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  1. I'm copying a few to get you started. Most of these are big groups: Flickrites of Second Life Photographers of Secondlife ✰❀Second Life-High Quality Photo❀✰(OPTED OUT) What Is... ÃRT work P1/C1 SL_PHOTOGRAPHERS Second Life Residents (Opted Out) ❤ Beautiful Avatars ❤ -SL- Photo & Blog (opted out) Second Life: SHow YouR ♥ pICtUREs!!! Second Life Official That should get you going. Look at others who do what you do and see what groups they're in. I don't have too many blogger groups, for instance, since I don't blog. Feel free to im me in world if you want to talk directly.
  2. Not sure if this is the solution to your problem... Try using your camera controls to save your camera position. that will help a lot. bring up you FS cameratools with ctrl+shift+C. Use the down arrow to save the camera position, then the up arrow to recall the saved position
  3. Goodbye, LEA. On a personal note, I got my creative start at a LEA sim. There was a LEA sponsored sim called Medici University that was a gathering of artists. I wasn't one, but I dj'ed there and started getting interested in photography, which started spurred me to learn more. Since then, I've taken hundreds of photos and made many of my own builds in SL. The LEA sandbox, where I'm standing in this photo, was a fabulous place to build. I learned tons from other people building there and saw some incredible builds. I'm going to really miss the sandbox. It was just such a great place for seeing what others were creating and learning from those people. This photo was taken on the sandbox's last day. *sniff
  4. One I took, last night. Hope you like it. : ) All in-world. No post-processing.
  5. Stuff happens. What we really appreciate is the communication. Thanks very much to the Linden team for helping the residents get through a tough time. ❤️
  6. Your soothing presence is appreciated. Most of us are in stage 3 withdrawal by now.
  7. We appreciate it. Thank you. ❤️
  8. I'll just catch up on Flickr...
  9. I'm playing my dj set through my stream. I wonder if anyone's even in the club. : )
  10. Hi, Yokasta. It seems to be working okay for me. Try it, again.
  11. Just in case you're not subscribed to the maintenance report, I wanted to let people know the feed is back up. Thank you, LL.
  12. Not everyone knows you can subscribe to an incident to get status updates. It was nice of you to post that info. People who use the feed regularly are concerned about this (There are more than you might realize if you don't use it.) and are looking to share info with the rest of us who use the service. The status report from LL does not currently provide any sense of what's going on, which can be frustrating. Notice, for instance, that Voice Morphing has updates informing the community that the problem is being worked. There are no updates regarding my.secondlife despite it being down for more than 3 days, now. I think it's fine if people want to update this post, since I'm the OP. I have no problem with it. It's nice to know others are concerned about the sl feed. At least we can commiserate about missing it.
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