore. There are many people who don't realize it still exists. Surely LL can afford a small ad campaign. I occasionally see an ad on the blog of current residents, which is read mainly by people who have already signed up, so there's no point really. I agree that it would be best if the new homes were completed first and a few improvements were made, but a total re-branding and advertising campaign would work wonders, in my opinion.
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