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  1. As many people have said, the sim owner makes the rules. They pay for their land and can do with it pretty much as they please. Not everyone is welcome everywhere. That being said I have a fondness for non human avatars, some of them quite strange indeed. Heck, I even went through a phase where my favorite avatar was a cured ham of all things and still was able to go almost everywhere and have a heck of a good time. If you get booted from a sim, go to another one. You will find plenty of great places to go and great people to hang with no matter if you are a Beast, a furry, a robot, or a giant fuzzy slipper. No matter how normal or strange you make your avatar, you will run into a place in which you are unwelcome or rub an estate owner the wrong way. It's just how the world works. Not everyone is going to like you. A quick review of your posts in this thread does point to another potential cause for your troubles. In my experience the vast majority of bans take place due to behavior and attitude instead of appearance. Yes, there are some themed sims that want to preserve a certain look or feel and will have a dress code of sorts but most places are pretty freewheeling... unless you are disruptive or otherwise cause problems and then you will be bounced from no end of places and it will have nothing to do with the avatar. Even now, SL is a big place and there are a lot of places to go. You can have fun or you can get your tail in a knot over being persecuted. Whatever strokes your fur, man.
  2. So many people have done exactly that, Ela. So many people are gone now. The "You don't have to be here. Leave if you don't like it." hasn't exactly done SL any favors and that culture of disregard is what is destroying SL. I will likely sign the new TOS since I no longer really create anything anymore... Whenever I actually get around to signing back into SL that is.
  3. If the followers are using a sensor one thing to try is to lure the followers up high enough that their sensors will no longer detect you on the surface and then teleport back down. This isn't absolutely guaranteed to work but I have used this technique to good effect before.
  4. Increased distribution is only worthwhile if the product can hold new customers. Right now I don't see SL doing that.
  5. I've been offline for awhile and was wondering what has changed in the past year or so? Any good places for someone to go or any new "must see" build out there?
  6. I think that a good question to ask yourself is what exactly do you want to do when you say you want a place to "live". With a little exploring and ingenuity there is probably a few places where you can (legitimately) do some or all of what you want to do with your own place for free. I am currently happily homeless and will only buy land again (or rent) when I either want to "play house" with someone or perhaps make a permanent or semi-permanent build. Otherwise I just drift quite contentedly.
  7. There are places one can go in SL to experience that sort of "realism" in varying degrees if one wishes and I think such a theme might be an interesting one for a roleplay sim but I think that such things being imposed on the residents across the board would not go over well at all.
  8. That's a good question. I recently went premium because I wanted a small parcel in order to park a few prims. Owning a parcel was a bit more stable than renting and the move made sense for me. In my opinion, "owning" "land" here in SL is the only reason to go premium that makes any sense. The premium sandboxes are nice though.
  9. Welcome to second life... lol Every now and then a tiny person gets a little bit of authority and something like this happens. Like others have said, it was a group tag from a recently joined group. Sims are individually owned and the owners or their designated officers can pretty much ban anyone they please for any reason that they please. Overly agressive banning is a recurring theme. Nothing you can do about it really and there is a fair chance you didn't really do something that bad from the sound of it. My advice is to not worry about it too much and find another place to hang out. You can always send a notecard to the owner of the sim politely (emphasis on the polite part) introducing yourself, explaining your situation, and requesting a lift of the ban. More often than not, the actual sim owners are fairly reasonable people who want people to spend time on their sims. There is a quite good chance that you will be let back in if for some reason you really want to go to that sim. That's a lot of effort though and SL is a big place. There are loads of places to go here and most folks are pretty welcoming and supportive. So don't worry about getting banned from one sim too much. From the sound of it, the person banning you may have been a bit of a jerk.
  10. Screaming "Why won't you work?" and a vague sense of disillusionment means that you are fitting in nicely! It's a lot like jumping into a cold swimming pool. Once the shock fades and you can breathe you will have a lovely swim. Don't focus on making a living at first. Wander around, have fun, meet people. There are loads of fun things to do.
