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  1. I only commented because I take extreme issue with your attempt to equate the very real, actually harmful effects of homophobia and racism in the real world with your irrational opposition to pretend vampires in a pretend world. If you wish to continue spewing crap like that, expect a response from me... otherwise, please, continue inhabiting the miserable existence of your own creation. ...Dres
  2. It would help if you stated which operating system you use. Regardless, I can tell you where it is in Windows 7... Users/Computer user name/App Data/Roaming/Viewer name/SL user name ...Dres
  3. Innula Zenovka wrote: I had no idea that Drax holds contentious political views until now (and, indeed, I'm still not sure what's said to be so contentious about them, but that's neither here nor there), I'm surprised you've lived so long ignorant of the fact that political views are usually always contentious to those who hold opposing political views. ...Dres (BTW, I've boycotted and supported the boycott of many businesses that are run by or support anti-gay groups and politicians. Just because you don't care if you give your money to people who use it to undermine your best political interests, doesn't mean everyone else is so lackadaisical.)
  4. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: Theresa Tennyson wrote: So your position is that people should be subjected to a political litmus test when considering things they do completely unrelated to those beliefs? I think you missed the point, Theresa. It's not Drax's political views that are at question, it's his attempts at vilifying anyone who disagrees with his political views that are so very troublesome. ...Dres Deltango was stating that Linden Lab needed to do a certain type of promotion. I pointed out where they did in some cases exactly what he asked for through a Second Life resident. Who is apparently obnoxious, at least in certain people's opinion. The videos are actually pretty good though. Now, should they have been rebranded as being by Videographer Linden, similar to how Moles are incognito residents? They'd be the same thing, by the same person though. Or should any possible contributor be vetted on his or her obnoxiousness? In Second Life? Seriously? The number of residents who'd pass muster would fit in a small travel trailer, with breathing room. Or should they bring in someone from the outside? But this is "our world, our imagination", isn't it? What do you think the comments about bringing in "an outsider who doesn't understand Second Life" be like? Or should they just throw up their hands and say, "There's no making these whackadoodles happy so why bother?" I fail to understand why you're asking me all of this. I said nothing about Drax's videos and, in fact, think they're rather good. I simply take issue with your assertion that Derek was suggesting people be put to a political litmus test, when, in actuality, it's Drax who seemingly requires people to pass his own political litmus test... or else they should be dubbed one of the "crazies". I couldn't honestly care less who LL decides to sponsor, but surely even you can tell the difference between user content and LL sponsored content. By accepting LL sponsorship, Drax has placed himself in a position which requires a bit more scrutiny than that to which other, simple users are subject. While I wouldn't feel it necessary to call him out simply because someone points to his videos, I generally agree with Derek's position on Drex's behavior. I'm not suggesting that LL should not make use of his videos because of this... I'm suggesting that Drax needs to consider how that type of behavior looks, in light of his elevated position in the SL community. Please, understand that its not his political views with which I take issue, if for no other reason than my views are pretty much in line with the ones I've seen him express... his promotion of divisiveness is what I find objectionable. I've told him this before and would like to believe that he understands my position, even though he never responded to me concerning the matter. I get the feeling that his lack of response was reactive to the fact that my comments didn't quite fit with his objective of vilifying those with whom he disagrees. Of course, I've no real way of knowing. ...Dres
  5. Snowgoose Yootz wrote: Look at it this way, if you call a gay person "queer" or a black man a "**bleep**" or a Hispanic a "spick" and they do not hear you, is it still OK to do it? Oh, ffs! Racism and homophobia are actually harmful... vampire roleplay is not. Snowgoose Yootz wrote: All we want is a choice, Is that really so hard for the PV morons to understand? Sorry, darling... you don't get a say in what goes on in other people's imagination. ...Dres
  6. Theresa Tennyson wrote: So your position is that people should be subjected to a political litmus test when considering things they do completely unrelated to those beliefs? I think you missed the point, Theresa. It's not Drax's political views that are at question, it's his attempts at vilifying anyone who disagrees with his political views that are so very troublesome. ...Dres
  7. Posting this here will most probably accomplish nothing. You really should've ARed this person as soon as you saw them, as impersonating a Linden is a big no-no. A friend of mine once got banned because she jokingly set her display name to something which included "Iinden", wherein the first letter was a capital "i". I can assure you that the powers that be will not take kindly to this person's user name, but they must be notified about it first. While there is an off chance that an actual Linden might see this thread, an AR would be much more effective. ...Dres
  8. You don't need a hud to protect yourself against this sort of attack. It's quicker and more efficient to simply hit Alt+Shift+S, which is the shortcut to ground sit. When sitting down, no one is able to knock you around or shoot you into the sky... and you don't have to take the time to find your hud (or wear one all the time) to render their actions ineffective. Then, of course, AR them and block them. At no time ever should you actively engage with them... as that's their entire raison d'etre. ...Dres (If you find it difficult to remember that shortcut, consider what the first letter of each key spells and how it corresponds to what that person is being.)
