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  1. Or more appropriately in "The Vanity Thread" in Your Avatar.
  2. Firstly, please do not make statements saying something has been 'clinically proven' unless you are going to provide the specific links to this miraculous research. Primarily because the phrase 'clinically proven' is itself meaningless. Secondly, the Law does acknowledge emotional abuse. It doesn't matter how much you stamp your feet to say it doesn't, it actually does. And in practise the prosecutor and judge will take into account its severity if guilt is proven in court. Lastly, that you state you don't care about how its named is precisely the point of the article referenced by the OP. You are more concerned about what you believe your virtual experience entitles you to believe and totally disregard the realities of the real world, where professionals in Law endeavour to define these types of things. It is not the victims choice. It isn't about having your own personal emotional experience validated simply because you believe you have the right to. A person who presents with claims that 'I feel like I have been raped" after an encounter in a virtual environment needs counselling to make them understand that what they are 1. unable to understand their own emotions and 2. that they are having difficulties in attribution. That someone would make these types of claims indicates attention seeking behaviour, and that they are looking for sympathy and validation for some perceived wrong that they believe or have convinced themselves has been done to them. To conflate the experience of actual rape with any type of emotional harassment or abuse that may occur on-line is insulting. I will reiterate, rape requires physical contact. There is no such thing in reality as virtual rape, or emotional rape. There never will be. So yes, you are having trouble understanding.
  3. C'mon Morgan. Are you being willfully obtuse here or is there a problem with English you are having trouble with? The physical nature of the act is what defines rape. As there is no physical contact between parties in a virtual environment, or there is no physical contact between parties in the real world, rape is just not possible. It is an assault, and assault requires physical contact. Everything else is either emotional abuse or sexual harassment.
  4. Everyone will pleased to know that in the Answers thread the OP has admitted to Rolig that, yes, she does need to rethink her methodology and that she worded the OP wrong, ie her Operational Definitions need to be tightened up. As was pointed out to her on a previous page, which she refuted. It should also be brought to everyone's attention that the Journal Cahiers de Psychologie Clinique, where the article in question in which the OP took their inspiration for this 'research' does NOT require peer review and only "may" consult with members of the scientific community. Further, the article in question is not a research study but merely an opinion piece in a collection of similar articles on identity and virtual worlds. Any references to Adam in the article do NOT come close to the accepted scholarly presentation of a Case Study. I suggest the OP go back to their Advisor, she of the PhD who green lighted this farce, decline to have her as their advisor and find someone with more methodological acumen. To the OP, I'm sorry, I am not available in case you were thinking of asking. You could do a helluva lot worse, and did.
  5. I know right. Sloppy referencing, -2 on the grade. LOL I am betting it won't be from an APA Journal.
  6. This is the first mention on search of the possible articles the OP is talking about. From 2007 lol https://www.wired.com/2007/05/sexdrive-0504/
  7. Are you sure you posted the article and the journal it came from? Not that that really matters at this point. You might think about changing the title of your research to something like. 'Exercises in futility; Ridiculous notions of ridiculous research projects undertaken on ridiculous topics in ridiculous computer environments'
  8. What personal info will you hope to have on the participants of your research? Go and talk to your advisor.
  9. LMFAO I did read the entire thread. Post the article. You do not know anything about me. Therefore you do not realize the grievous error you have made in judging me. LMAO! ETA Given that, how the hell do you intend to be able to ever interpret your findings for veracity? LOL
  10. What fact? If your patient seems to be unable to differentiate between reality, ie rape, and a computer program, then which direction do you think the therapy should take?
  11. No, they are not. Otherwise you would not be running into the problems you are here in this thread. If I were your thesis advisor we would be having long talk about your choices here.
  12. Come back when you have your Methodology worked out and have tightened up you Operational Definitions. ETA depictions of violence
  13. QFT you contrarian flamer. As per your second paragraph, "These days"? I suppose you missed the week long hassle I had a couple years ago, oh hell the ongoing battle for the last 7 years or more over the definition of flaming as well as other interpretive issues, and my attempts to have someone held accountable. Plus ca change... I saw your recent lament about your communications regarding your suspension, I could have saved you some time, although you had nothing better to do as you were serving your suspension, but there is no way to appeal here. The epiphanies of others are an endless source of amusement to me. Thank you, and welcome to my world. lol
  14. But Phil, if you a re member of Bar but don't practise does that mean you are no longer a lawyer? Face it, you are one of those 'active' Bloodliners who are such a pain in the neck.
  15. Go back?? But you have brought it here. You are the very embodiment of Reddit. Pseudo-intellectual, deluded sense of superiority, spewing inappropriate theory from Economics 101 while attending some online diploma mill and then when confronted, resorting to name calling and intolerance. You are so completely lacking in self awareness and insight that you fail to see that all your condemnations of others are actually self referential. That is what makes you so laughable. And all your vacuous posts regarding SL and business, or everything else for that matter, so ridiculous. Let me put it all in terms you will recognize, STFU GTFO and DIAF. Imbecile <spits>
  16. So, not only are you a Business buffoon you are also an ineffectual parent. Do continue to post, I never tire of seeing individuals make fools of themselves.
  17. I hope you are overclocking that 6850k. Will it hit 4.5? Even so, and has been pointed out numerous times, SL does not utilize the power of your hardware. Nor does it necessarily improve with your internet speeds. Otherwise my 150MB/s connection should be getting me 1000 fps or more. lol Bottom line is that it will always remain that way as Lillith says LL are not interested in doing anything to alter the way things are now. I'm off now to take Roach for a gallop through Toussaint, its beautiful there this time of year in 4K maxxed @ 100fps.. lol
  18. I was at a Meeroo auction and some nests go for 200K or more. Many regularly sell for 25K or more. Not sure about other breadables. Or did years go. Haven't done that for a long time so market may be different now.
  19. No Phil, it isn't the same thing. The fact that you chose the word 'feel 'as opposed to 'see' is important. Not to mention referring to it as a 'need' as well. Very telling indeed.
  20. Naw that isn't rude. Merely a simple statement of the OP's overestimation of their ability. Again, I can supply more accurate examples of rude if you desire. When you begin a post with 'I feel the need to step in here.', you are posting from emotionality. Though the post itself may be logical the motivation is still emotion based, which is what I meant. ETA It has been a long while since I have seen the cancer reference used here in regard to a poster. Not since I likened someones presence here in the forums as such and metastisizing throughout and if you know who I am referring to then you will see that the OP's use of the term is beyond hyperbole in regard to Tari by comparison. lol
  21. Really Phil? Tari's first post to the OP was anything but 'heavy', and was inclusive of the OP's other threads here trying to find a way to make money. The OP's reply to Tari was inappropriate in its ignorance and callous dismissal of not only her but others here who have made some valid points about the OP's lack of a comprehensible understanding of business in general and starting a business here in SL referring to them as 'cancerous' to which Tari then used the term 'butthurt'. Further on someone suggested the OP was a 'tool' and even that was kinder than what I would have said of them. Try not to succumb to the "need" to respond based on emotionality.
  22. Obviously Tari's opinion means more to you than you care to admit. Would you like me to provide you with a more accurate characterization of you than you have of Tari?
  23. Really? You need to ask why Yardley doesn't get treated the same as others?
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