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  1. See Below I never asked about you and if you felt the need to respond you obviously felt guilty or something.
  2. Thats a nice assumption you've made. Started in a tiny skybox...and I still don't have a full sim. I'm not sure why this is all about you suddenly though?
  3. Not to point fingers or cast blame... but what have YOU(yes you reading this right now) done to better RP in SL? I came to SL looking to play as an OC from a tabletop RPG I played. I could not find any sims in that games theme that would allow my character or ones with active RP to play in AND so I've spent the better part of the past year building my own sim and RP. I am very new to RP and even more so to SL but I feel a lot of people in the RP world of SL are simply lazy, tired, uninspired, jaded or some combination of those.... It takes A LOT to make a good sim and RP environment and story as I am sure many of you know. In my short time on SL Ive met some people randomly that were just sitting on their thumbs in a way and now theyre making mesh, or textures, or scripting for me.... There is TOO much wasted talent out there! TOO many hungry RPers! TOO many sims rising and falling... My thoughts? Build Communities. Encourage creative people. Support the new players and the old ones. Be as humble and fair as you can. Know that it is a labor of love. Thats what I see building up "good" RP again *hops off her soapbox*
  4. I've seen a lot of this... a good portion of people seem to have zero patience and keep everything to themselves if and when they do find something... I feel like in a lot of ways the community aspect of RP is dead and this is just leading to more and more cut off and stagnant pools of people and sims that eventually wither away. We see people spend countless lindens and time to blog clothes to share them and laud the creators on facebook, twitter, plurk, flickr...but how many people are out there doing the same for sims and their creators? How many people who actively go to sims are simply just tourists? How many RPers are actual rational players contributing to a community as a pose to stroking their own ego? I try not to think on it too much otherwise I'd probably give up on my sim and RP...
  5. Not to belittle your fears but you do realize rape jokes are a thing right? The world is heinously cruel. You have learn to walk past it or it will consume you. I doubt anyone here is trying to be malicious towards you. And tbh I think its kinda dick move not telling your partner...I doubt they want to torment you either and you told a bunch of randos on the forums... idk thats weird.. I'd be upset if I was your partner lol
  6. Thank you! Nice to see not everyone is so entitled. You paid to go there. You have to follow rules when you are there.... you seem to be forgetting the little details of reality. I would LOVE if Experiences could be more upfront and tell you what is in the sim and what sort of controls are actually needed. I feel it would make experience based sims more fun and enjoyable for everyone... Not everyone likes sudden surprises haha To me that is an indicator of good art, she triggered a sincere emotional response... however I do think you should be given a sort of warning before going into her sim knowing that you might be exposed to a personal fear. All of this could be done with a better and more transparent experience system as mentioned previously.
  7. No you don't. However this is Second Life... many seem to move through things on here at a blinding speed. A little guidance is good, even if they choose not to use it. That is fine, I do not need everyone to come to my sim. Just the people that will enjoy it ♥ There is plenty of Second Life for everyone.
  8. You are correct. Banksy is one of my favorite modern artists, I got to see the MOCO Museum in Amsterdam a few month back. ♥ I wouldn't have backed out of the buy either tbh but I am curious as to how much of that was actually set up given how good Banksy is at veiling things and getting you to look through only his... "Experience" hahaha I guess you'd never go to Dismaland or a Meow Wolf exhibit... Your loss...WAIT A SEC... Presumably you wouldnt even get on a ride or something like Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney since your EXPERIENCE is already dictated for you...even though people seem to have their own experiences and opinions of such a thing. Would you not let a friend drive you around their town and show you around either? How far does this refusal to follow go for you I wonder..... Life is about concessions and compromise....not willing to make any? Enjoy being alone I guess...
  9. I'm kinda of curious of everyone commenting who has owned/built/managed a sim? I can kind of understand the RLV and experience fear as when I first rezzed only a few months ago I was confused and terrified by it all. However after understanding and using it a bit more Its become a non issue to me, I dont go to sims where I would typically have to worry about being tricked or trolled so if there is an experience I'll typically take it if I'm interested in the sim. But as a creator and sim builder... If you dont want to EXPERIENCE my sim they way I envisioned it and would like people to engage with it...why are you here? Its my creation! What, would you go to an art gallery and start peeling things out of their frames and cases because YOU want to experience them differently?? Ludicrous... Now on the flip side I think of museums that have the little audio guides... most times I dont use them because I am in the museum for something specific so I dont use it and go about my way... the difference here? I PAID TO GET IN. If you're just FREELY going into other peoples sims the LEAST you could do is accept the experience... I'm sure im not the only person in SL who takes pride in their sim. In direct reference to the OP, I think(and hope) it will become more prevalent as more sim owners (RP sims especially) are starting to see the convenience and utility of Experiences but I also hope SL continues to fine tune how they work as there could be improvements as others have noted. If I were you I would IM and NC the sim owners or mods to ask about being able to enter without the experience but If it was my sim I'd grill the heck out of ya as to why you wanna come in my sim without the experience...not that Id would say no for certain but yeah..
  10. As title reads I have a 1/4 Moderate sim on mainland for sale. It’s really close to a road and the water. I am on my phone now but I will post a LM when I get home. The price is listed on the parcel at 60k if I remember correctly but I am open to offers as I would like to get rid of the place sooner than later.Thanks! LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Eschen/47/51/106
  11. D18 is pretty nice, I'm never there cuz my OC is an elf but I'm always up for cyberpunk RP with people! You can check out my flickr if youre interested to kinda get an idea of myself and what not, also if you're new I'd be more than happy to help with your look or anything of the sort if you like! MY name in world is Keira Moraxo and my flickr is VVV https://www.flickr.com/photos/162685525@N05/
  12. I have a couple scifi sims that I pop in and out of, Drune was my favorite but thats dust in the wind. Since I'm an elf I'm not allowed to RP in a bunch of the scifi/cyberpunk sims like D18, Cocoon, Insilico, Hangars Liquides, and the like so I kinda wander around looking. Currently I am working on another place of my own but it will be a while before its done since I'm the only one working on it. IM me in world if you want to meet up some time my display name is Keira Moraxo :3
  13. Also heres a picture of me reading your responses on my phone, less than pleased of course! :3
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