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  1. Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-03-19

    Good to see the Linden time machine is fully operational
  2. Debunked Rumors/Conspiracy Theories

    There have been a few Microsoft/Google/AOL/{mega corporation of your choice} is going to buy Linden Lab stories too
  3. One other point which I haven't seen mentioned, is that a rez box won't work well with no-mod items. Typically they require dropping a script in the object to be packaged in the box to record its positon relative to the rez box, and then move it to the correct position when it is rezzed again. You won't be able to do this with no-mod items If you put the items in the box without having added the script and recording their location, then the box will just rez them at the position the box is at and leave them there, you will need to position them manually yourself.
  4. Is SLMP trying to destroy itself?

    The code might not allow you to do exactly what you/we want, with variants/demos but there I'm sure there are other things that can be done to make things better. For example a check box similar to the permissions one to indicate if a listing is a demo or not , users could then filter on this in a similar way to how they are already able to filter for specific permissions.
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  6. Beta Grid mini alert

    Possibly related to The which will require a change to the script as per
  7. Looks like that timestamp is UTC/GMT which is 8 hours ahead of PST/SL time, 7:03 UTC would be 11:03 SL Time
  8. Online script writting site...

    There was also this one
  9. If inventory_dropped object is this, then do this issue

    Try changing the change event to changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_ALLOWED_DROP) { state test; } } Also in the test state you still have the inventory index number issue raised by arton
  10. Stop llGetUnixTime when it reach a certain float

    Try llSetText((string)( 10 -Count) + " Seconds!\n\n ", <1,0,0>, 1.0);
  11. Stop llGetUnixTime when it reach a certain float

    Looks like your trying to count up to 10 seconds In which case I would use llResetTime and LLGetTime integer Count;default{ state_entry() { llResetTime(); llSetTimerEvent(0.1); } timer() { Count = (integer)llGetTime(); if ( Count <= 10) { llSetText((string)Count + " Seconds!\n\n ", <1,0,0>, 1.0); } else { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); } }} (Edited to fix syntax errors and typos)
  12. Exchange rate fluxuatiuon.

    It looks like they've factored the US$ 0.40 transaction charge into the estimated exchange rate. As this is a greater percentage of the lower purchase, it has a bigger effect on the overall exhange rate for that transaction
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  14. market place store how to promote

    Put it in your profile, see if you can get some friends to too Spend time on making your listings properly so they they rank well in search If you have an inworld presence place some sort of sign in your store Provide good customer support, so your customers will be happy to recommend you to others.
  15. Need a Maitreya logo

    Isn't there one in the developer kit available from their store inworld?