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  1. You hardware is not the issue with SL. SL will not utilize what you got. Though I noticed you have 64GB of RAM but you didn't mention what it is running at. There may be a compatibility issue there if it doesn't match well with your CPU or MB, but I have a feeling you are probably ok there. Your voltage is locked at max 1.093, if you even get it that high (unless you mean you are using a KingPin XOC or similar which removes that). You might see it hit 1.08 under intense rendering. Power Limit will be a function of this as well.
  2. Flashing a new BIOS onto either a MB or your GPU is a fairly standard practice. Occasionally it will result in a performance boost or be needed to correct for a glitch, as long as you follow the directions it is straightforward exercise. I think you are referring to flashing an XOC BIOS onto your card, which can't be done on all cards, to remove temp and voltage constraints, then yes you better know what you are doing because with those protections gone you can conceivably burn your house down. LOL Then there are shunt mods. A bit extreme for SL I think. LOL
  3. Thanks for the laughs, this has been a particularly good one. Fan burnout lol.
  4. Ya goofing a bit. But the religion takes this stuff really seriously and lest ye be caught by their acolytes and forced to repent/recant know that there is no safety.
  5. But remember Blake, that according to Social Justice Theory, "One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as a racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an antiracist. There is no in-between safe space of “not racist.” The claim of “not racist” neutrality is a mask for racism"
  6. Yes I would agree on Sam being one of more than a few with the integrity to undertake these discourse in a rational manner. Again, someone I have been following for a number of years. And I would amplify your last point, that the 'hystereonic' (to dredge up a long forgotten neologism that once was the subject of some mirth on this forum) approach is never going to be productive.
  7. Hello Orfeu good to see you here. Been a very long while. I concur on both Loury and Hughes, and the shedding of light. One wonders however how many will continue to walk around with their lids clenched tightly preferring the darkness. I met Coleman a couple years ago, a great guy.
  8. Found another one...a long read, with lots of links to explore terms, but quite enjoyable. https://newdiscourses.com/2020/06/do-better-than-critical-race-theory/ ETA Terms like this one, for Aethelwine. https://newdiscourses.com/tftw-antiracism/
  9. Here is a good read. (Knowing full well that it will be condemned for where it is published, probably without even being read.) https://quillette.com/2020/06/03/condemn-this-violence-without-equivocation/
  10. Oh come on. 🤣 You really believe that that anger accusation is going to float with me. lmfao ETA Precisly. Think Aethelwine, don't feel, think.
  11. Related to the topic of protest...about an event that still has not be acknowledged by PRC/CCP, who hold over 1 million Uyghurs in concentration camps.
  12. Interesting post. Is that what you gleaned from what I have posted here? Sort of demonstrates what I am alluding to.
  13. These 2 guys are terrific. Keep in mind the insidious anti-Semitic thread running through BLM and some of their allies.
  14. I like this one. The white-splaining in this is strong. And the guy at the ends yellin 'Shame on you'
  15. Hi Scylla!😃 Up to your old tricks again I see.😉(will you never learn lol) white anti-racism can thus be identified: 1) a fetishistic preoccupation with disproving one’s racism; 2) ostentatious forms of antiracism that function as means of self-promotion, as paradoxical means of white self-love; 3) the consolidation and extension of agency through redemptive gestures of ‘heroic white antiracism’; 4) ‘charitable antiracism’ which fixes tolerance within a model of charity, as an act of generosity and that reiterates the status and role of an antiracist benefactor. PS See you over in the Feminism thread presently lmfao
  16. I was chuckling at the 'It did not go well.'
  17. https://www.pcworld.com/article/2030669/hdmi-vs-displayport-which-display-interface-reigns-supreme.html
  18. Yep got that covered too. 32GB 4000. But that is stock speed haven't really had the need to push it yet.
  19. Thanks to those who posted answers to my queries. Both you cite heat related issues concerning your CPUs. Heat is the killer of course in both GPU and CPU speeds. I am going to assume both are using air cooling, so maybe switching to a water cooling system for your CPU can be an inexpensive way to keep temps down. I got a 9900K last year and that runs very hot comparatively speaking but I still manage to keep temps under 60C despite OCed to 5.2 Ghz, even in summer. Jennifer, software OCing is fine if you are uncomfortable doing it manually but does not usually yield the best results. Both GPUs are the EVGA Hybrid version as well and OCed to 2150 and again never see temps go above 50C. Making a conversion of the GPU is a little more trouble but as GPU speed isn't as critical for SL it may not really be worthwhile anyway. However, SL is gonna be what it always has been. Any minor attempts at corrections to improve it are really going to have negligible effects I think.
  20. Out of curiosity, the people reporting their CPU speeds, are you overclocking them or just running at default? I am also curious to know whether these systems are bottlenecking somewhat because of their hardware configs. Are they store bought or home made rigs? Finally, as most who have been here for decade or more know, this issue has always been here, ie SL has never utilized the latest hardware capabilities and is not likely ever to change. Full disclosure: I have no complaints, mainly cos I know it won't help, but I never see fps less than 30.
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