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  1. I do this too! I have characters with different ethnicities or backgrounds or fit certain stereotypes, and the "click" in my head is very definitive when switching from one to the next. RP is indeed an improv play, and as others have mentioned, Fade To Black is always an option, and RP does not equal sex. Many people roleplay as children - no sex, no lying, no cheating. Many people roleplay as animals or domestic animals - no sex, no lying, no cheating (though I HAVE seen people roleplay as animals and have sex with each other, but.. SL is SL and whatever floats your boat.)
  2. Well, see, this isn't it at all, and I think it depends on the level of commitment, the type of relationships you have, or the expectations of those you play with. So first RP is storytelling. Nothing more. Like in the movies or books, you have villains, victims, heroes, extras, etc. and people get together and write and create this story. Second, relationships vary. Here's an example. I once had a character who had a bf. This boyfriend was actually played by a woman - and I knew this beforehand. Again, storytelling and writing. Just like a novelist writes both female and male characters, so can a person ROLEPLAY any gender they want (or any fantasy creature, or space alien, or whatever), as long as it was believable. Turns out we both read the same romance novels, so she had inadvertently created a character that was modeled after my favorite romance novel heroes. I had no RL romantic entanglements with this person outside the roleplay. Had my character "cheated" on her boyfriend or vice versa, neither one of us would have been RL hurt or felt "cheated" on or lied to. It was all part of this big soap opera we were writing (roleplaying), and we would have probably discussed that this could happen. Had I decided to play more than one character and had another avi in another city/sim, or even in that same one, it still wouldn't be "lying and cheating". "Cheating and Lying" have nothing to do with RP - it has to do with breaking a commitment or a promise to a person, doing things behind their back, and not being open and discussing things. If a person and their partner agree that they won't RP certain scenarios with others, like sexual ones, and one of them does - then it is lying and cheating. If you have a RL connection and relationship with expectations with the other person, then it is "lying and cheating" If you have that connection/type of relationship, and the other person purposely creates an alt and doesn't tell you about, just so he or she could go get freaky elsewhere, then it is lying and cheating. But Roleplay is NOT lying and cheating.
  3. I too get annoyed when people add tags to things that aren't part of the sim/item etc. Kinda like searching for "boots" on the MP and getting skirts or tables. As for anime or banning certain types of avatars - an anime avatar is as out of place in a 'realistic' sim, as a realistic avatar is out of place in an anime tv show or comic (graphic novel). Or as an anime cartoon walking around in a live-action movie. It breaks "immersion" and the feel and theme of the place. If I chose to play somewhere I'm certainly going to do my best to fit in. I'm not going to wear a sci-fi latex suit in a medieval sim. I'm not going to wear a medieval outfit in a Star Trek sim. If I went to an "anime" sim, I would definitely do everything possible to fit in (as in getting an anime avi), and in the same way, I expect someone who wants to play in a 'realistic' sim to put in the same effort to fit in. I see this a lot with furries too, who speak about furries not being accepted in one place or another to the point that some cry out "discrimination" when that is not the case at all. It's just that Purple Sharks that walk on two legs, or Green Canine police officers that speak English and drive do not exist in that particular world.
  4. Hi! We have a modern-day fantasy sim that limits races to werewolves, vampires and humans. Its fairly new, and we welcome groups and encourage people to make their own packs and MC's and such! Contact me in world for info if you are interested.
  5. Roleplay to me is interactive writing. When you roleplay you are writing a story/play/soap opera that is completely adlib. There are no scripts- though the outcomes of some scenes might be quasi-pre-planned- so there is no set direction to the story. The story moves depending on the reactions of each of the players to a situation and to other characters. How rich, detailed, or interesting your story is, is mostly up to you. I think many role players would agree with me that roleplaying is a mixture of acting and writing, where players work together to create a never ending story in a predetermined setting/theme. They create a character, give it a background, flesh them out as surely as if they were writing a book, and move forward. Their story mingles with someone else's story, and with someone else's... etc. Some may take that character to another city or sim and extend their story there. The sim itself is just the setting/writing prompt, and just like in any TV Show, Novel, Comic, Movie, etc, your character can be involved in all sorts of things--and being SL there is not much of a limit of what that can be, so it's important to see what the sim allows and what it doesn't. Murder mysteries, romance, drama, monsters. You can play the hero or the villain or the innocent bystander. The genres and themes are as varied as in books. You can find sims that emulate The Walking Dead - where you create stories of survival. Game of Thrones. Star Wars. You can play a Dothraki warrior or a Twi'lek slave dancer. No role is too minor. I prefer playing wee folk as opposed to a princess or noblewoman. "Supporting Roles" are always welcome too!
