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  1. Hi, I own a LH at Bellisseria i have no problems what so ever there low lag fps of +/- 50 buttttttt when my other half logs in he has a fps of at its highest 6/7 nothing rezzes everything stays grey 10th gen i7 gts 1660TI vidiocard 500 mbit glassfiber connection. We have tried everything clean intall now im starting to wonder because on other parts of sl he has no problems only there in the LH ....Is it because he isnt a Premium member?
  2. Hi i tried to to search for this all over the net but i cant find it.... Im Looking for a Leash script that only shows the leash coming from a ***** ring ....(just like xcite has them only i dont use my xcite genitals i cant get it to look right) I bought a Pro Bento Vajayjay and it comes with rings i just want my partner to click the part and that there is option so he can leash me only im already wearing a collor and 2 collars clash ...so the leash from down under need to be rlv-less. I hope someone can help me
  3. Ty so much Niall Braveheart It works like a charm
  4. Hi im trying to make my own tipjar script and this is waht i already got: default { state_entry() { llSetPayPrice(0, []); } money(key giver, integer amount) { string name = llGetDisplayName(giver); llSay(0,"Thank you for the generous tip, "+name+",!"); llSetText("Mere's Tipjar!", <1,1,1>,1); //Change the hovering text here } } So far im liking it because i dont want it to state how much I in totally got in donations now the folowing. I want to give it me a Dialog/text box telling me who donated how much and i need/want me the only one to see it. Anyone here who can help me with that one Thanks in advance
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