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  1. Humans wanted to climb towards the stars, to write their stories, in glass or in stone
  2. We should not let that light of peace they have brought to be switched off.
  3. Chouchou is a great piece of Art, visual & sound. The most beautiful build i have seen on Second life and who deserve to take part of our SL collective memory. I don't want to lose this so peaceful place. I can't believe it will happen. Do you realize the sacral beauty of this place ? I can't imagine Second Life without Chouchou & Memento Mori. I have no word to explain how i feel so sad and orphan if happens. When all is dark, and we know how our rl world is so so dark, Chouchou have a so special healing and inspirational light. Spend a few hours in this place brings goodness, comfort and calmness. It would really be a huge loss for many of us. Sorry for my poor english, but it’s my heart and my pain that speak
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