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  1. Okay Phil i dont know who u are but people in SL know me for a longest Time that i have NO alts and dont have any type of Record i have been i a builder and scripter in SL for a longest type to only thing im put out there is my Opinion to make things more featured with in the game
  2. Okay Everyone this is My Opinion for Taking a moment and Read this Post and take a idea for Group Founders and Owners Group Founders that Made a group that shows in there groups Foundered by ( Your Name ) they should get MORE Rights then Owners that should eject a Owner this would make things lot more easier then making a ticket and wait for some time before the Owners add More alts or people in for taking over Groups in Second Life.. Im only asking for my Own Opinion for the Founder of that group if he/she is still in the group then they get more rights but if they leave the group t
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