  6. Hi there! New Modern-Fantasy RP Community seeking role players to fill roles in the Police Department, Fire Department, Medical/Hospital. Other roles available too! Vist here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lakeshore/225/107/1306 or contact me in- world!
  7. We have a brand new sim, so not very active YET, that is both urban and fantasy. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lakeshore/160/18/4006
  8. To reiterate, I made a post about our ROLE PLAY sim and posted it in the Role Play forum. I didn't see an issue since there are many posts about role play sims on that particular forum (not just Jo Yardley's). It is about roleplay. It is not a shopping sim, or a photography sim, a club, or an "ooc hangout" sim, but a place with a background story, story line, and completely "in character"--so, Role Play. My post was moved to a "destinations" forum and I wasn't told it was being moved or why. It simply wasn't there, and I didn't find it until after I went to the list of my posts that I could see that it hadn't been removed but moved, and where it was moved to. I also want to point out that there are no guidelines for what is considered acceptable for the Role Play forum, or what makes one post okay for Role Play and what makes it into a "destination" post. My post was neither "off-topic" nor did it violate any other rules. Rhonda noted that "they" (she used the word "we"), didn't want my "ad" in Role Play. However, when looking for a new location or community to join to Role Play, I certainly do not go to the "destinations" forum, neither do any of the people I asked. WE go to the "Role Play" forum. The guidelines ( http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Community_Participation_Guidelines ) state that: "Spamming, Solicitation and Advertising: Spamming is not allowed. This includes aggressive self-promotion. No advertising or promotion of specific Second Life merchants, Marketplace listings, products, or services, unless the forum area is specifically for the buying or selling of Second Life products or services, for example, a “for sale” or “wanted” forum. Do not reference other websites offering any product or service." I'm not selling a product, I'm not looking to buy. I'm not asking anyone for money. I'm not offering products or services. I'm certainly not advertising or promoting "specific Second Life merchants, Marketplace listings, products, or services" It might be an advertisement, but not for product or any of those things listed. It is for role play, to let others know that there are new role play opportunities. Not a destination. I agree that my second post could be considered "spam" since I had two posts about the same thing, but I only wanted to make sure that my post about "Role Play" was in the appropriate forum. So then I wonder if I had posted about my role play group, seeking police or fire department or hospital staff? Would that had been considered appropriate? What would "we" consider valid to post on the roleplay forum? If I were a person seeking police role play and posted "does anyone know a good place... " and someone responded with a link to their own sim, would that be advertisement and subject to removal? Just askin... for a friend.
  9. Thank you. There are MANY posts showcasing rp environments on that thread some from this month. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong with making my post there.
  10. I don't see how letting people know of a new role play environment and inviting them to come play is an "ad". I'm not selling anything, I'm not charging an entry fee, rentals are available but not a requirement to play. People solicit roleplay on this forum all the time "seeking rp'r for...", "looking to start a new sim and need... ". I don't see the difference. I'm offering role play opportunities.
  11. I'm trying to find out where to contact someone in regards to a post I made that was removed/edited. I made my first post on the "Role Play" forums. We've opened a role play sim and I wanted to let people know about it. It got moderated and moved to "destinations" forum. We aren't a destination, we are strictly IC for role play--with a theme, genre, etc. So yes, I made a new post for the sim in the "Role Play" forum. This time I did not include a SLURL, but a link to the roleplay website instead. I got a warning for spamming. I wanted to talk to someone about it, but I can't find support for this forum. I don't want my post in destinations. I want it in Role Play. I thought at first it got moved because it included a SLURL (I can't find criteria anywhere to what constitutes a "role play" worthy post, or what makes it "destination"), so I left it out the second time. Feed back or help is much appreciated
  12. Brand new role play Sim! Unnatural - Modern-Day fantasy sim. Vampire, Werewolf, Humans, Crime and all the other goodies! No character creation sheets or points, no HUDs - JUST RP! Set in the beautiful Pocono Mountains - come see us and stay to play - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lakeshore/161/20/4006
  13. Try deleting the picture and reloading one?
  14. No, they don't show up in my "listing" or "manage listings" list. But when I went to associate the new demo to a new listing, or add associated items, they still do show up, and despite it being a "deleted" item, it allowed me to append it. Also, I believe I deleted the demo and unlisted it and waited a few hours before uploading the new one.
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