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  1. The owners of the a sim are just that... the owners. Unless the bullying you are talking about is a clear violation of the TOS, there is not a whole lot you can do besides leave. It's their sim. They paid for it. They are paying to keep it open. If they want to be a jerk, it's their perogative. Now... if it is not the owner themself, but a designated representative who is causing problems, or someone who claims to be a representative of the sim owner, it may be worth your while to find out who owns the parcel. You can do that by right clicking the ground and checking under the land options. Perhaps an IM to that individual will be helpful. Sometimes they don't know what is going on and I have been able to "fix" a problem once by writing a polite message to the actual sim owner and explaining what was going on.
  2. Void Singer wrote: considering the poor state of SL support for paypal withdrawals? not so shady. I stand corrected. You are absolutely correct. I forget that things don't really work that well these days. Every day that passes makes me happier that I closed up shop when I did and cashed out while I was ahead.
  3. I know of no such business on the grid at this point. It would be nice to see, but doubtful that such a thing will happen in the immediate future. edited to add: A review of other postings show that there are indeed such places around (at least a few of them) It is nice to see and kind of neat.
  4. That would depend entirely on the "sailboat" in question. The best way to tell is to rez the sailboat somewhere where scripts are enabled and right click it to see if there is an option to ride it. (or try sitting on it) if it is scripted so that it is a vehcile, you should know by then. The object in question might be a simple decoration, a house built to resemble a boat, a skybox, a ridable vehcile... etc. You will just have to rez it and take a look Have fun!
  5. You can of course try to file a ticket, but you may be better off asking your question here or checking the knowledge base.
  6. Well.... Technically, that is RL fraud and RL law enforcement could get involved. Odds are they won't, but they should. As far as SL goes, LL has a long standing tradition of not getting involved in transactions between residents and probably won't do much over this. 200000 L$ for 725 USD? That comes out to an exchange rate of 275 lindens to the dollar. The seller could have gotten a much better deal on the official exchange with no risk of this happening. Odds are the seller has a very good reason to sell off grid for a deep discount. I am willing to bet all sides of this are pretty shady. The seller probably got what they deserved and one can only hope that it will come back to haunt your "friend".
  7. Those disclaimers are pretty much rubbish. If someone discloses a conversation log without consent, disclaimer or not, they can be reported. Those reports aren't frivolous, sharing IM or conversation logs without consent is a violation of the TOS and can be reported like any other violation.
  8. This area of LL life is pretty clear. The TOS does not allow posting or sharing of conversation logs without consent. The TOS applies to all residents. I do understand what you are saying though. But as it stands now, any sharing of conversation logs without consent is a violation and any SL business owner who does this is taking a risk with their account and their SL business.
  9. Tristan Avedon wrote: Rain Laval wrote: I have even purchased a shield/combat hud just to try and it is dead upon landing. So that was a dud lol. I may try to contact LL but urghhhhh.... You "may" try to contact LL? So basically you'd rather complain about it in here than actually contact the people who can help you? Really? Chat support isn't hard, you know. Sometimes takes a few minutes to get through to someone, but you make it sound like it's difficult to get help. Tristan, I understand your sentiment. But, please remember that a lot of people's expectations concerning LL's customer service are so low based on prior encounters that many feel that they are a complete waste of time and effort. The poster was trying to contact the only people that they felt could help them and their best source of advice and support. That would be us.
