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  1. I would advise against selling your sole to the devil. It wil be very hard to enjoy that new skateboard if you do.
  2. I hate to say it but this issue is just between you and that business owner. LL won't get involved unless you can find a violation of the TOS, as others have said. If you became an annoyance great enough (as you seem to indicate) for her to ban you, then you are banned. There is nothing anyone besides the person that banned you can do to change that. If she is a successful business owner and you were thowing around enough lindens to rate a 30,000 linden bonus then she will probably welcome you and your lindens back if you give her any indication that you will be less of a pain in the future. Just send her a notecard politely explaining how much you pay her and a polite request to be let back to the gaming machines. Privately, if you are spending that kind of money on the sort of games that are "legal" here in SL, why don't you just take yourself over to one of the online gambling sites because that is what you are doing, gambling. There are better, more entertaining games, and their games are probably less likely to malfunction since they are not tied to the crapshoot that is SL's stability these days. Or, if you are spending so much that you are getting a payback of what.. around 120 USD or so you must be really throwing down the cash. Save it up for a little bit and head over to Vegas (or whatever is its twin wherever you live). You will have a MUCH better time. The person that banned you probably did you a favor.
  3. Y'know... some might say that if they focused on the quality of service rather than the quantity of sparkley new features, they might be in a better position than they are now.
  4. There is no official way to do that. You could try asking around to see if some resident would be willing to do a trade but it would be a bit "shady" to say the least and you would have no recourse if something went amiss. Also, you should carefully review the TOS for both LL and IMVU to be sure that you were not setting yourself up for problems later.
  5. He can't ban you from SL. All he can do is eject you from his "land". Depending on the threats he is making, you can always make a copy of the IM log and include it in an abuse report yourself. If he is saying that he has any official capacity to ban you from all of SL or that he somehow represents LL or the Lindens, abuse report him. LL does not care for people pretending to be them. It's one of the fastest ways to get one's account pulled. Odds are, unless he specifically said that he was going to ban you from all of SL he probably meant that he was banning you from his parcel. Don't worry about that too much.
  6. It's a lovely idea, but the devil's in the details. I don't forsee LL doing anything about this anytime soon. I do like the idea a great deal but...
  7. /me realizes that he is the reason that SL is so laggy and very slowly walks away crying resizable bling laden tears.
  8. Try right clicking, selecting "edit" and then do a click and drag around the object and see if you can possibly snare the rezzer as well. Then delete all selected items... worth a shot...
  9. Marigold Devin wrote: Again, I say ... and we can hope LL "do the right thing", whatever that may be. (smiley - wry smile). What do you think the "right thing" is concerning this situation. Should LL change their policy or simply turn a blind eye? For the record, I do agree with you if you believe that 17 year olds should be allowed to participate in a WWII RP. Heck, there were no lack of RL 17 year olds in WWII and many other armed conflicts even today. Based on your previous statements you seem to have no problem with teens engaging in violent RP. There is nothing wrong with that belief. A 16 or 17 year old most likely is more than mature enough in my opinion. LL seems to disagree, based on their maturity ratings. You seem to imply that we as a community should turn a blind eye to this sort of thing as you have and allow this violation to go unreported. That would be the easiest thing to do, certainly. Just let it slide and more than likely it would never be addressed. LL can have their fluffy look-good, feel-good rule and we can all just ignore it and carry on with our business. If some jerk objects, they can AR it and LL can "do the right thing, whatever that may be" (nudge-nudge wink wink wry smile). I'm sure that many people have no problem with this. Anyone who does is most likely already migrated away from general lands so this is pretty much the definition of moot. I don't really have a problem with it either since teens can't (officially) RP where I do so there is no way that any place that I have invested the time, energy, and lindens required to really get into a RP "world" will run into trouble as a result of this situation.  I am not entirely satisfied by an ambiguious statement or two and a wry smile. What do you really think? Should violent content be rated such that minors can't effectively participate in RP and other combat games or should teens be allowed to access violent content here in SL? You can of course repeat your vague statement and give us another wry smile if you want to, but I would really like to know what you really feel about this issue.
  10. I got a good chuckle out of this. Don't worry, just because you are an animal lover IRL does not mean that you couldn't enjoy a bit of meeroo carnage ISL.
