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  1. After further evaluation, i am not going to use any systems and just do it the old fashion way.
  2. Just thought i'd ask is all.
  3. Well might have to go that route.
  4. If anybody else knows anything else or has other recommendations, feel free to post!
  5. zyf444e668

    Shared Ban System?

    I am curious if anyone has ever made a system which makes bans the same for multiple parcels? Like if my neighbor bans a troublesome griefer and both of our lists has too many people to know who gets banned and no communication is brought, then my parcel will have the person banned automatically so i don't have to.
  6. I never sign up anywhere with fake info. That's identity fraud/theft and illegal. >.> I am truthful with my information i share. There could be many reasons why i am having issues with these things. I prefer not to mention it cause it is personal.
  7. UPDATE: Apparently I had the password saved somewhere. But i will try what Chin said from now on.
  8. I should do that really, but i keep forgetting. I need to make a reminder somehow to do that.
  9. I make Secondlife alt accounts. I use them for fun or for chat bot measures. Thing is everytime i do, i forget the security question answer. I never write it down. As a result i end up getting the accounts locked. I have one that is currently needing password reset but i end up getting it locked. I filed a LL ticket and they want the answer to the question which i obviously forgot....so i just put my best guess... I am tired of this. Now my alt account is going to remain inactive and I will never log into it. Ugg.
  10. I am ok with this. I made a mistake trying to sign up for it.
  11. I called SL tech support. I was on the billing line and asked about this. The rep told me that he has never heard of anyone getting their accounts in trouble for not filling out the Tilia form correctly. I am assured the only thing will happen is I just won't be able to transfer money to the PayPal account. But as a precautionary measure i issued a ticket to be asked to be removed from Tilia completely.
  12. So i was going to transfer my lindens dollars to my mom's paypal account. She gave me authorization for this. As i tried Tilia asked me for personal information such as my SSN. Then i got a ticket from Linden Labs asking for more information. The information they ask i Do not have any documents of. Attach a Proof of Identity to this Ticket Please submit a color photo ID that includes your full name and date of birth. Please ensure that all four corners of your ID are displayed, and that the text on the image is fully legible. Please be sure to avoid glare and obstruct
  13. Watching that is like a never ending battle of US sending threats to foreign countries, to the foreign countries sending back threats to the US.
  14. I was unable to login and I am in the US actually. Might be a grid wide problem, but it happens ya know?
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