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  1. Second life with a GTX 1080 card?

    Rumours, and that's all this is of course as Nvidia haven't said anything yet, but apparently as of 3 days ago the release will not be Volta but Ampere/Turing in June/July or maybe April. lol Though it may be that the announcement will be at GTC at the end of the month and the cards available in June/July. Second or third now the EVGA as best choice. Best Warranty/CS in the biz. PS For the OP I have had 1080 since their release and I now have 2, both liquid cooled versions, and they are terrific.
  2. Petition re Lindsay Shepherd

    Thought I would update everyone who signed and for those who did not feel compelled to. Thank you.
  3. Well if someone had ever asked if he had been in Sansar now he can say he has. And has the vomit to prove it. lol
  4. Shill bot. Stunning? Achievement?? puhlease How much are they payin you?
  5. Sex and Gender in Virtual Worlds

    Well hellooo Scylla Had a feeling you might be by. Fair enough, I should have said "could'. But as the secret third party investigation is still under way, and that there seems to be some irregularities going on with it in regard to its impartiality and legality it may well turn out that my original statement will be correct. Time will tell. I take it from your timbre that you will not be signing the petition? PS Did you see what Barb Kay reported about WLU and their their tendency to eat their own? PPS And by the way 'Expulsion' is one of the 'sanctions' permitted under their GSVP
  6. Sex and Gender in Virtual Worlds

    LOLed at this part The parenthetical part. Tangentially though despite how you identify if you were to suggest that binary view at WLU you would likely be sanctioned or suspended for creating a toxic environment. See my petition in Education Forum. ETA Sorry not MY petition but my thread.
  7. Petition re Lindsay Shepherd

    U Chicago has made a stand and some here are advocating for the adoption of their or similar principles.
  8. Petition re Lindsay Shepherd

    I would prefer not to turn thread into the location for that debate BJ. If you don't ant to sign that's fine. But if you are complaining about universities are then maybe clicking the link and signing will be a step in the right direct to change that. Up to you. ETA I just noticed the thread in GD that Morgan started Sex and Gender in Virtual Worlds. What is at stake here is that if a WLU student in particular had brought this topic up in a class at WLU or were to try and post it to the WLU Server for discussion or even tried to have a discussion like this at the Wilfs Pub there they would be liable to sanction by the University for creating a toxic environment. Seem reasonable to you? In the US where First Amendment is sacrosanct.
  9. Petition re Lindsay Shepherd

    Thank you. An important issue, not just here in Canada but in the US and elsewhere.
  10. Petition re Lindsay Shepherd

    Please consider signing this petition. Links for background on the page. Could also search Lindsay Shepherd + wlu. Thank you. Twitter @NewWorldHominin
  11. Racist 'Bots' Impersonating Me

    ROFLMAO! wut?
  12. Abusive content/group/sims in Second Life

    ~309 per day in 2016
  13. I like GamersNexus Phoebe if you want to look here. Then there is this thread if you want to have a look from users. You gonna OC it? Delid? Note the comment on GamersNexus about the Gigabyte MB, not the one you specify but something to investigate. Might want to check MB VRM temps across manufacturers as well as some need direct cooling.
  14. Textures constantly going blurred

    Whatta maroon.