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  1. Ah, it's Tuesday now, so i figure any ol' day'll do And I have no idea how to do any more than what I've done....and I'm not even sure what that is
  2. Ah, that would explain why my partner dumped me, then. Having signed off what had been, up to the then, romantic emails, with LOL
  3. Or there's the classic SITKWWTHICOHF Standing in the kitchen wondering what the hell I came out here for
  4. I always think I *should* remember it, I was certainly old enough, but I'm not sure I do. oooh, I got FWIW straight away. I feel rather happy about that:)
  5. I had to google ASL, which, perhaps, gives a clue that I may not be a prticularly young and hep cat, (as I believe the kids say). On the other hand, I know how to Google, so I am almost 'with it'
  6. Crikey! " taking several minutes to have it resolved" I feel your pain. Several minutes? I have no idea how to cope with all that time....I suppose I could make a cup of tea or something else equally mad, ( i'm wacky, me).
  7. Random nonsense. If the random nonsense has a healthy dollop of jolly silly stuff, then so much the better. Any quotes should be entirely fictional and pointless and attributed to either a taxi driver called Big Phil; " I had that bloke from Masterchef in my cab the other day; he couldn't peel a banana", or a hairdresser called Sharon, " Leave it, Darren. He's not worth it"
  8. Mostly walk into walls and various other inanimate objects.
  9. Scylla Rhiadra wrote: I think you should just roll with it. *ha ha ha* Honestly, though, it's a little hard to take you seriously now. Dumb noob mistake. I open my heart and spread vulnerabilty liberally and don't get taken seriously. I've a good mind to storm off in a huff....or just go to bed....yes bedtime it is.
  10. Madelaine McMasters wrote: ... empties a basket of warm sesame bagels on the table, slices them in half and hands the beautiful seeded tops to all the bleeding angels, leaving you with nothing but seedless bottoms. Greedy bleeding angels! What the bloody hell am i supposed to do with half a dozen bottoms...*consults Benny Hill's feminist treatise for ideas...without success*
  11. you did, you truly did...well as it's ten to midnight as i type this, the day's not over, but I'm confident
  12. Sephina Frostbite wrote: Such a tragedy! You have seen some hard times however you must go on. Give it a chance to make it right. I have, but fortunately, just when I feel I have hit rock bottom, an inspirational post like yours picks me up, dusts me down and I start all over again.
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