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  1. Stickied for easy reference.
  2. Eloise, in the name of great pair I must persist! Hey, synchronous thought about Lamb — I had a similar idea. I've had mixed results adding bangs before. Unless they use the same texture and prim positioning style, they can look too choppy — and I don't mean in a desired way.
  3. valerie, wow! Nice find... you sure are good at this. Thanks, it's a trip back to the quasi-Bradbury building for me! I see it! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SAIKIN/74/84/701 UPDATE: I tried it on and it doesn't quite suit me as shown here. forehead is high and I prefer a touch of imminent, sweeping bangs. But the hair base they use is a neat tattoo trick (and I'm so glad we can Add multiple tattoos).
  4. @Keli That looks like a lot of snack! Thanks, I'll check out that drive-in. @Jo Wow, you've even themed your profile badge. I like the corner angle of that first shot, complete with a zeppelin.
  5. What are your favorite things to do in Second Life? It's a simple, fun question, right? Let's share so we can get to know each other and discover new activities... and for bonus points ;), give details! For example, if you enjoy roleplaying, where? And a lot of us like shopping, but there are different ways: I'm big on scrolling through the Marketplace's Featured Items carousel to see what random awesome comes up. Here's my list of favorite things of what I do when I "play" SL, although it overlaps with work! Sometimes they gel, sometimes they clash! ("Grrr not another meeting, I'm not don
  6. Ohai! So, I've been experimenting with all kinds of coiffures... and I have yet to see a braid design like Yulia Tymoshenko's. Anyone know where can I find something like this? Thanx. ^_^  
  7. Thanks Vincent for the heads-up! Mmm more cloudy goodness... the skies always had little fluffy clouds in 'em, and, uh... they were long... and clear and... there were lots of stars at night... In related WindLight news... I need to set expectations that isn't ready yet, as Oz Linden said.
  8. ^ Thanks, Ciaran, knowing you find it helpful... helps us! On a related note, if anyone reading this owns or knows a cool machinima theater, we want to get you showcased on the Destination Guide. See this for details.
  9. Ohai! Since the Month of Machinima begins in May (mmm),  The Linden Lab Editorial Team (including me) is looking for cool movie theaters to check out inworld, and consider for inclusion in our Destination Guide... so other Residents can come and enjoy! The one big thing to keep in mind is: LEGAL MOVIES ONLY like public domain or your own machinima — we don't want the MPAA bustin' down anyone's doors. :O So please share SLurls (what?), and/or if you prefer, submit directly to the DG. UPDATE: For the current list, check out http://secondlife.com/destinations/media/
  10. @Keli RL, what's that? Hehe, in RL I strive for minimal belongings, I've been converting what I can into digital forms. I always have a huge sigh of relief upon decluttering, or feel good giving unused stuff to thrift shops. Hopefully someone(s) will find a better use for that. @Darcie55 Ah yes! All those hunt treasures add up — think about what you really use regularly, your favorites. Actually, that brings to mind: I also have FAVE folders for stuff like attachments (like certain HUDs) I use across many outfits. I wish there was a one-click way to "star" items (as you can on various web se
  11. Hey Penny, thanks for sharing. I like your use of depth-of-field and bloom/glow, both popular shader effects in games. Which games are you really enjoying right now? I'm going to be playing Mass Effect 2's Arrival after work! ME2 has some of the most gorgeous "spacey" atmospheres I've seen. When I'm in SL, I also sometimes like to simulate a similar look 'n' feel — your Camera Control HUD has helped with that. Gamers expect certain concepts when they come inworld. There are also some debug settings to minimize and control how glow looks, I think most begin with "RenderGlow"... One suggestio
  12. Good gosh. I've moved this thread to Community Feedback since it's decidedly ON-TOPIC for this. No, we don't approve of our tools coming into work under the influence... This is like the community.secondlife.com equivalent of http://damnyouautocorrect.com
  13. I just did a blog post focusing on spring-cleaning your inventory, so you can focus on what matters.
  14. I hadn't tried this before. There was a HUD that I used a long time ago, but it broke and only kept my eyes shut for a few seconds — not long enough for a decent nap! Thanks for sharing this fresh tip.
