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  1. At this point in my career here just about anything gets me a warning or a ban.
  2. The Search/Nav bar is too translucent and should be easier to identify. It is hard to see the buttons for Forum, KnowledgeBase, Answers etc. Especially important that new people be able to see the Answers button to avoid posting silly questions in the GD section.
  3. Hey Phil I just liked your post to improve your rep. Send cash to .... ETA I see my own warnings on my profile page and have not seen anyone else's yet. Am I the only bad boy here? Or are they not public?
  4. LinuxGod4u wrote: I have just taken up Forum "Gurus" patterns. Luckily there was a man born by the name of Steve Jobs who made it possible for many of you to own a Winduxe PC. The only one I feel "indebted" to is the late Mr. Jobs whose organization Apple brought enough competition to Microsux, so as to keep boxed pcs, etc within affordable price ranges. ALL of us in this Forum combined would NOT of made a freckle on Mr. Jobs' left buttock. Phil if you read the link I gave you Microsux played no part in the initial development of "Unix" AKA Linux. Now please excuse it has been entertaining, but I am going to see if there are any questions I can accurately answer here. ALL of you have a great day! I ammm "I Relish Simplicity" If you are addressing Phil why are you replying to me? You might want to learn how to use the forum UI before you go dispensing your version accurate information to the unsuspecting to their impending misfortune.
  5. Marigold Devin wrote: Phil Deakins wrote: LinuxGod4u wrote: Now on top of it all you are re-writing history to match your opinions too. I had a Forum "resident" tell me I had offended Forum Gurus. I have yet to see any really. What does infuriate many of you is the fact you have not a clue how to use, nor even setup Linux, so instead name call it & ridicule me for using it. "If it was not for Windozze M$ there be no Linux." Is that intended to quote me? If it is, you really do need to learn to read properly. What I actually said was that Linux was written for the PC, after IBM's blunders that allowed Microsoft to sell DOS (that was created specifically for the PC) to third parties, thus causing the competion that caused cheap PCs. Windows never came into it. You do remember DOS, don't you? It preceded Windows by roughly 10 years. The things you write give the impression that you are relatively new to the computing world. It sounds like you don't know anything of what happened before Windows. So to correct your hastily misremembered quote, if it was not for PCs, together with IBM's blunders and Bill Gates' action, there be no Linux. Although that's not exactly what I said. I simply said the Linux was written for the PC. I hope that clears it up for you. Now a comment about your performance that I have seen in this forum. You do seem to have a huge chip on your shoulder about Windows being more widely used than Linux, and you do seem to imagine that those who aren't particularly interested in Linux are against you personally. They are not. People here have no interest in what operating system anyone uses. You probably feel the way you do because, as a Linux user, you are in a natural minority, and you feel that most other people are against you. Nobody is - not for championing Linux, anyway. Your avatar name will undoubtedly cause some people, including me, to form an opinion of you, but that was your own doing. And the way you fail to address people's points when they disagree with you, and the way you invent things instead, naturally has a negative effect on people, causing them (and me) to form a worse opinion of you. But again, that's all your own doing, and only you can do anything about it I was going to leave this Forum, but my real life (what some of you do not have) significant other said this: "_____ are you going to let some sorry *censored* censored* *censored* idiots run you off when all you are doing is giving tech advice THAT REALLY WORKS!?" Thank you Phil for you opinionated lessons lol. Yes, I am old and old enough to know better, get it Phil? It sounds like your significant other isn't aware of what you really get up to in the forum. I haven't actually seen any tech advice from you, but I only look in this General Discussion sub-forum, so I probably miss it all. All I have seen from you is what I've already described, such as inventing stuff and making out that the other person has said them, so that you argue against them, misquoting, insults (such as saying the we all don't have lives), and all that sort of stuff. Perhaps you should allow your significant other to read this stuff. She will soon see that you bring any negative stuff on yourself. You both need your bl00dy heads cracking together! None of this information is useful to the original poster, and you BOTH look like a pair of daft little lads in the playground. Gee-ore nah! :matte-motes-sour: And what is it that you think you look like Mari?
