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  1. In simple words, Abuse Reports are useless. At least 3 people sent dozens of abuse reports about the same thing for months, nothing was done until now, no word, no nothing. Absolutly useless.
  2. Same thing here, i think search is essencial and should be in the basic mode too. Everyone has the need to search for something, and the if we want to keep the noobs in sl search is vital as they need to explore so that they realize that is world out there, not just a boring welcome area, and not all of them realize that there is as advanced option on their viewer, and not all of them will ask the mentors how to reach search, etc.
  3. You need to age verify first of all, then when it goes through just change your prefs
  4. It will be ready when its ready. The developpers are working their ass off to make it work and to get it right, i prefer to wait than to have a viewer full of bugs
  5. There are some prim feet shoes that have really to use match skin hud menus. i have a really odd skin colour and i managed to match perfectly. N-core is a really good shop, low lag shoes, just about 2 scripts per shoe maximum with all you need to resize, colour, and skin matching.
  6. You need the animations and a notecard with the name of the animations. Normally with your AO you have an example notecard so you know what to put where and how.
  7. Easy to use TP system at the landing point: http://slurl.com/secondlife/witchfest/78/113/701 For a limited period stores at Witches Island Mall have 25% discount., giving you a store from $75L a week. These are full stores not just market carts. This is a high traffic sim with many attractions and events to draw visitors to your new store. Minimum rental period is only 2 weeks Store prices $75L a week - 25 prims $150L a week - 50 prims $300L a week - 100 prims
  8. Try and call support, that would be my best bet.
  9. Forgot to put the items in display for sale. And the vendor were not ready yet... so wander why in the first few days i had no sales at all... duh giggles
  10. Try the phone support. Dont let it go until you have an answer, linden support is slow, but if you keep on their case you are more likely to be heard.
  11. Would be better to put a ticket in, because in the forums no one can help you. Just go to the support part of the website and file a ticket.
  12. Witches Island is looking for new tutors. If you think you can teach in a pagan community just contact me, We are looking for tutors in many occultt subjects, such a wicca, druidry, herbs, spell writting, meditation leaders, etc. If you feel like you are up to the job and would like to be part of a vibrant pagan comunnity just let me know. http://slurl.com/secondlife/witchfest/78/113/701 Thank you, Cath
  13. There is why there are Third Party Viewers. They are offcial, as they are approved by Linden Labs. I dont like V2, it just annoys me so i dont use it. Just stop being an idiot, and expect the lindens to do a job to fit your pc spec cos that is not gonna happen, and find a viewer that allows you to use SL in your current machine. People always come and go but i assure you that is not because V2 is light or heavy in their machines because there are third party viewers to fix that,, i would bet more in money and other unpopular actions LL made. Grow up and adapt yourself to the world you want to fit in, doesnt work the other way around mate, the world wont adapt to you.
  14. Buy limit???? Now that is a new thing.... What viewer are you using?
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