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  1. Charolotte Caxton wrote: Cabbage Acanthus wrote: Whether or not LL should do something involving the deceased account is one issue. I can see how it would be very easy for someone to grief someone by reporting them dead and then having their account placed in limbo. But, it would be a relatively simple matter for them to verify the story... I'm really not sure about that one. What I am sure about is that the way that this was handled by the customer service rep for LL was completely unforgivable.... "That resident would have to contact support." ... what the heck? Talk about a slap in the face.... They wonder why the never really took off like they thought that they would.... Unforgivable? They were only stating the facts. In order to cancel an account the account holder, or a legal representative, would have to contact them. Customer service does not have the time, resources or obligation to investigate every report of murder and or death. If you were to try to log in and found out your account was on hold pending the investigation as to whether or not you were deceased, you would probably be infuriated. I would. I stated that there were good issues for them not to alter the account in the first part of the post. What is unforgivable is them telling a grieving person that his dead friend should contact support. That was either someone completely not bothering to pay attention or someone actually baiting the OP. Either way, it was completely and totaly unforgivable. Customer support might not have the "the time, resources or obligation to investigate every report of murder and or death." but the do have the obligation to perhaps have just a scruple of human compassion or at the very least maybe read the freaking crib sheet before cutting and pasting the responses or perhaps think about what they are typing to another human being. Policy is policy but telling someone that their dead friend needs to contact customer support themselves is simply unacceptable. I welcome your feedback and appreciate your response but I would appreciate it if you would actually read what you are quoting.
  2. Marigold Devin wrote: Kolby Nissondorf wrote: One of my co-works, Lovejean Resident passed away this morning after her life was brutally taken. I contacted support regarding the incident asking them to disable her profile or account, and heres what the response was: Note that the last two lines were within 3 seconds of eachother right before the operator ended the chat. Not saying the Lindens arent helpful, but is this the proper way to act? -K I'm sorry to hear you've lost a valued friend, and you must be feeling quite raw emotionally over this, not least because it seems the Scout you spoke to on Live Chat seemed uncaring. It is up to the next of kin, though, to handle any outstanding affairs, and in their own good time, and the Linden employee was following procedure. As others have said in this thread, unless you are legally in charge of a person's personal affairs, there is nothing you can or should do. I've known of several people who have sadly passed away in real life, and their avatars still remain in SL, and it's rather lovely to have a kind of memorial to them in this form. I take great comfort from being able to re-read the profile of a deceased friend who helped me so much during my early days in SL, and who is greatly missed by their real life family. If you know of other friends in Second Life who will also be grieving for your lost friend, you should hold a special ceremony inworld at the Linden Memorial sim in a few week's time.  Whether or not LL should do something involving the deceased's account is one issue. I can see how it would be very easy for someone to grief someone by reporting them dead and then having their account placed in limbo. But, it would be a relatively simple matter for them to verify the story... I'm really not sure about that one. What I am sure about is that the way that this was handled by the customer service rep for LL was completely unforgivable.... "That resident would have to contact support." ... what the heck? Talk about a slap in the face.... They wonder why the never really took off like they thought that they would....
  3. LoveAngel covered the procedure pretty darn well. You need to do that because odds are the seller will never know that you did not get the item unless you tell them by sending them that notecard. Most sellers are pretty good about re-sending you an item if they can verify that they were indeed paid for it. They do that by checking their transaction history using the information you send them in that notecard. It's really helpful to send that notecard because (if they are doing well) the seller may have numerous tranactions to go through to find yours so if you let them know exactly when said transaction took place, it makes it easier for them to find it. Good luck!
  4. Regardless of whether or not this is legitimate, I would not do it. It's just a bad idea. There is no good reason why you should send a photocopy of your credit cards and ID's... No good will come of it. SL isn't worth that sort of risk. (and it's probably a scam anyway) Edited to add: Note that this is yet another person who thinks that this forum is an official linden one. To the OP, the responses you get here aren't from LL. They are from a peanut gallery of residents who are giving you their opinons. These are good opinions filled with good info most of the time, but they are still the opinion of an individual person who plays SL and is no more affiliated with LL than you are. See, the residents here are generally friendly and helpful to each other. LL decided to exploit that when they set this up. Dispite being turned in to free labor for LL, most of us still generally wish to help our fellow residents and pitch in here anyway. Well intentioned we might be, but we aren't representatives of LL and there is no real guarentee that anything we say is anything close to accurate, helpful, or even a remotely good idea. LL really should make that more clear when they direct people over here. Further edit: To clarify, employess of Linden Lab do indeed post here from time to time and what they say can be considered to be "official" They have the last name of "Linden" and are the only ones who do.
  5. Amethyst Oodles wrote: UGGGGHH! Is this LL's way of saying "We don't really care" ?? Yep. Actually we register so low that they don't even bother saying that they don't care. They just let you figure out that one for yourself. Your only real hope is to contact the creator of the item and ask them for help/replacement. I would not even waste my precious time on this earth trying to get real help out of LL. Just take what LL gives you and be happy with it. I think that worthless free accounts like us can file tickets on some issues, but to be honest, I haven't really looked into it because I can't really hope to get a better result than I did when I had a premium account and filed support tickets.
