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  1. I was merely trying to protect myself from other people out there, not the lindens. I am paranoid a lot of the time so it just seemed like the best idea. And it's fine if you don't believe me, it really is. But I just thought I was doing the world a favor.
  2. I am quite true with my words. It's a shame you don't trust me but I guess you can't be to careful. n_n
  3. I don't know how they would know I sent them here. There is no UUID for them to track to see if people come from my thread. How would they know? Do I tell the people who go there to mention that Concerned sent them? No. I am here to merely get this information the the Lindens, considering no one else inworld would choose to hear my words.
  4. My apologies for my insults. Howver it's distressful for someone to be a bit to wiry on not believing this. But to each his own, like you said. And I know this is sort of traffic for them more or less, but I have not gotten a response to my ticket yet and all the lindens I try to add never accept. So you know, might as well let other people inform those who I cannot reach.
  5. You obviously have no knowledge of even the simplest of forms of stealing scripts. It's not nonsense, and they can easily steal any script they desire. Brushing aside warnings like these is what makes you ignorant.
  6. @Darrius For a long time scripts have been able to be stolen and opened through long exhausting hours of determination through hexing the item (script). I myself do not know how to hex and nor have I tried, but people have been doing it for years now. I'm sure people who were really good at what they do could build a client to steal scripts.
  7. Starting this thread because my ticket has gone unanswered for multiple days now. The link below shows a Private Version of a client that has the ability to copy items and fully perm the objects within the item. Scripts, animations, sounds and textures are all available to the users of this client. I just figured that since no one is paying attention to me, maybe you guys have some linden friends who can forward this. -------------------------------- link removed (due to people informing me this is already known) -------------------------------- This is also a new account solely created for the purpose of informing people. I do not feel safe and I am often paranoid. But please don't let that excuse the viewing of the link above. edit Please note that this is not just a regular copybotting client. This fully perms any item you export as an XML, and even sustains the original creators name for the item.
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