  6. Pussycat Catnap wrote: Luna Bliss wrote: Klytyna wrote: Luna Bliss wrote: I'm embarrassed to be an Amercian. Pretend you are Canadian... Then you can indulge in those amazing Canadian only things, like, proper bacon, better beer, and of course, their unique hobby. Yes believe me, there are quite a few Americans dreaming of moving to Canada! Random news story that I heard only a few seconds of stated that, I think, since Il Trumpe became the new Feurer, 22 people had crossed the border between the USA and Manitoba, Canada and requested Asylum there. Now there's a LOT of important details missing in that... Like... were they Americans or refugees denied in the USA or random people from perhaps New Zealand that got lost or what? But it's a great little factoid by itself. If they were Americans... as much as people always say they flee to Canada with every US election, I don't think anyone actually has since the VIetnam War... Interesting. Wish I knew the details. On the other hand... that's 22 les votes next election to stop Trump... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-refugees-border-crossing-1.3972374 This started before Trump.
  7. Prokofy Neva wrote: @Chin Rey you *do* realize that "two departments independent of each other" are still an *allocation of resources*. The head of LL can put MORE people on Sansar and LESS on SL. It doesn't matter what "standard procedures" are in companies and any "firewall" imagined or real between these projects. There are executive decisions about WHERE to put more resources. And it is more than reasonable to ask whether the legacy SL is being shorted. @Derek Torvalar Um, I didn't "ragequit". I criticized something *legitimately*. A sim being down for two days is NOT NORMAL and it's *more than fine* to call that out. If you mean someone else, why reply to me? @Tommy Linden A Linden eventually answered my ticket that this was a "script". A "script" that does things like this is called "a griefing script". There is a relatively new kind of griefing script that rezzes cubes even on land where there is autoreturn, even on Linden land, and even on land where the person is banned or they aren't in the group to which it is set. Obviously that's a big problem for SL. I do hope the Lindens can deprecate/delete/remove completely this script but the fact that it KEEPS appearing makes me wonder. If it is another script we don't know that. If it is an accident -- sometimes residents make things that get out of their control by accident -- we don't know that. Therefore it stands to reason that what happened in Brown -- just like what happened in Ravenglass some times ago and also Grace this week was the same thing: this re-rezzing script. I was explaing why you didn't see the "SL is dieing" post. Pendragon ragequit. That post was deleted.
  8. Xiola, if she is still the Community Manager, and her team of mods do not answer to Support. They are independent and make decisions here in the Forum based on their sole interpretation of the ToS and CG. If you like I will send you a copy of the series of emails I exchanged with the head of the Support Dept. one eyed Deb. Or the record of the chat I had with Viale Linden a few years ago, who wanted my assisstance in correcting policy here in the Forum. Research is your friend, go to the Forum Feedback Section, read the thread Clean up the Forums. Look into the History here.
  9. Devriv wrote: Perhaps you misunderstood Medhue’s statement. He asks a very important question, one which, remarkably, despite the presence and abundance of assertive commenters in this thread, remains glaringly unanswered. With Medhue’s permission I’ll reword it only slightly: “How about people stand against the [destruction] of these nations, instead of [standing against] a ban on immigration?” The question is so simple, basic and reasonable that it would require a very good education not to ask it. In a free society, it is just the question asked by informed citizens and political commentators. Here, in this thread, it has remained unanswered because the media has not yet provided an answer that someone could safely regurgitate. Or any one of a number of Foreign Policy decisions for that matter. Or even more importantly the Domestic Policy decisions. You know, guns, health care, the state of some inner cities which resemble the citites the refugees are fleeing from. What is LL positionon on all these policies. What about LL's position on other countries, like Russian and China? Where is the moral outrage? And as far as LL making claims to "tolerance", well, what a crock. The hypocrisy of that statement is not to be believed. Bottom line, it is nothing but pandering.
