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  1. SL still performs like a SNAIL.

    I hope you are overclocking that 6850k. Will it hit 4.5? Even so, and has been pointed out numerous times, SL does not utilize the power of your hardware. Nor does it necessarily improve with your internet speeds. Otherwise my 150MB/s connection should be getting me 1000 fps or more. lol Bottom line is that it will always remain that way as Lillith says LL are not interested in doing anything to alter the way things are now. I'm off now to take Roach for a gallop through Toussaint, its beautiful there this time of year in 4K maxxed @ 100fps.. lol
  2. 200,000L really????

    I was at a Meeroo auction and some nests go for 200K or more. Many regularly sell for 25K or more. Not sure about other breadables. Or did years go. Haven't done that for a long time so market may be different now.
  3. The Skill Games

    No Phil, it isn't the same thing. The fact that you chose the word 'feel 'as opposed to 'see' is important. Not to mention referring to it as a 'need' as well. Very telling indeed.
  4. The Skill Games

    Naw that isn't rude. Merely a simple statement of the OP's overestimation of their ability. Again, I can supply more accurate examples of rude if you desire. When you begin a post with 'I feel the need to step in here.', you are posting from emotionality. Though the post itself may be logical the motivation is still emotion based, which is what I meant. ETA It has been a long while since I have seen the cancer reference used here in regard to a poster. Not since I likened someones presence here in the forums as such and metastisizing throughout and if you know who I am referring to then you will see that the OP's use of the term is beyond hyperbole in regard to Tari by comparison. lol
  5. The Skill Games

    Really Phil? Tari's first post to the OP was anything but 'heavy', and was inclusive of the OP's other threads here trying to find a way to make money. The OP's reply to Tari was inappropriate in its ignorance and callous dismissal of not only her but others here who have made some valid points about the OP's lack of a comprehensible understanding of business in general and starting a business here in SL referring to them as 'cancerous' to which Tari then used the term 'butthurt'. Further on someone suggested the OP was a 'tool' and even that was kinder than what I would have said of them. Try not to succumb to the "need" to respond based on emotionality.
  6. The Skill Games

    Obviously Tari's opinion means more to you than you care to admit. Would you like me to provide you with a more accurate characterization of you than you have of Tari?
  7. Post moderating/editing/moving

    Really? You need to ask why Yardley doesn't get treated the same as others?
  8. Basic newbie questions

  9. Basic newbie questions

    You would be better off posting to the Sansar Forum.
  10. This is misleading info. Your 1950x only outscores the i9 in multi core performance on synthetic benches. The i9 outscores it in single core and quad core tests and that is only the 10 core 7900x as the 16 core i9 hasn't been released yet. And as Lillith says, if you need 16 cores fine but for most games and SL specifically it is over kill and a non factor because SL uses only single core. Not to mention that there are other variables at work on performance for games generally and SL specifically that contribute to "performance", which can be measured in any one of a number of ways. And that Vega card is barely equivalent to a GTX 1080. But if you do mining then maybe the superior compute score will be preferable but for gaming purposes, meh.
  11. Waste of money for SL.
  12. Group Opinion

    Here endeth the lesson.
  13. Group Opinion

    Why would the Founder be so stupid as to make another person an Owner instead of an Officer with reduced permissions thereby avoiding this scenario?
  14. Group Opinion

    IP address has nothing to do with whether 2 or more accounts are the same person. Phil do not go down that road. Alt discussions are a violation. I know you are feeling cocky after your last brush with the mod team but don't push them. lmao