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  1. This is misleading info. Your 1950x only outscores the i9 in multi core performance on synthetic benches. The i9 outscores it in single core and quad core tests and that is only the 10 core 7900x as the 16 core i9 hasn't been released yet. And as Lillith says, if you need 16 cores fine but for most games and SL specifically it is over kill and a non factor because SL uses only single core. Not to mention that there are other variables at work on performance for games generally and SL specifically that contribute to "performance", which can be measured in any one of a number of ways. And that Vega card is barely equivalent to a GTX 1080. But if you do mining then maybe the superior compute score will be preferable but for gaming purposes, meh.
  2. Why would the Founder be so stupid as to make another person an Owner instead of an Officer with reduced permissions thereby avoiding this scenario?
  3. IP address has nothing to do with whether 2 or more accounts are the same person. Phil do not go down that road. Alt discussions are a violation. I know you are feeling cocky after your last brush with the mod team but don't push them. lmao
  4. You are walking the intolerance line Drake. And by being dismissive of Klytyna's ideas simply because you don't approve of her idiom is hypocritical on your part. Do you challenge people in RL to alter their personalities and manner of expressing themselves?
  5. If you look at this list, not knowing the lists you are looking at, if you were to throw out the ones without SSD, and no dedicated vid card and then choose what you like best you should be ok. If you can find one with an i7, even better. 1050Ti or 1060. https://laptop.ninja/finding-the-best-gaming-laptops-under-1000-dollars/
  6. It would be good if we know how much you would like to spend. No additional storage on that one? 256GB only is a little low.
  7. Don't be so impertinent Joe. I am well aware of where we are and what this particular section of the Forums allows. Especially considering that I was one of the many who lobbied to have them created when they switched to Lithium many years ago which did not have a General Discussion section. What you are failing to appreciate is that the information and opinion I provided you is the most appropriate. Unless of course you get all your legal, medical, professional opinions and advice from internet forums? I am also certain that the article you a referring to me is also from a respected authority? Because as we all know if it is on the internet it must be true, right? But by all means do ignore my advice. I certainly can't know what I am talking about now can I? lol But then you can't really know what I am talking about now, can you?
  8. You asked for "any" information. Considering the complex nature of Asperger's and the individual differences among types and degrees of severity as well as the possibility of co-morbidity it is very difficult to get anything reliably worthwhile from the personal anecdotals of possibly suspect sources that would be of benefit to you in your particular case. If indeed what you need information on is actually Asperger's Syndrome. It is always better to deal with real world problems in the real world. Look for resources within your community. Not on web forums like this one. Additionally, I understand completely the value of both theory and practise.
  9. Have you tried Google? There is a wealth of reliable info out there. http://www.autism-society.org/what-is/aspergers-syndrome/ Good place to start.
  10. If you look at that thread you will see that Whirley is on the case and in more competent hands it couldn't be. Was there not a post there saying that they closed the JIRA? Inexplicably, with it still being borked. If you want some public attention for the issue I suggest informing Ebbe on his Twitter feed.
  11. Thread title needs to be changed. "The one that would not die"
  12. Scripting, and as you said interoperability. At this stage, on regular computer, the only thing you can do is bump into collision objects to move them around like the various balls available. Being able to interact with the scene, sit, throw, sex etc and with one another while in the scene. Though the Adult stuff is verboten at present. This is coming of course. Just gonna be a long while yet for it to arrive.
  13. Ya I called it a collection of digital dioramas. Like going to a museum to see models of neanderthals sitting around eating shrubs and when you get tired of looking at that one you move to the next one.
  14. Only referring to RL here. Inworld is nothing. Always naked. Continually playing the "emperor has no clothes" RP at G spots feigning ignorance and telling people that my new mesh clothes are actually there and it is their viewer or that the mesh is glitching. lol
  15. Give it a rest Luna. Your forays into motivational analysis are vacuous and insulting.
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