  10. " I could not agree more. If I am wrong please correct me. I thought the purpose of this Forum is to help those SL residents in need of accurate-factual answers/advice to resolve their issues & not post in-Forum personal grievances/vandettas against other residents? I am far from perfect; however I think my posts speak for themselves. Have a great day Kristin Linden!" "I Love SImplicity" Ok, since you asked. The Forum has many purposes. Unfortunately the delineations between sections has not been enforced such that now people posting in the wrong areas which are a violation of the CG typicaly are not sanctioned for it or have their posts/threads moved to the appropriate area. For eg posting questions in the GD section here related to tech issues is not supposed to be permitted, or questions regarding Mesh heads or clothing which can be better placed in the appropriate areas or even the Answers section. The General Discussion area has always been for miscelaneous discussions loosely or not associated with SL. In the past, it tended to be policed a lot more liberally, allowing for spirited banter and exchange of dissenting ideas. Now however that is not the case as has been witnessed in the last week or so with threads being deleted, posts deleted, and heavy handed admonitions from mods speaking to us like kindergarten teachers to their charges instead of adults. A left lib backlash by the agents of POOP (whichg you still haven't understood btw) very reminiscent of other repressive tactics by other regimes and administrations throughout history. Like most subjects, there is sometimes more than one "accurate-factual" answer or piece advice depending on the prerogative of the person being asked. Something you don't seem to be able to understand. Such that for example Linux is only the best according to YOU and may not be to another person. Finally, I find it hilarious to see you obseqiously running around here now, trying to appear the innocent victim after following me around a few weeks ago in numerous threads here in the GD section after my first encountering you in the Tech section merely because I suggested that it would be better to have more RAM than what you were erroneously advising, which I might add you have now revised to approach my original recommendation, but still is questionable, as suggesting to someone to just slap a 2GB stick of RAM into their system is ridiculous when you don't know what their MB or CPU is to see if they need single, dual or quad channel RAM or what the latency should be etc etc. And If you have forgotten, I suggest you go back and look at the threads here in question and see where you have deleted your posts but been stymied by the fact that I have your words quoted in my responses to ensure your foolishness remains visible. So yes, your posts do speak volumes. Unlike you I do not delete what I have said and stand by my words with integrity. Until of course someone has them deleted, more times than you have actually have had yours posted I might add. So please, climb down off your high horse, do some research here, so you can modify your behaviour accordingly. ETA And just heads up, Alt hunting is against the CG. Though you already admitted that that isn't your original account didn't you.
  11. Phil Deakins wrote: Anyone call it anything they like - rank, title, whatever - but, as I already said, it confers nothing on anyone. In the real world, ranks confer authorities, and sometimes powers, on people, but not here. Here it is useless and pointless, and is merely a word. Much like the false gods posts.
  12. Qie Niangao wrote: Derek Torvalar wrote: ... Alwin was the reason that SL was dieing ... I don't think we should just dismiss this theory out-of-hand. We could test it. ROFL
  13. You missed a post by the pendragon where he called Alwin a name claiming Alwin was the reason that SL was dieing and then ragequit.
  14. Wow. Two ragequits in less than a month. Things are looking up. Not nearly as hysterionic as some in the past nor as entertaining but still mildly amusing. (The first one has reappeared btw, after about a week off to cool down lol)
  15. Oh go on Phil. Like you said it hasn't stopped you in the past. But, something has changed hasn't it? Or perhaps it has more recently become more evident. In the past it was the norm to enter into a thread and engage one or more of the participants in various aspects of what one might have posted about. The thread growing, evolving as the discussions diverged, filled with humour and insight as the participants exercised their wit, or demonstrated their lack thereof. In the past it was nothing to be able to point those out and make judgements based on the individuals written word, their self declaratory pant removal on display to everyone's delight. Frankly the stench of fear was not present in the forum. The fear that keeps one from posting anything but the most banal superficial tripe. The fear that some special snowflake is going to in faux rage incite a campaign of censorship putting anyone's account at risk. This fear is palpable. It is destructive and stifling to discourse and creative expression of ideas that promote healthy growth. It is a pity that you felt you couldn't post as you once had.
  16. I think Klytyna SHOULD continue posting just as she has and sets a fine example for the Forum. Her authenticity wit and insight are admirable qualities and ones I look for in a friend. Unlike pomposity arrogance and self righteousness which are qualities which offend many.
  17. Marie Resch wrote: After the Women's March on the 21st, I searched Second Life for groups and places people may have created to support the March and/or women and/or many of the issues that have been brought to public discourse. Not finding anything, I went ahead and created something I am calling A Safe Place for Women. It consists of both a discussion group and a place above my land on the Mainland. SFW, as we call it in abbreviation, is for anyone who identifies as female, from any background, and those who support them. It is a safe place to gather, both to talk about issues, and also to hang out without feeling like you're in a "meat market" which often happens with club atmospheres. Right now, all I have is the group, and a clubhouse up. The group is free to join, and there is no charge for hanging out in the area I am providing. I am looking for others who would be interested in helping me spread this vision, add more things to the hangout area, etc. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me inworld. Marie Resch Let me see. Barely one page into this and already there has been suggestions on how to remove 'agitators'. Sounds like a recipe for exclusion rather than a 'safe space' of tolerance to discuss issues. There are no safe spaces where politics is concerned. ETA So this hangout isn't on the Gor sim you were advertising?