  9. Helen Quirina wrote: Hi everybody, I discovered myselft imitating in RealLife my AVI AO movements :matte-motes-agape: Is this happening to someone else ? .... Have I to be worried ? :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: I believe the answer to your second question is entirely contingent upon the AO you use. I use two... a regular, everyday one and a drunken one. I find that I emulate the latter more often than the former... in which case, I'm quite sure I've nothing about which to worry. ...Dres
  10. YorkshireLadUK wrote: SL is such hard work, I even have to type in google how to post in this forum. Wait a minute... you honestly found an instructive page concerning the proper way to post something on the Second Life official forum with Google?... WOW!!! Was it this same page which suggested that you embolden the entire content of your post... perhaps, leading you to believe that it would somehow result in garnering you more attention by doing so? I believe it's time you discontinue considering Google your friend. ...Dres
  11. Derek Torvalar wrote: My suggestions were quite valid Your suggestions are crap! Never have I been able to walk down a street, read a book, go to a pub, to a theater or museum and be able to find the huge amount of pornographic material that I'm able to find on the web with my computer. The only way that my emotions would cloud my judgement is if they were firmly embedding in my testicles... which they aren't. ...Dres (Denial is my best friend.)
  12. Drew Bhalti wrote: I'm hoping somebody has a transscript. I've checked the typical places and not finding any. Give them time, I'm sure once it's transcribed you'll be able to find it in all the familiar places. ...Dres
  13. Take a step back, Bobbie, sweety. Our good friend, Henry, never once mentioned accosting the girl for sex. Regardless of the ability of most of us who've been here long enough to be able to usually read between the lines, it takes a great leap of logic to assume that the OP wasn't just simply trying to being friendly, rather than actively advocating his position within her undergarment of choice. Should we not give him the benefit of doubt that we would give any other fool who dares to create such an amusingly self-delusional thread here? I think not. ...Dres
  14. Pamela Galli wrote: Looks up at forum name... Bags of douche shall be forever known as douche bags. ...Dres
  15. Are you hiring? ...Dres (Or are you suggesting that ultra-perverted, homosexual activity is part of either of your or your alter-ego counterpart's vast knowledge base. After all... that is my area of expertize.)
  16. Have you given any thought to her seeing you as being a bit too forward? Perhaps offering her friendship well before such social norms have been met was enough to throw up red flags in her mind. Perhaps you went even further than that and don't realize even how objectionably such actions can sometimes affect people. Maybe she just had a feeling, by the way you'd behaved, that you might show up at her home uninvited and banned you as a precaution. This isn't something I'd be prone to do, but it's quite understandable for someone who is... and they need not consider Second Life as seriously as you seem to indicate. Your proclamation that, "someone else banned" you from visiting their parcel is quite telling. Could it be that you honestly have no idea how obnoxiously repulsive you really are, within the social structure of SL? Maybe, you just haven't realized that making friends in SL requires much, much more than simply sending a friend request as you would on Facebook or some other superficial, social media site. For most people here, developing a rapport is a simple prerequisite to establishing friendship... similarly to real life. Do yourself a favor... remember that the next time you send someone a friend request in SL and make sure that you've established a rapport with them first, as you would anyone with whom you'd intend to start a friendly relationship in RL. ...Dres
  17. You're all fools. Damned Fools, I tell's ya! ...Dres
  18. DejaHo wrote: Dresden Ceriano wrote: DejaHo wrote: I froth daily For some strange reason, I believe this proclamation should made into a bumper sticker. ...Dres Don't tease me with illusions of grandeur. I am very happy with my smiley face. Oh, give me a break... your grandeur was established a long time ago. It ain't my fault stupid people don't get it. ...Dres
  19. BlueTrianon wrote: You don't fool me! Everyone knows that a REAL Girl that's a real girl in REAL Life would wear pink sparkly nail polish with that outfit. Damn!!! ...Dres
  20. valerie Inshan wrote: Dres, these have to be the kindest, sweetest and most caring words I've been told in many, many years. Oh please... you're exaggerating. valerie Inshan wrote: All I can do is adding to what I wrote about you in the "Love Me Notes" contest some time ago: "Dark, Beautiful, Mysterious"... and a wonderful soul too. I believe what you've referenced here is a poem which I'd written for a LL forum-based contest... one of which I was very proud... only because it seemed to be meaningful enough to enough people that I actually won (I was honestly shocked that I did... lol). I don't remember you using those specific words at the time, but seeing them now honestly means the world to me. I cannot thank you enough. You are a beautifully wonderful person who will always have a place in my heart. ...Dres
  21. Just thought I'd mention that I have Shadows enabled all the time... it's Depth of Field that I have turned off until I think I really need it... usually for picture taking. ...Dres
  22. DejaHo wrote: I froth daily For some strange reason, I believe this proclamation should made into a bumper sticker. ...Dres
  23. Richtea57 wrote: Absolutely no need to apolgise, I took them in the spirit they were offered. My reply may have given the impression I was offended, but I wasn't in the slightest, my reply was meant to imply that I'm a **bleep**....but I'm not a frothing one. Relax, no problem here. Pardon me... I sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between those who are clutching their pearls and those who are simply readjusting their scrotum for comfort. ...Dres
  24. DejaHo wrote: Have you ever tried a novocaine enema? Sounds intoxicating. ...Dres
  25. Markham Weatherwax wrote: I wanted to do a simple thing: I wanted to report a bad link on the main Secondlife website. You fool. Markham Weatherwax wrote: 20 minutes later I am banging my head onto my desk in complete and utter frustration. I hope you're only doing this because it feels so good when you stop. ...Dres
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