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  1. To be fair, they do notify users of problems...it's called the "Grid Status Page" http://status.secondlifegrid.net/ And sure enough, there is a post about login failures to the website.
  2. UPDATE: After waiting 3 days and not removing any more unassociated inventory, it seems the marketplace has processed everything properly and deleted the items itself. It just took a few days.
  3. I stand corrected. It being sent by Linden Lab is what makes it hilarious.
  4. I had like 250 unassociated inventory (duplicates listed as delivery from magic box). I spend at least 3 hours deleting them all, I was down to 23 when I gave up and went to bed. I come back to my marketplace page today and there are 190 unassociated inventory now? Wtf moment.
  5. That's not an accurate response, thank you very much. The email was sent from xstreetsl because I removed my magic boxes, having already converted my products over to direct delivery. The email states I need to replace or reset my magic boxes, that's what made me laugh.
  6. I just recieved this email: "Dear Edfred Jungsten, Our records indicate that you have items listed at the Xstreet SL Marketplace, but none of them are available for purchase because your server object(s), listed below, have lost connectivity with the Xstreet SL main server. Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11 Location: Vortex (21, 10) Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11 Location: Vortex (21, 10) You could be losing sales! Follow the instructions below to reactivate your items on the website: 1) If you deleted your server object(s), they must be replaced and stocked with your inventory before your items can be reactivated. Please follow the instructions at the following URL to make your inventory available: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=21 2) If your server object(s) are still in-world, take them into your inventory and re-rez them. This will reset the object and cause it to reestablish communications. 3) Make sure your server object(s) are not on no-script land. Regards, Xstreet SL https://www.xstreetsl.com/ Regards, Second Life Support This message was sent by Linden Lab. For help with your account (or with this message), please visit http://secondlife.com/support/" Ummmm...wtf? Oh I am losing sales, but it has nothing to do with XStreetSL!
  7. "This item will be delivered directly to you or a friend in Second Life, unpacked and ready to use. No land or sandbox required." Really? So they can wear my building? Land or Sandbox is required! This is not worded correctly, it should be "no unpacking is required"...period.
  8. I will attest that the majority of ARs are not being dealt with, especially in the public sandboxes. The same residents come back day after day and do the same bad behaviors despite hundreds of well documented (reporting their objects by selection, photo evidence, etc) ARs from different reporters.
  9. I believe the majority of assaults and griefing require the rezzing of something. Having scripts enabled in the landing zone, yet having build/rez set to "group only" in that space, as I said earlier, would combat that I believe.
  10. I concur with Innula, someone has stolen his "permissions to animate his avatar". It's become a more common trick that works this way: The evildoer rezzes a giant invisible prim with scripts in it, including a "touch sit" script, that is how victims are "netted". The evildoer takes that object back into their inventory and now they have their victims permissions to use how they want permanently. They can send commands from their avatar, or from a prim they have placed in the region, to deform or animate you any way they wish. Relogging will fix the problem but if they have rezzed a prim with you targetted, once you return to that region and the prim still exists it will happen again and again. Word has it that some kind of defence is in the works in the future, a menu for the viewer which shows what permissions are being used for your avatar and the ability to select and revoke permissions. I have personally heard about this bug for 4 years with no action to stop it, but in one of the recent release notes it was mentioned. I personally filed a JIRA report on it as suggested to refresh the issue, you can read the responses here: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-703?page=com.atlassian.jira.plugin.system.issuetabpanels%3Acomment-tabpanel&focusedCommentId=352868
  11. The scripts on in the landing zone option is to facilitate all the Vortex group info objects that are there, along with other things like contact staff boxes, etc....which require scripts to be activated. Vortex is supposed to be a place for the sharing of knowledge, seminars, etc and there needs to be a place to share information through scripted objects.
  12. I understand that requiring "payment info on file" to enter is a harsh measure. Is it any guarantee it will stop those residents from griefing? No. But what it does show is that those residents have investing in Second Life in some way, that a RL name is attached to that avatar, and it isn't just some disposable account.
  13. Here are the troubles: 1. Vortex Adult Sandbox is a scfript enabled Linden public sandbox which has all the plaguing troubles of a Linden Public sandbox which has scripts enabled. 2. There are fewer and fewer Linden public sandboxes that have scripts enabled, for obvious reasons. 3. There is a major boost in the number of "assault HUDS" full of nasty weapons in the marketplace which are priced for little or no money. 4. Teens can now access adult areas with complete ease, and do so. 5. LL is not disciplining troublemaking residents in the public sandboxes like they used to. SOLUTIONS: 1. Turn off scripts in the sandbox, with exception to the landing zone area. Make the landing zone area script enabled, but group rezzing/building only. 2. Make the sandbox "Payment info on file" access only so that visiting residents have some accountability for their actions. Extreme circumstances require extreme measures, and after a month or so after the troublemakers have moved on to places they are free to assault others with thier cheap HUD attachments, again re-allow scripts. If anyone else has some productive suggestions to solve these problems please feel free to express them. Its not about pointing blame, its about solving extreme problems.
  14. That anyone else sees me falling through is irrelevant. Who cares if others see me falling through? Who cares if someone has put a giant phallus over my avatar and it's following me around, as long as I am not hindered by it after the owner (or even creator) has been muted. I want to achieve "falling through" and derendering for my avatar alone. You speak as if I want the whole sl world to adapt to my mute button, and that isn't the case at all. What I desire would only affect my avatar: Muting someone and not seeing or being affected by their objects afterward and forever more.
  15. I can mention a few times when I've sat on an object, stood up, and fallen through the object. upon checking the object finding out it isn't phantom. Then being able to pass through any objects until i sit on the ground. Yea, it is probubly a bug in the server software but it happened. So it isn't impossible.
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