  18. LinuxGod4u wrote: I must say I am flattered since this your only post thus far in this Forum. Please state your purpose, intent & how it makes any positive contribution to this Forum. I Love Simplicity Why does this person need to do that? You are not the arbiter of who gets to post in these forums. They asked a relevant question. Is the Singualrity viewer Bento compliant? They misspelled compliant. Your god complex is offensive.
  19. Perhaps it is because your best is insufficient. People do not look kindly on being 'edumacated' by those who demonstrate their incompetence so blatantly.
  20. MissDeeMeanur wrote: ChinRey wrote (Edit: I'm tempted to post a link to another forum here just to see what would happen. One of the ways to define those unknown limits is of course to test them out and that link would definitely be testing. It wouldn't be a valid test though. Whether they admit it or not, the moderators know they've gone to far. So they're treading on eggshells at the moment and may well accept posts they would normally have rejected for a while.) I am confidently expecting this thread to be moved to the Forums Feedback section (when Kirstin discovers it) as it would represent fair and valid commentary in a relevant location. Not that relevance of location seems to be something that deters those posting here rather than in ANSWERS. I am not so sure. I am reminded of Lasky's satirical thread entitled "I lost my Breadable" that was moved to the Tech forum.
  21. ChinRey wrote: Derek Torvalar wrote: Tis the insidious nature of POOP. This is off on a tangent, Derek, but what does Perl Object-Oriented Persistence have to do with this forum? I always assumed it was written in php. Then again, if it really is perl code, that would explain a few things currently discussed in another thread. LOL Persecutory Oppressive Optimism and Positivity Used to be referred to as Disneyfication here a few years ago when that policy came to the fore. Now it is applicable on a more widespread basis throughout Society in general, SJW for example who are the new White Knights. POOP is what got that thread whacked.
  22. Pamela Galli wrote: Here is my concern: This forum is now the only place where both new And committed members of SL can find significant moderated support, news, information, and in depth discussion of SL. Much of this is critically important to decisions I make about my business, which I depend on to support my family. Yet I have the impression that LL does not value the forum as the valuable support and information asset it is. Yes, I very much value effective moderation, which is why I report violations several times a day, usually acted upon. I want to do my part to enable and encourage the moderators to identify spam, for example -- and I wish there was some way to block all the Land forums spam* or at least individual posters. It is difficult to wade through all the land advertisements and employment postings. Please, LL, recognize the importance of the forums to those seeking information, insights, and support from them. Wasn't this at the heart of the issue that Void was referring to Pam. The recognition by the Lab that its customers are providing a free service for them? And that in the end, the Lab cares not.
  23. MissDeeMeanur wrote: ChinRey wrote: Kristin Linden wrote: We encourage you to review the Community Guidelines Done! As far as I can see, there's nothing there that can explain why the thread that triggered this discussion was removed. Did you miss this bit, ChinRey? Under the section heading "We moderate at our discretion" it says "the actions taken (or not taken) by Linden Lab and our moderators are at our sole discretion, and we may act without warning or explanation." Which effectively means that there is little point in users observing any of the Community Standards, Guidelines or even the Terms of Service, because LL does not have to satisfy its own professed principal goal of "treating others with respect". Dee Monstrably I stand corrected, it is explicitly stated. It boggles the mind that, as I was discussing inworld with Laurin of Sorbet, that some are are still unclear on all this or pretending to be bewildered by it. This has been going on for years.
  24. ChinRey wrote: Kristin Linden wrote: We encourage you to review the Community Guidelines Done! As far as I can see, there's nothing there that can explain why the thread that triggered this discussion was removed. One of the posts in the thread should probably have been removed because of offensive language and another post - one of mine- should probably have been removed too, not because of what I wrote myself but because I quoted and replied to that offensive language post. But that's really not enough reason to remove the entire thread. The main problem however is that none of the participants in the discussion have been given any kind of explanation why. Add to that the other seemingly arbitary post removals that have been mentioned through this discussion and the result is that at the moment nobody can be really sure what is allowed and what isn't allowed in the forums. A forum like this can only work properly if the participants have reason to trust the moderators' judegement and right now, with no explanations whatsoever, I can't see that we have that. Chin, the answer won't be in the ToS or the CG. It is here, "or was simply not appropriate for discussion on the forums", quoted from Kristin. That is the only justification they need. As I pointed out in my post on the previous page, if the thread is deemed to be flame bait they will delete it. If it is deemed to be overtly or overly contentious they will delete it. No explanations, no warnings. Go to the Forum Feedback and look at the long thread there. This was all discussed with Aveolae or whatever her name is. https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Forums-Feedback/Clean-up-the-Forums/td-p/2898500
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