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  1. Watching that is like a never ending battle of US sending threats to foreign countries, to the foreign countries sending back threats to the US.
  2. I was unable to login and I am in the US actually. Might be a grid wide problem, but it happens ya know?
  3. Well I have a parcel that some times gets griefers and trolls.When it gets bad it gets locked down to group only.I got complaints from several folk that they cannot enter the region due to not being in the group.So i add them to the Allowed Residents list since i didn't trust them being in the group.Next thing i know my staff saw it a issue and when i mentioned it's me doing it, i get told the Allowed Access List is the next step for staffing the land or whatever.I want to know, is the allowed residents list there so people can be put on there when the area is on lockdown, or is it for that but also gives them a chance to do something like allow others to the access list?Does the people on the list get extra privileges or just only allowed in at all costs?
  4. Never mind!Turns out my friend forgot to check the ratings she is allowed to visit!
  5. I have a friend who just join Secondlife recently. I am renting a parcel owned by Blanxi Estates and I have it checked to where anyone can visit the land.I tried inviting my friend but i get a message saying, "The Resident cannot visit this region.".I do not understand how or why they cannot visit especially since i put them on the allowed list and they are not banned. HELP!
  6. I am using the Singularity Viewer (64 bit) 1.8.6 (6157) Feb 26 2015 19:38:50.I used to be able to do the volume derendering key (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+9) key and everything disappears.Now it does nothing.It could be because i switched from Firestorm to Singularity and Firestorm was able to work the keystroke.
  7. ahh cool!That makes so much sense now!I will work with that as soon as i can and get back to you on my discovery.
  8. Ok i need a little help with it.It isn't rezzing them beside the box/crate.Moreso away from it.The script works but not the way i want it to because i haven't fully edited it and i need help with that.
  9. I am creating a crate that rezzes objects.You see when it rezzes the object it will rez 10 of them side by side right next to the crate.I want to know how to do this.It is complicated for a guy who cannot script anything!
  10. I wish to sell some items not present in the marketplace.So i tried to create a store.But when i do i get "Not all conditions are met, please see below." and i have checked the box and clicked continue a lot.It still won't let me go through.Why not?
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