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  1. Don't think that will work, I believe Offline IMs now only go to verified email addresses! A verified email address is required in order to: Receive offline instant messages Receive offline friend requests Participate in land auctions From the knowledgebase
  2. The same object offset from the cuboid in the Z direction as thats the one you want to make appear larger , but a different surface/face so you can place a 100% transparent texture on it so it doesn't show.
  3. Rez a cube x= 0.05 y= 0.01 z=0.01 Then set slice to Beginning 0.0 End = 0.1 Alternatively if doing it with mesh, you need to place a small invisible triangle to "trick" the system to thinking it's larger, similar to the trick used so mesh doors pivot arounf their edge https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/338230-options-for-scripting-doors/
  4. integer ichan = (integer)chan; should do it or possibly integer ichan = (integer)llGetObjectDesc(); (can't remember off the top of my head if you can directly cast the result of a function to another datatype)
  5. If it gave you a message about being spammed with urls, is it possible the object has been somehow blocked from sending any more dialog/popups to open the url. Maybe try it in a new cube or in a different region.
  6. After the line llSetText("Mere's Tipjar!", <1,1,1>,1); //Change the hovering text here Add llDialog ( llGetOwner(), name + " tipped you " + (string)amount, [] , -9168 ); Change the -9168 to some other randon nnegative integer
  7. There have been a few Microsoft/Google/AOL/{mega corporation of your choice} is going to buy Linden Lab stories too
  8. One other point which I haven't seen mentioned, is that a rez box won't work well with no-mod items. Typically they require dropping a script in the object to be packaged in the box to record its positon relative to the rez box, and then move it to the correct position when it is rezzed again. You won't be able to do this with no-mod items If you put the items in the box without having added the script and recording their location, then the box will just rez them at the position the box is at and leave them there, you will need to position them manually yourself.
  9. The code might not allow you to do exactly what you/we want, with variants/demos but there I'm sure there are other things that can be done to make things better. For example a check box similar to the permissions one to indicate if a listing is a demo or not , users could then filter on this in a similar way to how they are already able to filter for specific permissions.
  10. A couple of minor tweaks are needed to the LSL example are needed to make it work with the earlier php example "&SellerName="+SellerName+ "&SellerKey="+(string)SellerKey+ needs to be "&MerchantName="+SellerName+ "&MerchantKey="+(string)SellerKey+ Otherwise everything works perfectly, thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together.
  11. it's not about whether things are free or not ... It's about the support or lack of support. The proposal (if you can call it that) is in essence offering different levels of support depending on what you choose to effectively pay for Basic for free accounts Premium for premium menbers Concierge for sim owners That's not really any different that the offerings you could get from commercial providers, the more cover you want effectively the more you pay for it. The main complaint here is that LL don't provide the support they are currently offering, and people are concerened that the new
  12. As has already been pointed out many non premium members also pay LL real money for the purchase of L$. I don't expect them to bust a gut, just a basic level of service. I don't have a problem with only being able to log a limited subset of support requests, or even having them given a lower priority than premium accounts. These incidents weren't the first time I was ghosted, previous incidents were dealt with efficiently, but the support service seems to have gone downhill, either due to the restructuring or the update to the ticketing system. Maybe the incidents I still have open were dea
  13. Well you could start by actually replying to/actioning/updating cases for all account types (Basic in my case). I have 2 cases open for ghosting which could be closed as i'm no longer ghosted. (They relete to seperate ghosting incidents, not 2 cases raised for the same occurance) One was opened on 2nd August 2010 and is still showing as New !!!!!!!! although it was apparently updated on 23rd of Sept, but opening the case shows no information other than what was originally submitted or any evidence of an update on that date. Now I have no idea if the problem was resolved by LL or just went a
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