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  1. Here's more historical info on said green voting stations you may find enlightening.
  2. Definitely read Philip K. Dick's Ubik. It's a popular sci-fi novel but I haven't seen it get enough love in Second Life circles. It doesn't deal with virtual worlds from a "jacking into the computer" perspective more prevalent in recent novels, but PKD's fave theme of "What is real?" pervasively and thrillingly runs through the book from beginning to end. It's a pretty brisk read and I was awed. You'll especially enjoy it if you get a kick out of the more surreal timeclash elements in SL. PKD is one of the most influential writers when it comes to "simulated realities" and "artificial life".
  3. I love cohesively-themed, intensely-immersive builds — each with a unique vibe and personality. For anyone who doesn't already know our Destination Guide, a plethora of that quality lies within! And if you own a great build that's not in there, why not submit? One exceptional place of numerous that I've enjoyed has been the Baedal sci-fi mines. If you need to get your Martian-magma fix on, here's the place to BURN!!!! Also, I keep an ongoing photographic chronicles of my Second Life journeys. If you see a pic that interests you, click through to get the SLurl and teleport there!
  4. Our Editorial Team (who curates the Destination Guide) is seeing some mighty fine places here. Alas, I've noticed threads where a place is named without a SLurl — that's a direct link to a Second Life inworld location. You want people to come visit, right? So make it easy and include a SLurl! SLurls are integrated into Viewer 2.x. Here's a quick video that shows you exactly how to use this: Learn more about SLurls in our Knowledge Base. For bonus points, you can include pictures of a pretty place in your post. Since Second Life is visual, a picture can determine whether someone's
  5. Ha, Storm, that compilation is close to winning tha intarwebz... or at least community.secondlife.com I showed it to some other Lindens on the Community Platform Team, lulz all around.
  6. There's a BIG LIST of sandboxes in http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Building-tips/ta-p/700041
  7. When logged in, https://marketplace.secondlife.com/orders shows your order history, including proof that you paid — and if items haven't been delivered yet, you should see a status message under those specific items.
  8. Some history: yes, we can trace IPs. But as pointed out, yes, the spammers have been spoofing and rotating through IPs. We went to the source and asked the company (IX Web Hosting) that hosts the spammers' site to shut it down, since they also spam/scam at a variety of other places. Sadly, IX was unhelpful and unwilling to investigate further without having us jump through a head-scratching amount of legal hoops — despite stating in their own terms of service that they don't allow such behavior, and the mass of evidence we showed. ARGH frustrating I know, right? Our moderators are here 7 days
  9. @Rhonda G'morn! I find I'm greatly unproductive when moved outside of my familiar environs. Even using another computer which isn't setup with my shortcuts and timesavers, and most people seem to be relatively lax about organizing their desktop. On a somewhat related note, I cracked up seeing business cat here. That feline boss reminds me of my own cuddly-wuddly, Mr. Sushi aka ONYX GUMDROP. He's a gangsta rappa cat.
  10. Suella Ember wrote: Torley Linden wrote: I once tried an experiment where I used a deliberately boring ("conventional robot") voice in some videos. Let me see if I can find... oh yeah, . That wasn't even the most monotone/sedate one... you should've heard the feedback on those. Actually, I noticed a while ago that you seemed more 'conventional' in one of your videos - I think it might have been the one you did when Display Names was first introduced. I remember wondering if you had done that because it's quite a detailed, important and hotly debate issue. Whatever the reason was, I
  11. I hearted The Goonies which inspired you, I also played the heck out of the NES game. That 80s adventure vibe will live with me forever! On a related note for you, Loki, I really enjoyed visiting The John King Experience — being dropped down those levels into a storm was quite the immersive storytelling! And how the big illustrations would fade in and out as the story's being told. I actually found out about it when browsing the Destination Guide. Which, to everyone reading this, if you want a cool place you've made/own considered for inclusion, submit it!