  11. I think you have to contact support in order to abandon an estate. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Private-Regions/ta-p/700133 In that article, there is this paragraph: Transferring or canceling Private Region ownership You have a couple of options: You may transfer ownership of the Private Region to another Resident. This requires both you and the buyer to enter Support tickets with certain details about the transaction. See the Private Region Transfer FAQ for more details on the transfer process, cost, and timeframe. You may abandon your Private Region to Linden Lab. There is no fee to do so. No refunds will be given, and you will have the use of your region until the end of the current billing cycle. You need to notify the Concierge staff of your intention by submitting a ticket.Go to the Support Portal and click New Ticket Submission. In the Ticket Type dropdown, select Land and Region Issues. In the Region Request dropdown, select Region Cancellation Request. Fill out the requested details, and at the bottom, click Finish to submit the ticket. You can see billing dates and fees for all of your Private Regions at the Land Portal. If your Private Region fees are invoiced, you can see the date your billing cycle ends by logging into your Netsuite account. Edited to add: Oops, I cut and pasted the wrong section. Below is the part pertaining to estates: Transferring or canceling an estate It is possible to transfer an estate by transferring all Private Regions in the estate to another Resident. For details on transferring Private Regions, see the Private Regions Transfer FAQ. If you would like to terminate ownership of an estate without transferring it, please contact Linden Lab with your Second Life name and the name of your estate.
  12. I get where you are coming from... But whenever there is a rule there will be people who like to see how far they can push that rule. Many other posters have put forward some possible alternative scenarios besides thinly veiled ageplay. In the attempt to stamp out ageplay, we must be careful not to tread on freedom of expression. Should we have a minimum height for an adult avatar? Should we have a regulated boob/height ratio written into the TOS? Should we write in a mandatory dress code? I understand and share your distaste for these questionable avatars. I think that as long as they aren't blatantly sexual age-playing, the steps necessary to remove them are a bit worse than the problem. I think that regulating them should fall to the club/estate owner.
  13. Even if you do manage to "rid the world" of this one griefer, a dozen more will pop up to take his place. One of that new dozen will be the same griefer with a new account and MAC and IP address. Just set your autoreturn settings where they should be and keep an eye on your holdings like you should have already been doing.
  14. You do get everything that people have said, you do get additional support, a stipend, and the ability to purchase land. You also gain some liability. If you buy more land than 512 squ meters you will have to pay a monthly fee for it. This fee has to be paid in RL money, not lindens. If you fail to do so, your account and everything in it gets frozen. (you get locked out of your account) Also, if you let your membership lapse without manually downgrading it to a basic membership, your account will be frozen. There are some benefits to getting a premium membership but if you get one be sure to pay your bills or say goodbye to your account and everything in it.
  15. Marigold Devin wrote: "I have a question. In the areas where those minors are role playing, is there any combat of any type taking place? Any description or depiction of serious injury? Does anyone "die" or perhaps wind up rendered unconscious in a pool of blood? Are any references at all to anything remotely considered mature subject matter in that RP?"  One is involved in WWII style roleplay, which depicts no more and no less than we were taught about during high school. From what I am told, on the rare occasions my younger friends tell me of particularly good roleplay sessions, it sounds like nothing worse than what can be seen on early evening world news is depicted/acted out. To be honest, though (and not that my opinion really matters a jot), I get tired of all the contradictions in SL to be honest. But then it's the same out in real life, we have certain TV shows that must be aired after the 9pm watershed, but somehow a different rule seems to apply to certain cable channels which are showing repeats of the same programme during the early afternoon. Grand Theft Auto was banned in UK for being too graphic and violent, but now it is for sale to over-18s, but you know as well as I that under-18s must be accessing/playing it (although NOT in my house!!) Same in SL. But in SL, I guess we have the AR system, where if we think something is inappropriately adult and there are minors involved, and we can hope LL "do the right thing", whatever that may be. (smiley - wry smile) If it is a WWII roleplay, unless it takes place entirely on the home front, then it is more than likely against the ratings guidelines. Bear in mind that any violent content, even if it is not photorealistic is Adult by LL's standards regardless if the same content is taught in schools or not. Again, I think this is complete foolishness and the ratings standards should be ammended to allow combat RP areas in general rated areas. But, as it is written now, the sim owner is committing a violation of the maturity ratings if there is any violent content especially depictions of " death, torture, dismemberment or other severe bodily harm, whether or not photo-realistic." It does not matter if almost every videogame or high school textbook for that matter has the same content, here in SL such things are clearly defined as adult content. It would be best for LL to carefully consider the situation and make some reasonable adjustments so that teens could participate in some RP here in SL. If previous experience is any indication however, they will just keep the silly unworkable rule in effect because it looks nice and then not bother to consistantly enforce their own rules.
