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  1. Navigating the Bellisseria roadways can be confusing. As I am riding my scooter or jogging I tend to have to stop and look at the map to figure out where I am. Can the streets be named? It could even be done as a contest perhaps. I just think little roadway signs on the intersections would be a nice touch.
  2. Can someone explain this auto refresh bell thing??? How to set it up?
  3. Yes it was a real thing. I knew a gentleman that paid a one time fee for a lifetime membership with stippen.
  4. We have discovered that many people do not know how to restrict voice and sound to their parcels. When we moved into a houseboat we met our neighbors because we could hear them talking. We let them know their conversation was not private and how to restrict these things. Many new and even seasoned SL residents have no clue it seems to me that LL should have a NC that is provided in the new home folders explaining these steps.
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