  10. I am sorry that you had to find out about the ugly truth about SL, LL and their customer service this way. Yes, as many people including yourself have said, you should have manually downgraded your account before the billing date. That being said, the situation stinks to no end. I used to have an account with a premium membership. Like many, I opted for the more financially efficient annual membership. Problem with an annual membership is as the months pass, one forgets exactly when the rebill date is. It's easy to lose track of that. Not full excuse, but I do understand how it can happen. This is why it is so important to know all of the terms and conditions especially when so much of your time, money, and "yourself" is invested in something like an account here. For those who would dismiss the OP's statements with a blase' "Well she should have known better.", how many "surprise" biling policy changes have there been in SL's history? How many people went to put in some real world money only to find out that the method of payment that they have been using was no longer valid? LL often makes changes that are poorly communicated. Their support is well... for crap. If someone runs into a billing issue and has to wait for help from LL and it is close to their billing cycle... they are going to have problems. I have to agree with the OP on the inadvisability of getting a premium account. What reason is there to have one? Land isn't really the best "purchase" anymore and once you "own" it, one incurrs a financial responsibility that is tied directly to the "life" of their account. "Debtor's prision" is a very real thing here in SL. If you can't pay tier, you don't lose the land, you lose everything. Much better to rent and let someone else take those risks for precious little profit. It makes very little sense for LL to have it set up that a premium account provides no particular advantage over a basic account yet has all of these additional liabilities. Odd move on their part. I don't understand them. I try to, but more out of recreation than any real expectation of figuring them out. I like imponderables. They are fun. Edited to add: OP, they have you by the short-hairs... Your original avie is probably just in "cold storage" and you will have to cough up what they claim you owe them to get them back. If you can't then yes, they are indeed "dead". Starting over from scratch isn't so bad... You will still go reaching in your inventory for things that aren't there anymore for a bit bit you get used to it.
  11. If you received an empty bag, odds are that it may have unpacked without you noticing. Double check your inventory. If it's not there, then a quick check of your transaction or order history should be able to show the transaction and most sellers are pretty reasonable about providing replacements (this is SL, and glitches are not unheard of). Provide the seller with the exact date and time of the transaction and they should be willing to help. Edited to add: The empty bag, you did right click it and selected "open" correct? Many items when purchased come enclosed in a prim "package" that needs to be opened and unpacked.
  12. I truly enjoy this place. A great group of RP'ers on a fantastic build. Loads of fun.
  13. (insert polite applause here) Well done. Now this I like. My time was not wasted reading this entertainment. Tell us, how many did you get?
  14. Is it an actual garmet, an inventory item or is it part of the "skin" of your avatar? I think all of the skins that you get when you sign up have underwear painted on them. A good way to check is to open your inventory, and enter "worn" in the search bar at the top of the inventory. This will show all of the items currently worn by your avie. If there is some underwear present, then you can select it there and remove it. If there is no underwear being worn and you still see it on the avie, then it is part of your avatar's skin and you will need to get your hands on a underwear free skin somewhere. There are a lot of freebie skins out there that are completey nekkid so that won't be too hard to find. Of course, most retail skins are underwear free.
  15. I want to be sympathetic. I honestly do. But sorry, nope. Knowing how to perform the basic functions of running a business here is a pre-requisite for running said business. That knowledge comes with study and experience, both here and RL. There is no getting around that. If you want to run a successful business, then do your freaking homework and stop expecting others to run up and beg for the opportunity to hold your hand. While it has been years since I was less than thirty days old here, I have always been able to find the information that I required to accomplish any project that I wished to undertake here. When I've been stumped (which still happens) I have found that if I ask a reasonably phrased, clearly defined question I get an answer from a helpful fellow resident in startlingly short order. While I do chafe at LL pawning off it's customer support on the goodwill of the residents here, the answers forum is a boon to those who can ask a proper question (one would think that isn't too much to ask but apparently it is beyond some folks). I participate on those forums and from what I've seen, quality advice there in plenty for the asking. I would be happy to mentor you though. I will charge you what I charge people RL for my time and services. IM me inworld for a quote and scope of work. If you chafe at having to pay a professional for their time, then I recommend you be content with the wealth of knowledge that is being offered to you for free.
  16. I am always willing to help someone out, both RL and SL but as far as actively donating my time on this earth to do so... not anymore. I have found that most people who are actually worthwhile have already found their own solution to whatever problem that they have and those that take advantage of volunteers are doing just that, taking advantage of someone's goodwill. Now classes are a little different and perhaps more worthwhile that other sorts of voluenteering since that is assisting someone in their own efforts.
