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  1. Going out and about recently in SL, and I have noticed a group tag of SL Police. I thought that the only people that have power in SL to enforce TOS and CS policy are the Lindens themselves, and land owners as such. Is this a new group of enforcers in SL or just a group for power hungry people to big note themselves to new comers?
  2. We have had this debate for eons, with newer people saying its the amount of prims you wear..... the fact is, it is the alpha texturing that will make the ARC higher. As an experiment within a combat sim that I am involved in (as ARC levels were the major argument of the combat users), we showed, that with one change of hair, with less alpha textures in it, was enough to bring an ARC down from 5600 to 831.... that was a huge reduction. An alpha textured, prim item of clothing was then worn and the rendering cost jumped back to 2100. Yet we replaced the texture on the prim item worn to a non al
  3. Normally, when out and about, if I see someone caming me with their pointer and they look like they might need help, I will message them and ask if they need help. Usually most people will ask, especially if they are under 90 days. I hand out landmarks frequently, for things like AO's, skins, hair, or point them to marketplace. If they have a problem like shoes, then yes, missing bases, or even hair with the LL base and not a bald base, it's easy to strike up a conversation to help them with those sorts of things. But I too usually read profiles and rezz dates, as most of us know, this is an
  4. An excellent guide, after some errors in uploading pics with the forum updates, I was able to get my badge done, no problem. Thank you heaps Suella )
  5. Wondering what the community at large thinks, about avatar heights. My avatar is 7ft tall, and the more I explore around the more I am noticing Avatars of child like heights around the grid. The reason for this is the height for the avatar in the appearance mode, but in comparison to the grid, and buildings etc around, the smaller heights of under 6ft just seems out of proportion, and in some instances, inappropriate, especially in places like sex sims, where people will take these for young teenage avatars. Just would like to pick the communities brains on this subject as it's becoming a topi
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