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  1. As many people have said, the sim owner makes the rules. They pay for their land and can do with it pretty much as they please. Not everyone is welcome everywhere. That being said I have a fondness for non human avatars, some of them quite strange indeed. Heck, I even went through a phase where my favorite avatar was a cured ham of all things and still was able to go almost everywhere and have a heck of a good time. If you get booted from a sim, go to another one. You will find plenty of great places to go and great people to hang with no matter if you are a Beast, a furry, a r
  2. So many people have done exactly that, Ela. So many people are gone now. The "You don't have to be here. Leave if you don't like it." hasn't exactly done SL any favors and that culture of disregard is what is destroying SL. I will likely sign the new TOS since I no longer really create anything anymore... Whenever I actually get around to signing back into SL that is.
  3. If the followers are using a sensor one thing to try is to lure the followers up high enough that their sensors will no longer detect you on the surface and then teleport back down. This isn't absolutely guaranteed to work but I have used this technique to good effect before.
  4. Increased distribution is only worthwhile if the product can hold new customers. Right now I don't see SL doing that.
  5. I've been offline for awhile and was wondering what has changed in the past year or so? Any good places for someone to go or any new "must see" build out there?
  6. I think that a good question to ask yourself is what exactly do you want to do when you say you want a place to "live". With a little exploring and ingenuity there is probably a few places where you can (legitimately) do some or all of what you want to do with your own place for free. I am currently happily homeless and will only buy land again (or rent) when I either want to "play house" with someone or perhaps make a permanent or semi-permanent build. Otherwise I just drift quite contentedly.
  7. There are places one can go in SL to experience that sort of "realism" in varying degrees if one wishes and I think such a theme might be an interesting one for a roleplay sim but I think that such things being imposed on the residents across the board would not go over well at all.
  8. Premium only sandboxes are not a bad idea at all! I'm not one to shower LL with praise but that is a quite nice idea and not a bad perk at all. For established residents, crochety old pirmbags like myself, these might not be a big selling point. We already have nice quiet places to build and more swag than we know what to do with. For a new resident, just starting out, these will be a major perk and not really cost the lab that much to offer and maintain. Kudos, LL. I will doubtlessly get annoyed with you again but I think you did good here.
  9. I truly enjoy this place. A great group of RP'ers on a fantastic build. Loads of fun.
  10. oooh why oh why did you not post this back in the old GD forum? Such a waste... You know.. there are so many rank happy folks out there that if you were to go and post this exact question in the Answers forum I bet that several folks would kill themselves trying to answer such an open ended question. In fact, please please please do that so we can watch the reaction (Edited to add: I promise that I will give your question a kudo if you do it. )
  11. Welcome, I wish you luck in your new endeavor here. I wonder what you have in store for us. I have a pretty good idea what we have in store for you... srry about that... We rarely agree on much, but we all have one thing in common. We really like this place. SL is a great deal of fun and despite more than a few things that you will hear about in detail many many times no doubt, there is enough good stuff and great people to keep even the most cynical of us logging in. There is still a great deal of potential in this old rickety platform. I wish you luck it finding it.
  12. Too funny! I'm glad I wasn't drinking when I reviewed this thread. Who would have thought that someone could get themselves in trouble with the display name feature?
  13. I actually do agree about the age verification. It is not fool-proof (or more precisely clever-proof). I have said so myself several times. However, I still believe that a majority of the people who are age-verified are indeed who they said that they were. At least enough of them are who they say that they are to make any statement that they are "anonymous" to be essentially false which was the point I was trying to make. I am not saying that the age-verification system is a good system. I'm saying that most people using it are most likely being honest since it is easier to use their inf
  14. People get fired for getting caught with porn on an office computer all the time even if it costs their employer money to fire them. I don't have to look up examples of that for you. You can do it yourself. Furthermore, it isn't good money. Do you have a job that pays you more than US$10K per year? Do you think anyone would pay you that much without knowing your legal name? You can't conduct business that generates good money anonymously. To conduct business that generates real money, contracts need to be enforceable and tax collectors need to be satisfied they are getting their cu
  15. I suspect it isn't the teens Linden Lab or its successors wants to do business with. It is people who are not hiding behind anonymity. People who are not ashamed to be associated with what they say and do are the ones who make a real difference in the world. People who are involved in the sex trade in SL hide behind anonymous accounts. But Linden Lab employees are not anonymous. What happens in Second Life reflects on their real world identity and career. They don't want to be associated with the sex trade any more than the people who are participating in it do. There are a lot of obje
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