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  1. As many people have said, the sim owner makes the rules. They pay for their land and can do with it pretty much as they please. Not everyone is welcome everywhere. That being said I have a fondness for non human avatars, some of them quite strange indeed. Heck, I even went through a phase where my favorite avatar was a cured ham of all things and still was able to go almost everywhere and have a heck of a good time. If you get booted from a sim, go to another one. You will find plenty of great places to go and great people to hang with no matter if you are a Beast, a furry, a r
  2. So many people have done exactly that, Ela. So many people are gone now. The "You don't have to be here. Leave if you don't like it." hasn't exactly done SL any favors and that culture of disregard is what is destroying SL. I will likely sign the new TOS since I no longer really create anything anymore... Whenever I actually get around to signing back into SL that is.
  3. If the followers are using a sensor one thing to try is to lure the followers up high enough that their sensors will no longer detect you on the surface and then teleport back down. This isn't absolutely guaranteed to work but I have used this technique to good effect before.
  4. Increased distribution is only worthwhile if the product can hold new customers. Right now I don't see SL doing that.
  5. I've been offline for awhile and was wondering what has changed in the past year or so? Any good places for someone to go or any new "must see" build out there?
  6. I think that a good question to ask yourself is what exactly do you want to do when you say you want a place to "live". With a little exploring and ingenuity there is probably a few places where you can (legitimately) do some or all of what you want to do with your own place for free. I am currently happily homeless and will only buy land again (or rent) when I either want to "play house" with someone or perhaps make a permanent or semi-permanent build. Otherwise I just drift quite contentedly.
  7. There are places one can go in SL to experience that sort of "realism" in varying degrees if one wishes and I think such a theme might be an interesting one for a roleplay sim but I think that such things being imposed on the residents across the board would not go over well at all.
  8. That's a good question. I recently went premium because I wanted a small parcel in order to park a few prims. Owning a parcel was a bit more stable than renting and the move made sense for me. In my opinion, "owning" "land" here in SL is the only reason to go premium that makes any sense. The premium sandboxes are nice though.
  9. Welcome to second life... lol Every now and then a tiny person gets a little bit of authority and something like this happens. Like others have said, it was a group tag from a recently joined group. Sims are individually owned and the owners or their designated officers can pretty much ban anyone they please for any reason that they please. Overly agressive banning is a recurring theme. Nothing you can do about it really and there is a fair chance you didn't really do something that bad from the sound of it. My advice is to not worry about it too much and find another place to
  10. Screaming "Why won't you work?" and a vague sense of disillusionment means that you are fitting in nicely! It's a lot like jumping into a cold swimming pool. Once the shock fades and you can breathe you will have a lovely swim. Don't focus on making a living at first. Wander around, have fun, meet people. There are loads of fun things to do.
  11. You can still file an AR.. Just be as complete as possible and file one each and every time it happens to you. If it is a privately owned sandbox (check "about land") You could try informing the owner of the sandbox what it happening. Be sure to be polite and consise in your communications.... you will get better results. Your best answer is that since it is a sandbox, there is little stopping you from taking your work elsewhere. SL is filled with sandboxes. Sometimes you have to go to a couple before you find a nice well-ordered, quiet place to work. Those new premium member only sand
  12. I will resist the urge to tell you to swim upstream past the rapids and instead ask you to be a bit clearer. What birth place are you talking about?
  13. Welcome! I love the phrase "varying things". There is a lot of great content in there and loads of fun things to do. My advice? Explore and create a second life for yourself, not your business. This is a great place to spend some time, make some friends, create some fun toys, and generally mess about. This is not a great place to do anything business related. Things are too unstable and inconsistent, even now. You will go through all of the hard work and risk and pain to build up something that you are proud of only to watch as the capricious whim of the week wipes everyt
  14. Short answer: Eeee! Don't do it! Long answer: This is an interesting one. Your "radio station" isn't based in SL. It's a RL internet stream. I don't think LL has any say as to what you do outside of this platform. Of course... LL can pretty much do what it wants and once you wade through all of the pretty language of the TOS it can be boiled down to "we can do whatever we want to whoever we want and you just have to take it if you want to 'play' here." That bit of the TOS, 11.4, is a prime example of how delightfully open-ended their wording is. If they "believe" you are an
  15. Premium only sandboxes are not a bad idea at all! I'm not one to shower LL with praise but that is a quite nice idea and not a bad perk at all. For established residents, crochety old pirmbags like myself, these might not be a big selling point. We already have nice quiet places to build and more swag than we know what to do with. For a new resident, just starting out, these will be a major perk and not really cost the lab that much to offer and maintain. Kudos, LL. I will doubtlessly get annoyed with you again but I think you did good here.
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