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  1. Live chat is a joke. Everyone knows it. Testing products? Anyone that has ever had been a Merchant at other similar sites knows that every product is Tested from submittal to release for theft procurement, surety content and ease of use. Also they usually come with even eula of some type. Obviously you have never been a merchant at any other marketplace! I.E Testing IS NOT the same thing as Demo. Not sure why you would compare the two. My post had nothing to do with whats "easy to live with" rather more than an in your face money grab by Linden labs! Pure n simple.
  2. Linden labs has not earned this grab. At all. They want to compare themselves to "other" marketplaces? Okay so wheres your live desk help.? Where you can talk to a real person sitting behind a pc? Wheres the product testing that other virtual stores offer that help stamp out corruption and theft. This of course require they actually hire a real staff of people. They will not. Wheres the streamlined help desk features to help our products get better mentioned and shown other than the free for all bullcrap ugly marketplace SLX they still have in place today? Linden you should be ashamed of yourself! You have no where earned this money grab.
  3. Everyone is also forgetting that this Marketplace is VASTLY unmanaged. I'm a Merchant @ a few other 3D sites where 2d and 3d Products are sold. Each and every product is thoroughly tested prior to release at these sites. Think tanks exist where each product is scrutinized and combed over for approval. It can be done. But LL doesn't want any part of it. Because that would require hiring testers and managers to manage it all. And that simply isn't free. Overall the marketplace becomes more and more squashed with millions of ageing and now defunct products that no one buys or are competitive. Also, their ad features really leave a lot to be desired. To simply say no more new Talent exists and no one else is going to come is a bogus viewpoint and really is a slap to the thousands of existing Merchants who are here and can and are competing. Not everyone who has the Talent and skill has to have the desire for such fame and want of a huge store. Nor is it required. There are literally thousands of Vastly skilled artists here and you know what.. If Blueberry packed up tomorrow and Truth packed up and left, Guess what? The world would go on. End of story. And yes new and even more brilliant artist will emerge and they will become the next big thing. Btw, also take into account Blueberry is not some little girl sitting on her boat popping out 27 products a day. This is a robust company in place that has many employees. And they do amazing work. But that shouldn't make people blind to how much other talent is out there in SL land.
  4. In regards to in world marketing ads you can take out in sl, what is the most keywords one is allowed? When i try to publish or update my classified ad most of my keywords are cut off or left out. Im using around 250-300 characters. I see some that have as much as 750 keywords. I looked on the SL Wiki and there is nothing that talks about amount of keywords allowed. Not that i can find anyways.
  5. Okay so tonight I was lurking about my own MP Store.. and decided to select the Best Selling (tab) to compare it to the relevance tab... i refreshed the page and I'm confused. I'm sitting here looking at dozens of products that have not sold 1/50th as well as my best stuff.. and all at the near top of the page. So my question is this. What is Best Selling (tab) actually supposed to tell you? I assumed it would be the best selling items based upon unit amount sold and the total price. I think I need clarification. Nothing about the best selling tab appears right. Please help.
  6. Oh and fyi, Gatcha should have its own Category/sub categories/ etc etc and all such keywords expressed shouldn't be able to be keyed in to the general marketplace.. like if I am in Hats/.. that is a sub category for Accessories/ it ends with Hats.. I am sorry but Gatcha shouldn't be hijacking the entire string /Accessories and because a gatcha has 1 or 50 hats in it, it still shouldn't be listed in /Hats... it should be under Gatcha/Hats, etc etc.. Still 5000 more gatchas loaded since I started this session lol.
  7. Totally Agreed! I dont mind flagging an occasional product. But LL has made Tens of thousands off my brand. My customers shouldn't have to click click click and filter like this to find out whats simply new on the MP. And for those that are going to scream this Marketplace isn't intended for World Source clothing, hair, animations etc etc, and not really for content creators, than Id like to see a declaration direction from Linden Labs Themselves stating so. Every single Content Creator or designer making stuff for the use in Second Life should be right here screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs until they are heard. It wouldn't be wrong. Id even be happy to head up to Linden Council itself and sit down and show them without contraints in place to protect their own Marketplace, its gonna be an ugly place to work in. Question of the day. How many Top Designers have left Sl completely and taken their wares with them, over crap like this and how many more are we going to have to lose? Going back to work.
  8. There is a section on the marketplace for Gachas otherwise known as "Used Items" unfortunately too many gacha products aren't listed in it and you have to preclude them from category browsing and search by typing NOT gacha in the search box Claireschen Hesten Rather a$$ backwards but ok.. This is kinda like changing out the battery on a car that actually has a flat tire. lol. GATHA OWN CATEGORY!!!
