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  1. Don't think that will work, I believe Offline IMs now only go to verified email addresses! A verified email address is required in order to: Receive offline instant messages Receive offline friend requests Participate in land auctions From the knowledgebase
  2. The same object offset from the cuboid in the Z direction as thats the one you want to make appear larger , but a different surface/face so you can place a 100% transparent texture on it so it doesn't show.
  3. Rez a cube x= 0.05 y= 0.01 z=0.01 Then set slice to Beginning 0.0 End = 0.1 Alternatively if doing it with mesh, you need to place a small invisible triangle to "trick" the system to thinking it's larger, similar to the trick used so mesh doors pivot arounf their edge https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/338230-options-for-scripting-doors/
  4. integer ichan = (integer)chan; should do it or possibly integer ichan = (integer)llGetObjectDesc(); (can't remember off the top of my head if you can directly cast the result of a function to another datatype)
  5. If it gave you a message about being spammed with urls, is it possible the object has been somehow blocked from sending any more dialog/popups to open the url. Maybe try it in a new cube or in a different region.
  6. After the line llSetText("Mere's Tipjar!", <1,1,1>,1); //Change the hovering text here Add llDialog ( llGetOwner(), name + " tipped you " + (string)amount, [] , -9168 ); Change the -9168 to some other randon nnegative integer
  7. There have been a few Microsoft/Google/AOL/{mega corporation of your choice} is going to buy Linden Lab stories too
  8. One other point which I haven't seen mentioned, is that a rez box won't work well with no-mod items. Typically they require dropping a script in the object to be packaged in the box to record its positon relative to the rez box, and then move it to the correct position when it is rezzed again. You won't be able to do this with no-mod items If you put the items in the box without having added the script and recording their location, then the box will just rez them at the position the box is at and leave them there, you will need to position them manually yourself.
  9. The code might not allow you to do exactly what you/we want, with variants/demos but there I'm sure there are other things that can be done to make things better. For example a check box similar to the permissions one to indicate if a listing is a demo or not , users could then filter on this in a similar way to how they are already able to filter for specific permissions.
  10. Highly desirable attractive waterfront parcel available to rent, 4976 sqm 1708 prims, with unnrestricted access to open sailable water. Come and have a look you won't be dissapointed, keep the house we already have there or use your own the choice is yours. Click here to visit this parcel Enjoy the stunning views Also access to shared facilities and activities including club/hangout area, jetski's, hangliding and rowing boats. If you have any queries or questions then please Contact Theresa Manning or Niall Braveheart. ~Sweet Harmony Rentals ~ more then prims and meters ....it is a life style.~ Click here to visit the Information Center
  11. Possibly related to https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-100737 The which will require a change to the script as per
  12. Looks like that timestamp is UTC/GMT which is 8 hours ahead of PST/SL time, 7:03 UTC would be 11:03 SL Time
  13. There was also this one http://www.3greeneggs.com/autoscript/
  14. Try changing the change event to changed(integer change) { if (change & CHANGED_ALLOWED_DROP) { state test; } } Also in the test state you still have the inventory index number issue raised by arton
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