  17. Oh, I have faith in only a few things... Our favorite spammer hitting these boards with a regularity that many fiber suppliments would envy is one of them. We will all be splashed with another movement of the true soon enough I'm sure. I do have to wonder if our dear friend (actually I've started to like him in a Andy Kaufman sort of way) applied the same effort and ability to any other worthwhile endeavor how far ahead he would be in the long run.
  18. There are loads of reasons why SL will never be "mainstream". This isn't really an activity that will be embraced by masses. Those of us who love it, love it but we are now and will always be a niche market. The type of griefing that you speak of is the sort of thing that results from the "disposable" alt accounts that LL allows here. As long as people can make dozens of anonymous free accounts, this will happen. Most of them congregate in large public sandboxes and other such places and are relatively easily avoided. Once someone leaves the sandboxes and the welcome areas such harassment becomes less common. Sadly, some abandoned parcels can be used by griefers due to the build and autoreturn settings. If your "land" is near one of these, then you are pretty much out of luck and all you can do is AR (or file a ticket if that is an option). LL will eventually get around to helping you out...eventually.
  19. Darrius Gothly wrote: Little, I think you have a fairly astute observation of one of the core purposes of Second Life, social interaction. Clubs, Art Shows, amazing and wonderous Sim builds, Live Music, Charity Events .. the list goes on and on. The opportunitues exist everywhere and the tools to socialize on a level completely unattainable in other common Internet Technologies are a powerful part of the Second Life experience. (As a personal example, using other technologies I have spent hours chatting with someone about a broad range of personal and enjoyable topics, but until Second Life I had never spent that time DANCING with them as well.) But the fact that Facebook (for example) is based on a "Social Networking" paradigm does not make it the same as the social activities or interests that occur in Second Life. There are massive differences in how the two socialization machines work .. differences based not just on superficial or easily altered behaviors either. I'll start with the upper-level and most visible attribute of both platforms, Member Presentation. In Facebook, members of the site are required to fill out a profile that specifically requests their true and accurate details. Without getting into the privacy battle currently waging in and around Facebook, it's important to realize that the information they request / require is expected to be true and specific to who you are both online and offline. In short, the Member Presentation that Facebook expects you to provide is the same type of presentation you show to people you pass in the Mall, the store, at Church and even at family reunions. In short, they expect you to provide them details of the "Real You". Second Life however is almost completely on the opposite end of that scale. The Profile that new Second Life Residents are provided is short on real-life details (and those are completely optional without any "penalty") and very long on fantasy and imagination. It is designed to provide the member an opportunity to create a Presentation that is fantastical, inventive and (if desired) has absolutely no correlation or even distant resemblance to the "Real You". The next glaring difference between Facebook and Second Life can be seen in the "Circles" we create on both. On Facebook, the "Circle" ... the primary (and for many only) group of people that we connect with consists of our family members and friends from real-life. We socialize over the relatives we have in common, the jobs and other real-life events we have in common ... in short we share observations and conversations about those things we encounter when we turn off the computer and walk back to "Reality". On Second Life, the Circles we create and enjoy are based on an entirely different commonality. Furries hang with other Furries, Fashionistas with Fashionistas, RPG'ers team up and socialize with other RPG'ers. The commonalities that build, reaffirm and give our Circles relevance to us are based on personal preferences, but mostly they are based on our non-Reality desires and interests. They are based on preferences and dreams inside our heads that no one in our real-lives shares .. and often don't even know exist. (I mean really, how would YOUR boss react if you told him/her "I love dressing up in blue fur and wearing a long flowing tail"?) Another personal example: I have two RL kids that also are Residents here in Second Life (ages 30 and 26). The only In-World Groups we share are those we've created just for family stuff (land management etc.). But when we get together and shoot the breeze about Second Life, I only recognize the names of their friends from the past stories, they only recognize the names of my friends from what I've told them before. The commonalities we have are precious few. In fact, I have never once "bumped into" one of my kids on Second Life because we really just do not have anything in common in this fantasy world. My fantasies, my world as I've constructed it, is almost intentionally vastly different from the real-life world we all three share. Yes, Facebook and many of the other wildly popular Social Networking systems out there are enticing, attracting money in gobs and gobs ... and a lot of thinkers have (and still do) point at the "Socialization" similarity between them and Second Life and exclaim them to be "the same" because of those. But to me ... calling them the same is tantamount to calling a Porsche and a Garbage Truck the same because they both have wheels. QFT
  20. As others have already said, what you saw is indeed against the rules here in SL. AR the site. Also, AR the individuals that propositioned you with clips from your IM or chat log separately if it happens again. We are a pretty much freewheeling bunch of people (well as much as they will let us be these days) but we do have limits and that is one of them.
