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  1. LMFAO! So much for progressive discipline. Maybe they will begin to understand that the concept doesn't work. lol
  2. How many of you are naked right now? Do you login naked or do you get progressively naked over the course of time after you login? Do you get completely naked or do some of you prefer to keep an item or two on? Do you stay naked while on the Forums or do you become too bashful to discourse here while naked?
  3. That's funny. My impression is the complete opposite. Milgram: agentic Kristen, chose another path or were forced to? lol
  4. 1. There aren't any. 2. Empathetic is an inappropriate and meaningless vulgarism. 3. And the phrase is a redundant tautology of pleonasm. Like the first enboldened example, (evocative would suffice). Empathy is imagination.
  5. I see they shouldn't have closed my thread from yesterday about the spam. Good morning,
  6. I wonder if I will get a warning for that?
  7. I reported the this thread to the mods to get their attention. A first for me. lol
  8. Yes it seems it was an all out nuclear attack.
  9. It will be interesting to see whether they can get this under control. And I agree about the 24/7 surveilance.
  10. No mods on this board able to clean up the spam? Are they all from NA?
  11. Sorry for the repetitive posts/quotes, which of course I can't delete, but there was no indication that the first one was actually posted when I hit the submit button so banged away at it like a mad. lol
  12. Not like anyone hasn't tried Scylla. If you remember. I wonder if your WOT is the wall you use to distance yourself from getting emotionally involved. Those that lay siege in their forlorn hope understand what lays beyond those walls hence their sacrifice. 'Once more unto the breach dear friends...'
  13. I'm honoured Your Majesty, thank you.
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