  11. You can still file an AR.. Just be as complete as possible and file one each and every time it happens to you. If it is a privately owned sandbox (check "about land") You could try informing the owner of the sandbox what it happening. Be sure to be polite and consise in your communications.... you will get better results. Your best answer is that since it is a sandbox, there is little stopping you from taking your work elsewhere. SL is filled with sandboxes. Sometimes you have to go to a couple before you find a nice well-ordered, quiet place to work. Those new premium member only sandboxes are great places, if you are a premium member. (note to any long term form readers... Yes, I went premium. What? Don't look at me like that... ) If you aren't a premium member and can't or don't wish to become one, you can look around for sandboxes that have group membership requirements. Many of these are free to join and are better regulated and if you aren't a member (a griefer for example) you can't rez prims so their orbiters and the like don't work. There are other sandboxes that don't require group membership that are pretty well regulated and policed and these can be a wonderful place to work. It takes awhile to find a great sandbox. I recommend finding a number of nice ones and landmarking them so you can jump from one to the other since griefers and sandboxes are sort of like... (insert unseemly joke about a recurrent infection here) One good tip is when searching for sandboxes... scroll down several pages. Most people get the same result you do when they type "sandbox" so if you go down the list well past the first few results there is a good chance you will find one of these less crowded "best kept secret" sort of places. Yeah.. and calling out people by name in the forum will do you little good since it is against guidelines to do so, even if they are bleeping griefers. We aren't Lindens and really can't do anything directly about them. Good luck!
  12. I will resist the urge to tell you to swim upstream past the rapids and instead ask you to be a bit clearer. What birth place are you talking about?
  13. Welcome! I love the phrase "varying things". There is a lot of great content in there and loads of fun things to do. My advice? Explore and create a second life for yourself, not your business. This is a great place to spend some time, make some friends, create some fun toys, and generally mess about. This is not a great place to do anything business related. Things are too unstable and inconsistent, even now. You will go through all of the hard work and risk and pain to build up something that you are proud of only to watch as the capricious whim of the week wipes everything out. Don't get me wrong, this place is great... .for what it is... and as long as you don't treat it like what it isn't... you will have a great time.
  14. Short answer: Eeee! Don't do it! Long answer: This is an interesting one. Your "radio station" isn't based in SL. It's a RL internet stream. I don't think LL has any say as to what you do outside of this platform. Of course... LL can pretty much do what it wants and once you wade through all of the pretty language of the TOS it can be boiled down to "we can do whatever we want to whoever we want and you just have to take it if you want to 'play' here." That bit of the TOS, 11.4, is a prime example of how delightfully open-ended their wording is. If they "believe" you are an "unacceptable risk" then poof... you are gone... but it is so ill defined that it could be used on just about anything or anyone. I might have been impolite to a newbie once... was that an unacceptable risk? Or perhaps I walked around a welcome area wearing an outlandish avatar which might have made a bad first impression on some new membership... Is that an unacceptable risk? Or perhaps I decide to air an advertisement for another virtual world on internet media stream that could be accessible from within SL... Is that unacceptably risky? Well, the answer is of course that we don't know for sure. It will all depend on the particular Linden that handles the issue that particular time on that particular day and how they are feeling that moment and what they had for breakfast and whether or not they had a cup of coffee recently and how the sun is striking their monitor that particular second. We could debate the issue all day. I can see very valid points on both sides of the arguement. But all of that is meaningless since the TOS is so open ended and enforcement is so haphazard. I guess the question you have to ask yourself is this. "How will LL feel about this?" Because, as we all know, that is what will determine the result. If they don't like it, then it quite simply will not be allowed to happen. Personally I would love to see someone press this issue, take the risk, and set the precedent. I think it would be fascinating to see how it all played out. I certainly hope that whoever does try something like this isn't too attached to their SL or their business here though... I think everyone knows how it would most likely end.
  15. Premium only sandboxes are not a bad idea at all! I'm not one to shower LL with praise but that is a quite nice idea and not a bad perk at all. For established residents, crochety old pirmbags like myself, these might not be a big selling point. We already have nice quiet places to build and more swag than we know what to do with. For a new resident, just starting out, these will be a major perk and not really cost the lab that much to offer and maintain. Kudos, LL. I will doubtlessly get annoyed with you again but I think you did good here.
  16. I have to disagree with you. I like furries. Most interactions that I have with them have been quite pleasant. I think that it is a shame that someone would get bounced from somewhere just because they like being a furry. But despite that, I support the sim owner's right to run their sim the way they see fit. They pay the tier, they can be a jerk if they want to be. There are plenty of perfectly valid reasons to have a dress code or other restrictions on a sim that have nothing to do with being a jerk. Many others have brought those up. Whether or not there is a "valid" reason does not matter. The person who pays the tier makes the rules. These people are why there is a SL at all for the rest of us freeloaders. If you don't like their particular patch of SL, move on to the next. SL is a big place. You will find plenty of places that are furry friendly or just friendly in general. One can choose to focus on where they can go and have a fun time or they can choose to focus on those places where they can't. Now your call to end undue prejudice for furries is almost laudable. A call for open-mindedness would be welcome. Your call to ammend the TOS to impose open-mindedness is not. Invoking the constitution over "Furry Rights" is just laughable. Many people fought and died to make that constitution real. Many others paid the price to keep it alive. Still more suffered and died in the civil rights struggles that made the dream of true equality so much closer to becoming true. Because of their sacrifices, you aren't going to be herded up and tossed in a prision or executed because you choose to be different than the norm. I do apologize on their behalf that you still have to endure the occasional snub. If only they had done their jobs better, or worked a bit harder, or sacrificed more the freedoms we now enjoy would be complete enough to suit you.
