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  1. I have a couple scifi sims that I pop in and out of, Drune was my favorite but thats dust in the wind. Since I'm an elf I'm not allowed to RP in a bunch of the scifi/cyberpunk sims like D18, Cocoon, Insilico, Hangars Liquides, and the like so I kinda wander around looking. Currently I am working on another place of my own but it will be a while before its done since I'm the only one working on it. IM me in world if you want to meet up some time my display name is Keira Moraxo :3
  2. Also heres a picture of me reading your responses on my phone, less than pleased of course! :3
  3. 42, duh... No, actually she wouldnt. But inverse intersecting quantum realities demand that she ask anyway
  4. Got a discord, been doing casual RP with interested peoples and my friends in SL randomly, heres a nice picture of myself I managed to take, and as always scream incoherently at me if you have questions :3
  5. Ahoy Captain Obvious! I'm probably going to have her crawl around naked today :3
  6. Moraxo

    Boys in the girls store

    So one time I was in the Nikotin store which is in the same place as the Signature body store and I was trying to decide on getting the brick of coke that I could cut open and sniff or the bong I could smoke anywhere... As I was thinking about it I noticed this guy had/was using the coke brick so I IMed him asking about it and we made some small talk about drugs in SL and he asked if I knew about a particular product and if I had it... he ended up buying me 2 things that were like 800 or more linden each... You know.. just cuz... He never was lewd or sexual to me once... Just told me to have great day and he went on his way... I felt like I was visited by an angel lol. That is super nice haha. Hey..so uhm.. where do you hang out?
  7. Moraxo

    SL vs RL

    1. I've whittled down my IRL social circle over the years... so between that group of friends, my family the only other thing I have is my professional life. Few people if anyone in my life have ever had interest or participated in my "fantasy worlds" or "video games" so no one really asks and I don't have to talk about it. I don't think anyone would particularly care too much... or they would think its weird, which is a norm for me anyway lol. In a sense SL & RL are both filling different or specific mental and emotional needs. Since I have no partner in RL (and I'm sooo not looking) I have no one to neglect aside from my own body and my doggo. Regardless of all that all of my SL relationships that mean anything to me know that I have 0 interest in moving SL relationships to RL. I have my fembot that I play video games with, none of our other accounts have RL details and neither of us care to snoop for them and the person I'm talking to kinda srsly relationship wise on SL has a husband and kid IRL, she actually left a little RP sesh we were having because her kid wanted to play outside she let me know and I was like cool have fun!... How hard is it to use basic communication and respect someone lol? > tl;dr> SL IS SL AND RL IS RL, RL TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER SL 2. If I had an RL partner and they got mad about my SL relationship... I'd have some questions/things to say. Does my RL person play SL? No? Am I neglecting them in RL? No? Then hush! Which relationship has gone on longer? Is the RL person someone I actually plan to marry or are we just seeing each other? Does the RL person satisfy whatever needs my SL relationships are filling? Yes? Okay maybe now we can talk about me not having SL relationships...but I doubt such a person exists lol. 3. HELL YES IT DOES. Anything can be addictive really.... Humans are pretty predictable when you look at how we respond to things that make us happy or fulfill us in a certain way. For me personally its something I'm mindful of since I get so much fullfillment from it. In my mind it should never be a replacement for RL just something to augment it... and its all yours. So you assumed a bunch of stuff and then answered in a way that fit your assumptions? OP didnt ask themselves they asked you.... you dont want to answer the question you dont have to... but its kinda pointless to tell OP that they should be or act a certain way when all they wanted was your opinion...
  8. Moraxo

    Looking to invest in a growing business!!!!!

    Feel free to contact me if you havent found anything! :3
  9. You'll have to take them somewhere real nice if I'm not the one doing the job! ...Though we do have plenty of room for hired... help, as it were. THATS ALL I AM
  10. Moraxo

    Any vegans around?

    *shoots you in the foot*
  11. Moraxo

    Any vegans around?

    ....Vegan post... with no elves? What the hell?