  6. oooohhh I would be careful about that. In one word.. No. But.. as long as you aren't selling the items and only using them for your own personal use, you will probably get away with it. Even so, you are asking for a load of problems if the wrong person sees it. I think you are better off getting a good graphics program and making some "The Little Merman" PJ's for your baby or perhaps "Mickey Marmoset" sheets. Don't mess with Disney... You don't want to run into Goofy and Donald when they are off duty and had a few too many.... Seriously.. they will mess you up. Edited to add: I reread your question and saw where it says you intend to sell the item in question... How can you possibly think that it would be legal to copy a trademarked copyrighted image and slap it on some crib you made and then sell it here? I know I'm not supposed to call people names here on the forum anymore and we are all trying to be polite but people like you make it very very hard for me not to say what I really really want to right about now....
  7. That stinks to high heaven. There is absolutely no way that any legitimate company should require that. Let me know if LL is actually requiring this. IMHO this is fraud, even if LL or one of their partners sanctioned it. If it isn't fraud now, it will be later.
  8. Consolidation is definitely needed.
  9. Deltango Vale wrote: That reminds me of a Facebook Teenager I met in Church. Afterward, I learned she was a Child Avi living in the Red Zone with a Vampire, a Fury and a Linden Moderator. Jesus, was I surprised! Yet while each of them had a different Religion (she being a devout Christian), they agreed that Forum Ranks were Wasted on a Newbie ESL'er who, having had too many prunes for lunch, was racking up points discussing her Talking Tummy in three different threads. I, on the other hand, was curious to know whether my friend was a Slave to Viewer 2, but the conversation switched to Merchants and whether money was really Breedable in Second Life. Woo! I think you got all the buzzwords in there! (applauds)
  10. Get them to say it again, cut and paste the conversation, especially the part where they mention the lindens, and AR them. Paste the chatlog where they are confessing, and report them. There is no faster way to get banned than to invoke the linden's name in vain. They don't tolerate that, even in jest.
  11. There are some great third party viewers out there. I recommend giving one of them a whirl.
  12. AR's are a bit of a crap shoot. LL's enforcement is rather inconsistant. When filing an AR, be as complete as possible. If there is local chat or IM harassment, then cut and paste it into the AR. Get good screenshots of any offenses when filing. And.. keep it up. Just because the last Linden blew off your AR doesn't mean the next one will. As others have said, if this is a private parcel, contact the sim owner. They can ban the jerk from their parcel. If all else fails, SL is a big place. Is there some reason that you have to place yourself in proximity to this individual? If not, you can always move on to the next spot.
  13. There isn't a LL enforced rule on that sort of thing. They don't get involved in transactions between residents in most cases. The best thing to do is to write a message to the creator detailing what problems you are having and to ask them for assistance or a refund. Be sure to include the exact date and time of your purchase which you can get by looking at your transaction history. Notecards are a great way to contact someone like a content creator because IM's will often not be delivered if they are offline. Just write your message on a notecard, save it to your inventory and then give it to the creator through their profile page. You could also try telling us what you bought and what problem you are having. If you are new, it might be that we may be able to assist you.
  14. I did not fill out your survey, for the reasons that Marianne McCann cited above. I did review it out of curiousity. I have a question. If you are so unfamiliar with something like SL, then why would you try to do a dissertation on it? You in fact freely admit that you know little of this place and yet you wish to base the next step in your academic career on expounding on a topic with which you have a stated ignorance. It would seem to me that making an avatar and spending a few weeks of your spare time immersing yourself into SL and getting out there in the grid and experiencing SL Policing, griefers, Abuse Reporting, and the like before crafting such a survey would make more than a little sense. It is clear from your questions that you don't have a lot of experience here. What are you trying to prove or disprove or otherwise state with the information that you are collecting with those seven questions? I fail to see how you can craft much of a dissertation with the resulting data. Is this part of a larger project? What are you going for here? Also, how are you going to quantify the data from the survey? You ask how effective we think something is and then just have a blank box to fill in with our response. How are you going to rank, "sorta effective", "They stink", "they are reeeely good", "they are moderately effective", and so on. Is "sorta effective" the same as "moderately effective"? Is "REeeely good" better than "really good"? What is the statistical significance of me adding an extra "very" to my statement? Is it more significant than me saying "with a cherry on top" at the end? Without a common point of reference, the same set of responses could be assigned completely different values resulting in completely different conclusions by different researchers. It seems that someone could interpet the rather open ended questions and answers in your survey to fit their already formed pre-conceived conclusion and that they are better suited to serving to promote a pre-set agenda academic or othrwise than yield any real insight into SL or anything else. I won't be assisting in this endeavor. Then again, with a set of questions that are so subjective, you really don't need my help. Just read the responses the way you wish to reach the conclusion that you have already made. Hey... you should keep an eye out for LL's next hiring phase. I think you are a better cultural fit here than first met the eye.
