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  1. What a great view of the water, I am super jealous.. I live in a nice neighborhood but wish i would have waited for a chance to grab a beachside or at least a great view by the water. 😊
  2. Thanks everyone for such a quick response. I now have all the correct information and the right posts to follow. Fingers crossed that maybe I will get a new home this year. Thanks again! 😃
  3. I would just like to ask if you need to be logged into the customize your home page to claim the new Linden Homes? If so, is this the page that you keep refreshing to see if there are any new homes available? And if so, do I need to be logged into SL in order to claim my new home? I have been a member in SL for a while, but I have never really been too much into the housing. I am very excited to try and eventually get a new home, I am just trying to figure out how it all works. Thanks! =)
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