  16. My advice is to not worry about it and just dive in. Everybody is a little lost at first. Just have fun. There are a few places that are great for a new resident to check out. NCI and The Shelter both come to mind. There are others too I'm sure. Most people will be helpful if you politely ask a question or two. You've discovered the forums and we are a good source of info. We will need a bit more to work with than your current question. Pick one thing you want to ask about at a time and post away. Have fun and good luck.
  17. There isn't much you can do to "prevent" such abuses. The only thing you can do is be vigilent and when you see a violation, report it. Sadly the same repeat offenders will repeat the same offense. Even if they get banned, these criminals can usually get back online with a new account and go right back to the same sort of content theft. All you can do is file, file, file and file again. Sorry.
  18. I hate to say it, but paying jobs for newcomers are virtually nonexistant. Considering the pay that is offered, someone is almost always better off expending the time and effort RL to get RL money and then use that to buy lindens. Unless for some reason you would have difficulty buying lindens, (credit card, other payment issues, privacy concerns, etc) you will be much happier just getting some overtime or doing some side jobs RL. If for whatever reason, inworld employment is something that you want or need to do, the other posters on this thread make some good suggestions.
  19. Marigold Devin wrote: Ishy Wingtips wrote: It's been several months since the grid merge. I'm curious to know, how drastically has your Second Life experience changed? If there have been any changes, please let me know. Also let me know if you're an adult or a teen, of course... I think there's probably a vast difference of change between the two demographics. An excellent time to pose this question, I think. There were so many "panic" threads regarding the merge, and on the whole I don't think much appears to have changed. I live a (mostly) PG existence, and have two 17 year olds now on my friends list. Both are more into roleplay than most of my (older) SL friends, and they seem to both be very intelligent lads. And both act much more adult than the (albeit few) forum folks who have a reputation for throwing their virtual dolls out of the pram!!! I don't worry about the "legal" aspect of whether it is PC to mix with teens, although I might worry slightly if my partner inworld turns out to be a minor!!!!! As I say, I live a (mostly) PG existence.  I have a question. In the areas where those minors are role playing, is there any combat of any type taking place? Any description or depiction of serious injury? Does anyone "die" or perhaps wind up rendered unconscious in a pool of blood? Are any references at all to anything remotely considered mature subject matter in that RP? I refer you to http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Maturity-ratings/ta-p/700119 Personally, I think that it is complete nonsense, but the way this is written, any combat RP should be rated as "adult". Any sim that has combat and allows teens is in violation of the maturity ratings. This is stupid, of course, and I would love to see these ratings changed to be more in keeping with the rest of the gaming world but as written, this is how it is.
  20. Suella Ember wrote: Hasn't changed in the slightest, as I knew it wouldn't. /me is still waiting for the mass of child protection related lawsuits she saw a few people predicting with certainty when the merge was announced! :smileyindifferent: It has only been a few months. It will only take one incident to cause problems. The fact that it has not happend in the first two dozen weeks or so does not mean that much. When we have gone ten times as long without a problem, I might be pursuaded to believe that my concerns were unfounded. Until then, I and my lindens will remain in mature and adult areas, preferably where age-verification is required. I have found that sticking to the mature and adult areas of SL has not been inconvenient in the slightest. There is little reason for me to venture back into PG areas. From what I hear on this forum and elsewhere, it seems that there is little reason for the teens to do so either.
  21. What viewer are you using? The TOS glitch seems to affect one viewer or another from time to time. Download and install another one to accept the TOS and then use whatever viewer you wish to after that.
  22. You do realize that this "problem" is entirely of your own making, right?
  23. I am sorry that you are running into issues. However, I am a bit surprised that you've been here since 2005 and are only now realizing how little regard LL has for any of us, regardless of our account type. A lot of people have unrealistic expectations as far as SL and LL go. They expect to receive things like support, and customer service and all other sorts of things that LL really has never provided terribly well. If I buy a pig and then get upset because it won't fly, is it the pig's fault or mine? Just enjoy your little piggie as long as it is fun and when it isn't take it to market.
  24. You obviously have a copy of the chatlog. Good. Cut and paste what you have into an abuse report and send it up. You might look into the RL laws where you reside and seek RL advice on how to proceed otherwise. They are probably just full of it and your best option is to AR and mute.
  25. My bet is that this will end badly. Then again, a lot of things end badly. As long as you can see the eventual train-wreck coming and you are cool with it, play on.
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