  15. Eryka Caramel wrote: I paid for 2 scripts to be custom made and after hearing the man cry he had no food to eat RL I paid him upfront after that he refused to do the scripts and his friend threaten me that if I took this to LL he would tell 3000 Scripters not to do business with me. I sent LL 2 abuse reports and want to know if I can start a group and a magazine to warn people of these types of scams Well, You might not be on the best footing if you form a group with the express purpose of badmouthing another resident, regardless of how justified it is. You would have to be very careful with your wording as to not break the TOS yourself, it would have rather limited effect since most people would dismiss your "warning" as just some inter-personal drama, and you would open yourself to similiar actions by the person who wronged you in the first place. I think you would just be opening a big ol' can of worms and in the end find it all to be far more trouble than it's worth. Don't try to out grief a griefer unless you really are up for it. As far as this particular incident goes... I find "sob stories" like the ones that the alleged perp regaled you with are more the providence of beggars and con-artists than professionals. You should have been wary from the start. You can't really orginize more than a handful of scripters without one of them wandering off (they are worse than an herd of cats)... This guy claiming that he has influence over a group of 3000 of them is about as factual as his sob stories. I wouldn't worry about that. If your lindens are good, then someone will sell you whatever. He is probably talking about one of the scripting groups. If I were you, I would call his bluff, tell him that you reported him and then join some of the bigger scripting groups to see if he does indeed call you out by name. Then... report his butt again to both the group and to LL. When filing abuse reports, be sure to include as much documentation as you can. You can't post chat logs publicly, but you sure as heck can attach them to an AR. Post a log of the threats and send it in to LL. Odds are nothing will be done, the enforcement of the TOS is so inconsistant as to be considered a joke, but you never know. Perhaps the right Linden will read it at the right time and their whim will favor you. So... Just curious, what did you want made and how much did you pay for it? How much did he take you for?
  16. If you aren't in the group that owns the land or has land management rights then no, you cannot remove the builds directly. Your only recourse is to appeal to the owners/managers of the parcel. Now, if the offending builds are actually illegal or othewise violate the TOS or ratings guidelines then you can always try an abuse report.
  17. If you read the TOS you will see that you agreed to a "contract" that pretty much says that they can do whatever they want and tough cheese. They phrased it nicer than that, of course, but that is pretty much the gist of it.
  18. If you really want to fix your ex'es little red wagon, file an abuse report including the parts where he said that the information that he received was verified by a linden and that he paid a Linden for the info. LL is really touchy about that sort of thing and if you send the IM / e-mail logs to them, they might find it really interesting. There is no faster path to the banhammer than pretending to be a Linden or claiming Linden support of something or pretty much taking their name in vain in general. It would depend on the particulars of exactly what he said, of course, but I would AR his foolishness.
  19. You can get banned with a mouse click for any reason the sim owner or manager wants to ban you over. Your only recourse is the managers of the sim you got banned from. Contact them. I recommend trying a polite reasonable tone when doing so. It seems to work better.
  20. MoiselleErin Teardrop wrote: (snip) On an extended note - what is up with people in GENERAL, sl or rl, who feel the need to brag about their money? I think the biggest attraction for those who brag about their SL wealth is the fact that just about anyone can. People can throw around ten or twenty dollars and feel like a big shot. If they showed off their "Pile of Washingtons" RL they would get laughed out of the room. Another part of people playing out their dreams in this fantasy world. I guess "RPing" a rich person makes about as much sense as pretending to be anything else even if I don't really get it.
  21. While corruption exists in many forms at all levels in a surprising number of organizations, you were probably fed a line of crap. It would (probably) take many many hours of work to put together the information that your ex says is available. Corrupt people are usually lazy or at the very least would charge an hourly rate equal to or greater than their "honest" wage. It would be really expensive to get it. You are also paying someone to risk a steady job in this economy. Again, that's gonna be expensive. Everyone has their price, but unless this "data administrator" is a complete and total moron, the price for this fictional service would be prohibitive for just about anyone. If your ex has that sort of money to throw around over a virtual relationship, you might want to consider reconciling with him. Millionaires are hard to come by and you might want to consider keeping him at least until your next rezday.
  22. Qie Niangao wrote: The "stick" may sound useful, but if fear of the stick is driving people to avoid the carrots, there's a problem. (snip) I agree with Qie. Yes, LL has the right to use this particular "stick" to get people to pay, but they offer no real "carrot" for being premium in the first place. As it stands now, premium membership is far more of a liability than it is an asset. While LL does have the "right" to have and enforce the policies that they do, any business has the right to run itself into the ground due to bad business decisions and poor customer service.
  23. There is no real standard when it comes to abuse of the TOS. LL handles it on a case-by-case basis with absolutely no transparency. They are inconsistent to the point of appearing random in their enforcement. It really depends on who is reviewing the case and how they feel the exact second they review it. There is no real way to guess how it is going to turn out each time. A repeat offender who gets reported often enough will eventually run into consequences, but even that seems to be not assured. To answer the second part, all you can do is report it. If you have good reason to believe what you believe, document it and report it anyway. It will probably not do a darn thing but it is all you can do.
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