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  1. Or more specifically... What are the best rocks, minerals, plants, trees, and similar/identical objects, which I can place on my land in Second Life? I already have some natural objects (Including a number of animals), but I'd like rocks, plants, and such which I can change the seasons of, so my lands look more natural. So, please freely send me your Marketplace recommendations...Cheers! EDIT: I already tried to run a search for this, but came up empty, so this is why I'm asking here.
  2. Ironically enough, my windmill is not a gacha item. And yet, it is also no-copy. I went as far as to contact LL and have them attempt a region-restart. Well, this did absolutely no good! So, I tried once again resetting the windmill 'blade' scripts, re-logging, and re-rezzing it...None of which worked. My last repair attempt, as had been suggested by the Linden, was to contact the creator directly. I asked him via NC to see if he could fix the script in my rezzed windmill. Hopefully, he will oblige and not block me in frustration. EDIT: The gacha windmill on the other sim now seems to be fixed
  3. Hello all! I'm having a problem, which I notice at least one other person or group on another sim is having as well. I notice there are at least a couple different windmills, where the blades no longer rotate. I see this happened with mine and someone else's on a public sim. Does anyone have any idea why this could be? Note: My windmill is called the Rustic Windmill. And it was built by Aniki Adamczyk. The other windmill is called the 02_8f8 - New Beginnings - Windmill RARE, which is a gacha item. Though this other one isn't mine. And when I was on the sim it was on, I
  4. Hey. Listen, I was one of the people affected by this rather annoying glitch. My good friend, gingerholly Resident is also affected, and the above fix didn't work for her. (-_-) In fact, she and I just ran another test on it and neither one of us received the IM we sent to each other. So, nice try, Rolig, but your stop-gap solution didn't work 100%. I can still read the note-cards people send me, but everything else gets automatically hidden...Even when the above measures are taken. We need a better work-around...NOW!!
  5. Very nice, thank you. Now I just have to find out which viewers are EEP viewers... o.o
  6. Ah, this explains it but...What is ALM? And it'd be better if the stars didn't clip through the rising or setting moon as detailed in the following snapshot...
  7. Thank you. I did receive an answer within the Official Group as well about it coming this year. I can hardly wait...Meow! =^_^=
  8. Hello again, everyone! After my previous question regarding the Windlights (And a little grueling business the other day), I'm starting to wonder when the next version of Catznip will be rolled out. It's already been more than a year since the previous version came out. So...Does anyone here have any ideas? I also tried joining the Official Catznip Group and asking there twice, but I didn't receive a response. Anyway, please let me know...Thanks in advance!
  9. Ohh...I see they're back to normal now. It must have been the way I had my graphical settings. I do admit the sky does look better now. You're welcome. I'm glad you like it.
  10. Um...Hi there! It has been quite a while since I posted anything here at all. But upon logging in tonight and seeing it dark in-world, I happened to notice a little something...Different. What, you ask? The stars, of course! They're...Bigger and brighter. And square-ish, with a hint of green on them. Here's a picture, so you can see what I mean...Anyway, please tell me this is like some kind of joke or something. I can even see the stars in wire-frame mode! Normally, this wouldn't be possible. Who made this change, when, and why? Please let me know...Thanks. P.S. If this was LL's d
  11. FYI: I can't afford a dog and my RL landlord won't allow pets of any kind where I live anyway. I guess I'll go watch the birds or watch my plants grow. I've always been a nature-lover/environmentalist at heart anyway. I don't even care if I make any more money now anyway. Blessed are the poor.
  12. Gah! I guess it doesn't really matter now anyway. We're all going to be super-disenfranchised by 2019 anyway. There's no point in even complaining anymore.
  13. Oh dear! Do you know how long this will be going on? And will we get any compensation as a result of this?
  14. Hi there. It has been a while since I've posted anything here. Usually, I don't unless I somehow can't access LL's Live-Chat feature. This is one of those cases...Anyway, I cannot seem to log into my account on either the third party viewer I use (Catznip) or the regular SL Viewer. Are there unexpected rolling restarts going on? I was playing just fine until roughly 15 minutes ago. But when I try to log in, I get an error with a link suggesting I access the Grid Status page? But I'm not seeing any indication of any restarts going on right now. So are there or is it another issue on
  15. Hello, everyone. It has been quite some time since I posted anything on here, but oh well. Here goes...I seem to be unable to uncheck the 'safe' (No damage) box on my land settings. I have tried a couple work-arounds, but neither one of them works. Does anyone have any idea why I am not able to access this option? Thanks in advance...
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