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  1. Only referring to RL here. Inworld is nothing. Always naked. Continually playing the "emperor has no clothes" RP at G spots feigning ignorance and telling people that my new mesh clothes are actually there and it is their viewer or that the mesh is glitching. lol
  2. Give it a rest Luna. Your forays into motivational analysis are vacuous and insulting.
  3. LMFAO! So much for progressive discipline. Maybe they will begin to understand that the concept doesn't work. lol
  4. NAKED!!!
  5. How many of you are naked right now? Do you login naked or do you get progressively naked over the course of time after you login? Do you get completely naked or do some of you prefer to keep an item or two on? Do you stay naked while on the Forums or do you become too bashful to discourse here while naked?
  6. Welcome Back. Your Welcome,
  7. No. It isn't.
  8. That's funny. My impression is the complete opposite. Milgram: agentic Kristen, chose another path or were forced to? lol
  9. A few of the comments on this page have given me my morning smile. Funny also as I don't feel deceived in the least. My only surprise is that Ebbe is still around.
  10. Even better, go to the Canadian Immigration website.
  11. WOT averted. lol
  12. 1. There aren't any. 2. Empathetic is an inappropriate and meaningless vulgarism. 3. And the phrase is a redundant tautology of pleonasm. Like the first enboldened example, (evocative would suffice). Empathy is imagination.
  13. I see they shouldn't have closed my thread from yesterday about the spam. Good morning,
  14. lol Thanks Phil. I needed that.