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  1. got it. thanks for that. do you happen to know if there are more tools out there that can edit in more detail than the SL standard sliders? maybe that's not a thing, but I have in my mind some of the avatar editing tools in various video games, some of which go into intricate detail (like Fallout 4, for instance)
  2. thanks. yeah, for sure. i want it to look right. not gonna sell things that don't work well. i've bought too many things like that in the past. lol.
  3. Ok. So here is my question. I've learned to make custom shapes, which I'd like to sell, but they aren't playing nicely with Maitreya/Belleza clothes. Do I need a creation kit or something similar to do this? I have no experience in digital design work so it's a bit daunting to learn a new skill and I'd like to avoid that if possible. As I edit the shapes I'm wearing the Maitreya or Belleza bodies. Maybe I just need to tweak the shapes a bit? Also, are there tools that aren't too complicated that allow more customization to be made than just the simple editor included in SL?
  4. thanks so much. it would have taken me way too long to figure that out. lol.
  5. So it appears things have changed. If you edit the basic shapes they become no-transfer. Any other ideas? I'm afraid to buy a full perm shape on the markeplace because they aren't cheap and if i edit it I'm afraid it will become no-transfer too. edit - another reply showed me how to make an all new shape which can be transferred. so we figured it out.
  6. you're awesome. thank you so much.
  7. oh that's so silly. i feel a bit, um, yeah. dumb. thanks though. will this work with bento shapes/maitreya-catwa etc.
  8. Somehow I haven't found a tutorial on this. I'd like to design custom shapes to sell in world and on marketplace. Shapes you edit remain no-transfer of course, and i haven't seen which tool or work-around is necessary to use to create your own. thanks for any help or for pointing me in the right direction.
  9. I'm looking to buy another small piece of the mainland. But I noticed 30 prims were already being used on vacant land... so I look up to the sky... The neighbor has 4 skyboxes that overhang onto this property, almost all the way across. If I were to buy this property, do I have to track this person down, hope they are still playing, and ask nicely, or can I just 'return' the item to them - even though only part of their skybox is on my land? What's the protocol and what rights do I have?
  10. George W. Bush was an awful President for economic growth you know. But it should be worth noting that Obama created more debt than all the previous Presidents combined.... so there is definitely a culture of people in DC who are quite happy to attempt to run indefinite deficits.
  11. Maybe the problem is that this platform attracts the fringe who would defend anything that upsets others.
  12. you don't have to try. I saw ***** going down on Social Island within my first 5 minutes. Look, I know people come here to do the fantasy things they can't do on the other side of the keyboard. What I don't know is why anyone who thinks they shouldn't do it in front of kids is a 'moral crusader'. I know the mean old Christians make your feels hurt, but come on.
  13. oh. abuse reports are time machines that prevent people from seeing the illegal thing? awesome. THAT is what they should monetize. Time traveling. Idiot.
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