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  1. Beta Grid mini alert

    Possibly related to The which will require a change to the script as per
  2. Looks like that timestamp is UTC/GMT which is 8 hours ahead of PST/SL time, 7:03 UTC would be 11:03 SL Time
  3. Online script writting site...

    There was also this one
  4. If inventory_dropped object is this, then do this issue

    Try changing the change event to changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_ALLOWED_DROP) { state test; } } Also in the test state you still have the inventory index number issue raised by arton
  5. Stop llGetUnixTime when it reach a certain float

    Try llSetText((string)( 10 -Count) + " Seconds!\n\n ", <1,0,0>, 1.0);
  6. Stop llGetUnixTime when it reach a certain float

    Looks like your trying to count up to 10 seconds In which case I would use llResetTime and LLGetTime integer Count;default{ state_entry() { llResetTime(); llSetTimerEvent(0.1); } timer() { Count = (integer)llGetTime(); if ( Count <= 10) { llSetText((string)Count + " Seconds!\n\n ", <1,0,0>, 1.0); } else { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); } }} (Edited to fix syntax errors and typos)
  7. Exchange rate fluxuatiuon.

    It looks like they've factored the US$ 0.40 transaction charge into the estimated exchange rate. As this is a greater percentage of the lower purchase, it has a bigger effect on the overall exhange rate for that transaction
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  9. market place store how to promote

    Put it in your profile, see if you can get some friends to too Spend time on making your listings properly so they they rank well in search If you have an inworld presence place some sort of sign in your store Provide good customer support, so your customers will be happy to recommend you to others.
  10. Need a Maitreya logo

    Isn't there one in the developer kit available from their store inworld?
  11. Spacious roadside store, ideal for a new or expanding business 16x28m with 225 prims This store is on it's own parcel so you change the name to match your store/brand name ,choose your own background audio and control your security. For additional 30L$ a week (as charged by Linden Labs) you can even have your store listed in search. We can also add your logo to the store window so it's clear for all to see. All this for 450L$/week, what are you waiting for start or grow your business now. Come check it out at  For more information contact Theresa Manning, Niall Braveheart or one of our managers, who are listed at our information center. ~ Sweet Harmony Rentals ~ "More than just meters and prims ... it's a lifestyle" Visit our information center to see all our currently available properties.
  12. Question about boxing items price

    Just set the price on the box, then the buyer buys the box and will get either a copy of the box including it's contents or a folder containing the contents depending on which option you selected when you set it for sale.
  13. Auto group inviter script to a specific role

    Have you tried contacting whoever you purchased the bot software from, they should be able to tell you what commands to send to the bot to do this (assuming the bot has that functionality built in)
  14. Hide/Show 5 objects with switch (other object)

    Assuming the objects are in the same region as the prim with the menu script, then use llRegionSay in the menu script to send the hid/show command and a listener script in the remote prims to show/hide them depending on the command received.
  15. Visitor Logger

    Ah, I've been having the same problem. See the following thread and associated bug report