  17. Document and abuse report. The key to a good AR is proper documentation. Screenshots, IM and chat logs, that sort of thing. Posting her name her really doesn't help much and will only escalate the problem further.
  18. I wouldn't quit RL for the sole purpose of playing SL but I would happily downgrade my RL to a free account if I could get away with it. Those membership and tier fees for RL are brutal.
  19. LL won't involve itself in disputes between residents. There are some good posts here about your other options. I would go with the DCMA angle...From what I hear, that will get content pulled and quickly. The absolute best thing to do is try to resolve this with the other resident involved. Did you work out exactly how the profits were going to be split and how? Was it going to be a weekly distribution, a monthly one? Were they going to divvy up the profits every day? While I do agree that you should have been kept in the loop, 4-5 days is really not long enough of a time for you to go and make an assumption that you are getting ripped off. It might have been that the other individual was operating under a different assumption on how the distribution was going to be tracked and made than you were. That is of course, before you accused them of theft and fraud and then publicly outed them on this board. Many people might be inclined to tell you to go pound sand after that sort of thing.
  20. How dare you show good humor or shower us with happy good vibes. This is serious business over here! You can't freely express yourself here like this! You have to do so in the proper format in the proper subsection of the proper forum and you should know this in advance before you ever post! The guidelines are clearly posted in a tiny little box that you should have known to click on and read before you dared to participate! jk... Gives you a cheerful happy wave. What a pleasant post to read first thing in the morning. Hope you have a happy day.
  21. This is something that we see from time to time. If you accidentally misoperate things and set a price on an object that you did not intend to and someone buys it for that price, it's a done deal. Sorry. There is nothing you can "officially" do about it now and LL won't involve themselves in a dispute over a transaction like this. You set the object for sale. It is a shame that one cannot set a price before setting an object for sale but that is the way that it is. Trying to price an object in a public setting like that was asking for trouble. Your only real recourse is to ask for the item back, but that is unlikely because the individiual who "bought" your horse was clearly being predatory. My recommendation would be to appeal to the owners of the parcel or of the auction or perhaps to the people involved with the I assume breedable horse? that was "stolen" (purchased). There may be a policy in place that addresses this sort of behavoir and you might be able to get the individual banned from those parcels or business in question. That might give you the leverage that you need to get back your property But sadly, there is nothing you can do other than that. Once an item is set for sale, it is set for sale and LL won't touch the issue. (though they really should change things so that you can set a price before setting an item for sale...seriously... that is sort of messed up. I mean, why do they have it like that? It makes issues like this pretty much inevetible.)
  22. This is the only Second Life (SL) going as of now. There is a basic mode for your viewer as others have put forward. People both here in this forum and in world are pretty helpful for the most part and if you ask for assistance with any one particular issue, then you will probably get some good help fairly quickly. There is a bit of a learning curve at first, but it is surprisingly easy to learn if you just dive in and start having fun. Instead of asking for some weak, watered-down virtual experience, why don't you let us know what in particular you need help with and we will be more than happy to help you out.
  23. Well... A Sim Owner can't force someone to alter their profile but they could ban someone from their sim because they did not like their profile. So if your question is can a sim owner magically force someone to change their profile, their clothing, or pretty much anything and everything else, the answer is no. But, if your question is can a sim owner tell someone to change their profile, clothing, or pretty much anything and everything else or they will ban them from their sim(s) and then ban someone if they don't make those changes, then the answer is yes. Either your friend needs to comply with the sim owner or find somewhere else to go. Personally, if it has already gotten to this point, your friend would probably be happiest if they simply moved on to greener pastures. There are plenty of places to go on the grid.
  24. Based on your overreactive original post and your subsequent postings on this thread, I can see exactly why a sim owner would boot your ass from their sim. You might not like it. But the owner of the sim gets to make the rules. It is their "property". Now, even though they own the sim and can pretty much run it as they see fit, they are still bound by the TOS. If they broke the TOS in how they treated you, then file an AR. Regardless of what nation you are from, if you are comparing the petty injustices that can result from running afoul of a sim owner or manager to gas chambers and the other atrocities that you bring up in this thread you have so little life experience and / or perspective as to make your statements completely without merit. For the record, If I was a sim owner and you started talking this line of crap you would be banned in about two seconds. I suspect that is exactly what happened to you in the sim in question, the one before that, and the one you will get kicked out of tomorrow. Don't worry, you can always hang out in a welcome area... or maybe a sandbox...
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