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  1. They may have rescinded the privilege but the power to post remained. His apparent absence now is by his own choice. Not theirs.
  2. @Scylla We have been through this before. Ethics are not Universals, neither are they Absolutes. They function only through Agreement and the Power to back them up.
  3. Power is what permits altruism to be effective.
  4. Oh puhlease Scylla! ROFL Do tell us more about the abstract ideas surrounding the Chinese and Uighurs (as well as other atrocities conducted by other member states), and how the UN is dealing with that. Sheeeeit. LOL
  5. As a wise old Welshman used to say, "Rights are only the temporary privileges the strong afford the weak."
  6. Hmm, yes, damn those nasty TERFS and their concerns over female erasure.
  7. https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3365-nvidia-rtx-2080-founders-edition-review-benchmarks-vs-gtx-1080-ti "The RTX cards may yet shine, but there aren't any applications making use of the namesake feature just yet -- at least, not any outside of tech demonstrations, and those don't count. Until we see a price drop in the 2080, compelling RTX implementations in an actually relevant game, or depleted stock on the 1080 Ti, there is no strong reason we would recommend the RTX 2080 card. "
  8. Rumours, and that's all this is of course as Nvidia haven't said anything yet, but apparently as of 3 days ago the release will not be Volta but Ampere/Turing in June/July or maybe April. lol Though it may be that the announcement will be at GTC at the end of the month and the cards available in June/July. Second or third now the EVGA as best choice. Best Warranty/CS in the biz. PS For the OP I have had 1080 since their release and I now have 2, both liquid cooled versions, and they are terrific.
  9. Thought I would update everyone who signed and for those who did not feel compelled to. Thank you. https://wlu.ca/news/spotlights/2017/dec/president-statement-re-independent-fact-finder-report.html
  10. Well if someone had ever asked if he had been in Sansar now he can say he has. And has the vomit to prove it. lol
  11. Shill bot. Stunning? Achievement?? puhlease How much are they payin you?
  12. Well hellooo Scylla Had a feeling you might be by. Fair enough, I should have said "could'. But as the secret third party investigation is still under way, and that there seems to be some irregularities going on with it in regard to its impartiality and legality it may well turn out that my original statement will be correct. Time will tell. I take it from your timbre that you will not be signing the petition? PS Did you see what Barb Kay reported about WLU and their their tendency to eat their own? http://www.barbarakay.ca/articles/view/1234 PPS And by the way 'Expulsion' is one of the 'sanctions' permitted under their GSVP
  13. LOLed at this part The parenthetical part. Tangentially though despite how you identify if you were to suggest that binary view at WLU you would likely be sanctioned or suspended for creating a toxic environment. See my petition in Education Forum. ETA Sorry not MY petition but my thread.
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