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  1. Pretty much rules can be made on the fly. I'd play a real first-person shooter than to waste my time in combat zones with their bajillion rules. It's like a poor re-hash of a web-forum RP, except stricter.
  2. So you want the person banned from Second Life because they happened to enter your land (main, private)? Are you sure the information they provided was up to date? Either or the current age-group for Second Life is 16+, not 13
  3. Bryce, that is one of the unfortunate down-cast about Second-Life. Land-Barons are given golden-ties by LL, and unfortunately some have become piggish with power about it. There is no fairness or accountability Land-Owners are governed by unless it violates their terms of service with Linden Labs or/and Real-Life laws. They can make rules, and they can break them, they can ban for the little things or no reason at all. That does not mean one has to be a rug just because someone owns land. They are not infinite power, and those who have behaved this way continously have earned sooner or later,
  4. Second-Life can be daunting at first. I had the same problem when i first joined SL due to the amount of unfriendlyness/lack of help that was shown to new residents by older ones(who didn't mind bragging about their 1+ year of SL "status") i nearly quit twice (not just limited on hubs but also public parcels as well) as well as trying to figure out the menu and how things worked at the same time. As it is the owner's land there's really nothing that can be ''done'' no matter how ridicolous the rules are unless there's TOS violations. Other than that, don't bother giving these lands traffic(by
  5. From the recent merge it is known that teens now exsist in G/PG rated areas. I had the unfortunate experience of encountering a adult-material avatar standing in a McDonalds suit inside of Ahern. The avatar clearly had a A-rated piece on in the form of a male reproductive gentelia that was clearly in view that anyone could see. Upon confronting the nudity i received verbal harassment from the avatar, and dialouge that clearly decipated that the avatar had no interest in abiding to the "no nudity" policy governing all G/PG related areas, particularly in a teen-friendly area. The fact
  6. For those who have crafted a kid avvie, what tips do you have for customizing the Second Life avatar mesh into a decent looking child? Quality of both shape, hair, and clothing. From my experience i've seen many child avies who simply didn't have the right look because their clothes looked too old, or way to young for their height( including skin, child body but face of an adult...). What type of theme are you looking for your child avie? General cutness or a specific style?
  7. "Considering the fact zFire has threatened to make the alt list viewable on a website separate from Linden Lab, for payment via Paypal instead of L$, it's all the more reason to keep your IP out of his corrupt database." That in itself is an open-door for legal violations. Red-Zone is inappropriate due to both it's privacy issues and the fact that every-day, non-linden lab employees can go to this 3rd party website and have acess to IP adresses and alts of users using Second Life. Someone out there collecting/harvesting data about others and linking them back to their account-holder is ab
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