  9. Is it worth suggesting and possible to create a new category for Gatchas? Bring it up at the next round table please? Because right now, these gatcha uploads are destroying the marketplace. Is there a reason they cannot have their very own listing category? They are burying every single other category and many of these (most) of these gatchas include huge sets that also include a hat, pants, shirt, top, necklace, gun, weapon, goggles etc etc etc.. you get my point. This is a daily issue. Everyday. Not some random event. When you release a product and it is instantly buried under a mountain of Gatchas with an hour.. like by 30-50 uploads, how can anyone seeing this not think how destructive it is for the overall marketplace or for gods sake the average consumer who just wants to shop for a single hat to not have to filter through these things. I have customers who cannot find my items. I have to send them a link to it. Really so now I have to sit here and pass out links instead of working. Oh they eventually do find it on their own. And their number one response? "Oh Wait I founnnnnddd it Marx, its on Page 30 and after only 6 hours. Just wow! Gatchas are not evil. But they do need their own category. I'D be glad to even make some myself some day. But id expect to sell them under a Gatcha Category. just As i do when i sell a hat, or anything else. Back to work so I can continue to get buried.
  10. Once your search has run, and you have returns, unless you are looking for free items, you can eliminate seeing 90% of the demo items by choosing to view items 1L and above by putting the number 1 into the first field under the Price options on the left and up to 99% of the demo's by making that number 2 instead of 1. Thats a great idea.!! Never thought of doing that.
  11. Hi Guys!! Firstly, Thank you for responding. I wasn't sure if it was going to be even read. This is great! I didn't know there was a listing area called "Used" and I have flagged stuff before. But to be honest after 21 hours straight.. and then uploading, packaging, marketing, uploading again, and all to get to that spot where we are filling out our information and uploading our Promos, Ill see sometimes 50 items in a place that shouldn't be there and just go, yanno, I'm too dang tired... The level playing field idea sounds great on paper. And we can toss it back and forth all we want. But the numbers will eventually speak for themselves. And people will eventually see it. There has been a serious long term degradation in the amount of produced sales and quality over time. Its happened to every other similar market where caps were not put in place to protect such market. Ive been involved with 3d since 1998. I saw the birth of Poser. And watched certain sites take their first breaths. Ive also watch most of them fail and fall. Of those only 2 stand today. If were not going to love our little plant here, and water it each and every day, and make sure we groom it and care for it, it will simply wither and die. Sometimes you got to pluck a few weeds for the whole yards sake... I love this little plant we got here. But I don't see it growing and getting healthier. Just my input.
  12. So I upload a (1) new product after nearly months, this morning at 4am pst, and wake up around noon to find it buried under 300 other products in the same category. Ive seen this trend and unregulated marketplace crap going on now for years here and just shake my head in astonishment that Lindens still, have not acted on this. It should be alarming to them that sales tank, and their Marketplace looses its robustness every week, after week, after week. I also am a member of the 3D community and have been a top merchant over there for years. Sites like Daz3d and renderosity.com also have 3D marketplaces, and yet they learned years ago that controlling how many submissions can be uploaded to Market per day, what can be uploaded, and by whom, and how often and even for how much helps to maintain a viable, robust and competitive marketplace for all to enjoy. So some interesting things to see happen would be. 1. Limit uploads per day to like say 5 of any item period. if you cant compete and make any money without doing so perhaps your in the wrong business. 2. Re-structure the marketplace to give gatcha items and resale items (items not actually created by the user) their very own Category. It's a disservice to everyone to not do so. (make people click a option box swearing they created something is how you determine this and if they lie, they get banned) 3. Start charging non creating users (resale merchants) a fee to upload. Like say 10-100l each. 4. Right now as of this post there is a Hair Merchant that has 30 active ads taken out in the Category landing page for accessories for Hats, gloves and scarves.. Kinda friggin ridiculous. How can anyone look at this and think, its even healthy or remotely compettive? Just an example. So lets say you can only buy and or have 5 active ads at any given time.. For a great example of how to run these types of markets Lindens needs to look at other similar sites like Daz and Renderosity. These sites have been around far longer. generate millions also and are still viable, healthy and robust markets today . Just urgent food for thought. I'd love to see a return to a healthy Secondlife marketplace and in world stores some day. Thanks for letting me complain!
  13. Yet again.. 1.In Internet Slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chatroom, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. Your trolling Ash!! ROFL 2. Im going back to being productive and making a living. Have a good day all. Thought for the day.. WATCH OUT FOR TROLLS
  14. you dont use forums... ROFl.. with 1084 Posts and alisted advisor.. uhhh. ok. Sorry.. youy are trolling
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