  15. On rare occasion, I've seen some offbeat likeminds assemble WHOLE AVATARS of demo stuff — not just hair with floating boxes but skins imprinted with DEMO DEMO DEMO DEMO. It's kinda punk! "Demo couture", shall we say?
  16. Spring is in full swing, and that goes hand-in-hand with spring cleaning — which includes your Second Life inventory! Wait, what's that? You dread opening up those dusty folders with hundreds, even thousands of items that you've never used. I bet that rings a bell. Have no fear. While the psychological burden may initially seem like a mountain, taking small steps is the key. Cleaning your inventory isn't exciting compared to hanging out with friends in cool places, but each of these tips only takes minutes, and when combined, will help you feel sooo much better after decluttering! Plus, di
  17. Perrie, thanks for pointing that out and with pictures (GREAT) — I soundly agree. Not to mention that the "old way" also loaded faster than waiting for each web page to refresh. I don't surf picks much anymore due to this. You're not alone in observing this awkwardness, and I'll be sure to bring this issue up (again) the next opportunity I have! I note there are various websites that can smoothly pop up info (or lightbox it) without loading a new page. Even Google has a feature like that when mousing over search results.
  18. Fmeh Tagore wrote: My big complaint about this is that every time it updates, it writes over the exisiting floater_im_container.xml file, so I have to go in and edit it by hand to have tabs on the left every time. Tabs on the bottom are practically unusable once you have more than 5 people in tabs--it's bad enough they don't give a "tabs on left" option to begin with, but to have to go in and change it every time they force an update sucks. Fmeh, while I don't know precisely why these latest updates have been mandatory (in the past, Linden Lab has enforced them to plug security holes),
  19. Yeah, the current path is an odd, confusing roundabout and would benefit us to be integrated better — especially for all of you who are used to uploading textures to your Second Life inventory to use them. I've seen suggestions before to save textures to disk as .PNG (in addition to .TGA), which is a web-friendly format. I agree with this. So relearning may be puzzling, but as Winter Ventura points out, makes more sense when you consider broad compatibility. Approach it from a fresh perspective and hopefully you'll get used to it? Let us know in the future. In the meantime, what I suggest go
  20. leliel, are these fairly common cards too? Can you name 'em? There's a huge variety of GPUs (and model variations) but we do keep stats on what Residents are actually using. Also, clarification: that gpu_table.txt is from the old days, don't refer to that. We update the table on the web now, so if you're using the newest official Viewer and your card isn't recognized at startup, that's a sign. Aha, I found the source: "Our GPU/feature table is now stored on the web, so as new hardware comes out or drivers change, we can modify the features without requiring a new viewer" http://wiki.secondli
  21. I keep hearing good things about the 460 GTX being a great bang-for-the-buck... SC = SuperClocked? Should be even better It reminds me of when I started Second Life on a 4200 Ti. I haven't used a 460 GTX firsthand but I have the 480 GTX. You should be able to set yours to Ultra in most conditions and have a good time, unless a place is especially dense and you can temporarily lower draw distance — remember to click Hardware button in the graphics settings and turn on Antialiasing to smooth out jaggies, I recommend 4x or better! Also, it is normal for newer hardware to not be recognized for a
  22. Sweet tweak. *squees and gives kudos* I had forgotten about this. Backstory, because I'm glad you brought it up: YES, long ago, I discussed with Zen Linden about the possibility of adding a swatch to change the sky texture, much as you can do it with the water texture (normal map). I changed the clouds to all sorts of ridiculous things like smiley faces (I can't believe I have a pic of that), too. Sigh. Sure would make it a lot more user-friendly and flexible per-setting. Since that hasn't happened yet, the next best thing must be your overhaul that goes beyond Perlin noise, Vincent!
  23. I post my movies on the Official Second Life/Linden Lab Channel... mostly video tutorials, but I've also done Destination Guide videos with Brett Linden like this, we have a lot of fun putting them together:
  24. Dana Hickman wrote: One can also use the GlovePIE input emulator (which is free) to simply bind one of those mouse thumb buttons that SL doesn't make use of to your recording softwares start/stop key. :smileywink: Ahh! I haven't heard of that before, so thanks for making me aware. Earlier, I found Microsoft's own driver software able enough to map my Intellimouse Explorer 3.0's thumb buttons to various shortcuts — it sounds like GlovePIE is wayyyy versatile, though.
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