  12. It's up to 500 now. (Sorry to all you DBZ fans who thought it should be "OVER 9000!") More details @ http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Avatar/UPDATE-Lexie-Linden-told-me-image-uploads-have-been-bump/qaq-p/738685/comment-id/1023#M1023
  13. UPDATE: Lexie Linden told me image uploads have been bumped up to 500 per profile, and it's on her list for this limit to be stated in Community Help. In the meantime, the search function here when typing "upload limit" seems to be working as intended. With good reason, I've been seeing how awesomely some of you have been using image uploads! Quite a thrill to see who's been putting it to good use — especially these fun photo threads. Derek, I know you also asked Brett Linden, so I hope this clarifies thangs for ya!
  14. Friendly greetings Aerrin, an awesome welcome to Second Life. These Residents have said it! Sometimes I parody the infomercial style since it's so familiar — but at the core of it all is being human with a sense of humor, reflective of my sense of wonder about Second Life, which it sounds like you're beginning to experience, too. And I always wish to share that as a Linden Lab employee, I'm a real person with a personality and feelings like you... not a robot. I once tried an experiment where I used a deliberately boring ("conventional robot") voice in some videos. Let me see if I can find.
  15. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Clonefighter wrote: Im pretty new, so I havent really developed a look for my avatar yet, though currently, its not me at all. Clone! Welcome to Charlie Foxtrot ... umm, I mean the new forums! As you can see, a lot of picking an avatar is deciding what you want to been seen as. Even if you pick a straight up human you still have to choose size, style, ethnicity or even gender. And then there are people like Torley that refuse to choose! If you need help, ideas, being pointed in the right direction or even just want to know if something is possible, feel fre
  16. Venus, big thumbs-up for green eyeshadow too. It's woefully underused! But I figure, if it's good enough for Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars fame, it's good enough for me! So, HERE'S MY SMILE
  17. Cerise Sorbet wrote: LOLWUT? I herd u liek memes I look forward to a master compilation of all of these amusing-yet-dubious ranks. Hey, this is a fun way to get guise to learn how to upload images to da new system, amirite? Thanks Irene Muni for pointing me back here and MY HOW IT'S GROWN
  18. @WolfBaginski Yeah, we've checking to see if we can actually modify or add explanatory text to the button name so it stands out more — seeing how many Residents asked for it on the last system. You're welcome!
  19. @Darrius Excellent points. (1) I notice you asked earlier where the official help is for using this system. Look for Community Help in the top-right of many pages. For your specific curiosity, see the Images section: right now, you can only upload images to your personal gallery here. For security reasons, we don't allow linking to images already on the web (like Flickr). (2) I've run into that and it definitely looks like a bug. I'll report it. @Jack42 Cheers mate! @Void I've been glad seeing this in early use. Thank you for sharing!
  20. Friendly greetings back to ya! I don't have global thread deletion permissions on this new system (YET) but I've already pinged other Lindens about this so our new moderation team can take it from there and KILL SPAM.
  21. What an awesome exibition that grows more vibrant each day! Thanks for the guide, Suella, I've floated (stickied) this topic because it's broadly useful + fun. I'm also going to continue revising my badge as I learn the system better, thanks to tips like the ones within!
  22. @George Your encouragement is appreciated! Speaking of listening to customers, in response to hot Resident requests, I just did my first two posts on the new Tips and Tricks blog: [QUICKTIP] How to View Threaded Forum Posts [VIDEO] Macros Save You Time with Frequently-Used Text and Images
  23. Friendly greetings! I'm delighted to see you, now that community.secondlife.com is live for your vibrant participation. (The old blogs.secondlife.com addy still works, and redirects.) If you're new to this site or even Second Life, check out "Welcome to the New Second Life Community Platform", and remember that Community Help is accessible from many pages. A bit about myself: I'm Torley Linden, and have loved being an intense part of Second Life since 2004. I believe that creative expression through your avatar is a self-empowering and healing benefit. Here's who I am today, yes I'm meditat
  24. Hot question answered up ahead! Some of you have been wondering how to switch your forum — and in general, discussion — view to threaded view, which is commonly used on other systems so you can track branched conversations. It's easy! When logged in, click My Settings. Click the Preferences tab. Click the Display tab underneath that. Select Show all posts in a topic. Scroll down and Save Changes. This video shows you precisely how: Like I mentioned in the video, I recommend having a web browser with two tabs open, so you can easily flip between making changes and seeing what effect they h
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