  21. SL is a fantastic place to play and have fun and mess around a bit. But sadly, it will be nothing more than an idle passtime until they "get serious" about supporting their existing customer base. As to why you are paying for premium, only you can answer that. There are benifits to a premium membership that you may find useful but I have been quite happy without mine for quite some time now. I scaled back my investment and presence here in SL to virtually nil. Now, this is only an idle pursuit, a place to mess about and have a bit of fun. Now my endeavors here only require the level of support and consistency that I can reasonably expect to receive from LL. I was intrigued, and still am, by the possibilites of something like SL but the realities of RL SL and LL are such that those possibilites will forever remain just that, unrealized dreams that will never become manifest. The first hundred people (or thousand) who found their dreams and hard work undone here by poor customer service and all the other issues that LL has I have sympathy for. Anyone who follows them down that primrose path now is just someone who didn't do their homework and is now suffering the consequenses of their own lack of preparation. I am grateful for their efforts, because without their quixotic nature I would nave nothing to enjoy here but in the end, once they bounce off of that windmill, one really has to ask them what else could they reasonably expect to happen? I recommend changing your expectations as to what you can expect from LL and SL instead of trying to get the level of suppor that you believe that you deserve. You aren't going to get it. This is a great place for what it is. Stop trying to make it something that it isn't and just enjoy your time here. You will be much happier in the long run, trust me.
  22. April Fool's day (which is today, April first) is a custom in many countries where people play tricks and pranks, mostly based on false reports and the like. For example, someone might circulate a fictitious statement allegedly from LL stating that all new accounts are being banned because "noobs" are "stealing crap". A good tip is the use of wording. I seriously doubt that anyone from LL would make an official statement with the words, peeples, noobs, or crap in it. If you were the one trying to do a good April Fool's hoax, try to do your homework first and find out who would be making policy decisions these days and try to make it a bit more polished. If you had, for example, tried to start a rumor that everyone's adult verification was going to be suspended soon once a new age verification system was going to roll out and add some totally annoying, but remotely plausible new requirement (video depositions, notarized statements, notes from your mom.. etc) you might have been onto something.
  23. If it is just the location of the hud on your screen and not the attachment point that is the issue, you can just right click the hud, select "edit" and move it around the screen to a location more to your liking.
  24. Vocaloid wrote: (snip) I hope Ahern continues to be G/PG friendly as possible to all adults, child avies, and teens alike. Ahern... continues to be G/PG friendly... ... ... heh. If it really bugs you, then AR it and include the a cut and paste of the local and IM chat logs for good measure. My advice is if that sort of thing offends you, leave Ahern and places like that. They have always been what they are. I enjoyed them back before the TG merger but don't hang around them these days for obvious reasons that really don't need to be repeated for the thousandth time. If it really bugs you, then AR it.
  25. By all means, report the threats along with copies of the chat logs to SL. As others have said, don't stop there. RL death threats fall under RL law enforcement. Make copies of the threats and communicate them to your local police. Never discount your instincts. If you feel that this is cause for concern, then get help RL from the RL police.
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