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  1. Heya Little! I did try that but perhaps I did it incorrectly. I clicked the "insert other media" button and tried adding a url through that but it would not take. Thank you SO much for the help though, I appreciate it
  2. Cleve, you need to understand that this (Bellisseria) is an ENTIRE continent that has continued to be in build mode since it's conception. In other words, there are likely "a few thousand homes" that have already been claimed. I don't know the actual number of Bellie citizens of course, but there are a lot and they ARE active. So that is why some areas are listed as "not ready" or "Coming Soon". All you have to do is open the map to see all of the green dots OR join some of the inworld groups to get all the latest info on all of the public homes, tours, activites, parties etc that happen on a daily basis. There have been two releases of homes/houseboats so far and there are more coming. There is no scam happening .. And the reason you are only seeing old homes on the webpage is because at the second you click, literally, that is all that's available. But you could refresh 5 seconds later and see a listing for one of the new ones as people do abandon them.. usually a few per day it seems. In fact, that is how I landed by houseboat a few weeks ago. There was no "new" release whatsoever at the time, I just got lucky and clicked quickly enough. You will get a home, but you need to put in the effort to educating yourself about how this "system" works and the steps you can take to hopefully make it a bit easier in acquiring a home for yourself. No one is ripping you off as I said earlier in this post, but it is not LL's responsibility to make sure that you are on your game, reading the forums for updates and keeping an eye on the land page via sl's website. Good luck and hopefully you will land a new home soon!
  3. Some shots of my houseboat. I reduced the size of these by quite a bit but unfortunately I need to upload a few pics per post it seems. Sorry guys! You can see all of the shots here if you're curious. Like I said, they are sized for Flickr, so I could not get them all to upload here https://www.flickr.com/photos/139044795@N04/
  4. Being that we are surrounded by mass amounts of water over there. This is absolutely a GREAT idea!!
  5. I must be confusing you with another Evangeline then? lol whoops!
  6. This might be a long shot .. But you were griefed a few days ago at the party. Perhaps something related to that? And if not, it's just sl testing your patience! Either way, hope you can get it sorted!
  7. After weeks and weeks of refreshing I finally landed on one. And I am just around the corner from one of the Pickles. So feeling pretty happy about my location. Have not done much with it yet. A rooftop add on and a deck from GOOSE that I modded the heck out of to shape it around the boat. That sacrificial chicken paid off after all. \o/
  8. Fox & Gear, I totally get your frustration and you are right, people should really look over the forum before asking questions to help avoid flooding the threads. But I was more specifically referring to some instances where the snarky-ness was directly put out there to specific people. It was just disheartening, you know? The other frustrations, I totally understand
  9. I have been biting my tongue about this for weeks but now I'm going to say my piece... There honestly have been some really snarky comments from people in the threads since the new homes/houseboats fiasco started up. And I am not trying to be a dick about it, but the snarky comments seem to only come from some of those who got homes early on in this process. You have your new LL home and that is wonderful, I am thrilled for everyone who managed to get one, I really am. But is it really necessary to intentionally make people feel stupid, or bully them with rude remarks? I am not going to point at anyone directly because frankly, that would make ME a bully as well. There is no excuse whatsoever to behave like you have the right to put someone on the spot and make them feel inferior and to do so over a virtual house is even more absurd... Let's be adults shall we? You have a home, great, go enjoy it. If you are waiting for one to enjoy, keep pressing that F5 button, don't give up trying! But holy hamster crap people ... Be kind to each other, it's not that bloody hard to do.
  10. Personally I am not bothered by the wait whatsoever. A watched pot never boils. I'll be happy when I get to claim mine. I just thought my chicken visual was rather comical *cheesy smile*.
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