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  1. Thank you for your replies from experience! And the kind words, I love sharing. I was in particular thinking about how newer Residents who start in Basic mode are already be accustomed to Double-click to Auto-pilot, as Opensource mentions. And in that way, it'd make sense to keep in on by default as they "graduate" from Basic to Advanced mode. Those of us who grew up on what's now Advanced mode at least know what our options are. @Cinnamon Aside from being able to teleport fairly far as shown in my video, I haven't run into that message yet, so I'll need to test further. Both of these usabi
  2. I advocate for smarter SL Viewer defaults, and as shown in this video and explained with text instructions here, there's a "Double-Click to Teleport" feature you may find to be a great time-saver: Do you want this on by default? (No guarantee it will be, but at least I'll have your REAL opinion to show if/when I need to back this up.)
  3. @verdale Also, do you have any USB joysticks or other controllers in? Those can be used to control Second Life, and can inadvertently move you around. For example, I have a SpaceNavigator that I leave on a tilted slope. On occasion, I've logged in to find my view changing just like you describe. You can easily turn OFF these other controllers: Select Me menu > Preferences. Click Move & View tab. Click Other Devices. Next to Control Modes, uncheck Avatar (and Build, if desired). Avatar is on by default, I think.
  4. I, Torley Linden, am not currently blogging because my work focuses have shifted elsewhere... but you can get in touch with me on my profile page! -- In the Advanced mode of the Second Life Viewer, subtle-yet-powerful new Preferences get added — and overlooked — leaving them less used than they could be, which makes me sad unless I do something about it. I love to champion this stuff because I know how much enjoyment it can add to your Second Life. One bit I'd like to call out is the ability to double-click and teleport just about anywhere you see. I'm voracious about sightseeing in Second
  5. Re: grid monkeys, there may be an inworld "easter egg" in the not-too-distant future.  Perrie, I wonder how they made that! (Whether it was recording both convos on the same screen, or separate screens and compositing. Given the independent typing unless some other editing tricks were involved, I'm inclined to believe the latter.) I'm enamored with showing two (or more) perspectives... and the ending message is a beautiful one. It reminds me of a book I read the other day called How Full Is Your Bucket? Also, from Ramit Sethi: "Success in life is directly proportional to the number of awkwa
  6. Wildcat Furse wrote: Torley, beside the aesthetic aspects, low skyboxes cause problems for aviators in second life too, most pilots stay just below or just above the clouds and then get confronted with whatever is built up there. How hard you try to stick to whatever flightroute, the buildings can change daily ...., is it therefore an idea to create a 'no built zone' between certain altitudes? *meows* It is worth noting that for people who wonder "Why doesn't Linden Lab try an experiment for land without skyboxes?", there's Linden Homes that specify "Land cannot contain sky boxes". Beyo
  7. In short, yes, Linden Lab is currently invested in updating Second Life's graphics. Being "complacent" is a wrong assumption, but Majorino, I can understand if you're coming from a Steam-powered background (if you get my drift), your perspective would be weighted a lot more heavily on visual aesthetics... than someone who's a casual gamer but cares more about ease-of-use, which is a more visible priority because of our CEO Rod's posts. We do have a lot of Resis on lower-end hardware and can't even see SL in its current Ultra graphics mode, so please keep that in mind. (It'd be interesting to
  8. Compliments can go a long way. What's special about your lover, especially something you've noticed that others likely miss? Tell them. Did they change their hair since last time you met? Their clothes? Do they have a cool attachment (oh, don't take that as innuendo) or virtual pet? Or, in absence of another starter topic, if you notice something funny about the situation around you, observe that. People-watching (including avatars) can be pretty enlightening for opening someone up to how they feel about other things and relate to the (virtual) world they live in. I've found it intensely rew
  9. I live for stuff like this — wait, not necessarily "lewd acts in public", but magic moments that I wasn't expecting and transpire before my eyes. Like landing somewhere random and seeing really awesome avatars, like the time I chaned upon Galactus fighting Spongebob Squarepants at Waterhead. OK, IP infringement I know, but the geek in me went "Squee!" Incidentally, at the Grand Canyon, I was filming video and it was spooky how many events happened "in time" without me having to consciously direct. I wanted to film some helicopter and boat rides, and thank goodness these vehicles were actively
  10. I remember the day when the max. supported build height was 768m, before we extended it to 4,096m. I do wish we had more selective view controls, e.g., for the times you want to crank your draw distance WAY UP but don't want it obscured with skyboxes, which aren't necessarily aesthetically pleasing from the outside — I'm guilty of making a few giant black spheres and black cubes out of megaprims in my time. But as has been noted, unless there's some violation of the Community Standards/Terms of Service — like a skybox that's severely encroaching on your parcel — then it's allowed... keeping
  11. Ha, Chibi, you are one of the rare and few who remembers me as "Torley Torgeson" I think. ^5 I've always been into watermelons but I think it's grown more... colorful... after the years. Especially after local government denied me certain, ahem, liberties with the color of my brick-and-mortar house. Watermelons have been exploding too. I AM hoping that improved Interests matching will help those of us who think we are so "weird" find others with similar obsessions, mwahaha! It's nice to know we're not alone. Besides, it's only really "weird" (in an awkward way) if you're not being yourself.
  12. Have you been to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Meow/116/161/22 ? Several independent recommendations from Residents have led me there as of late! They have some stuff you might classify as "punk/goth", and the overall vibe of the shops there is quite quirky and fun, down to the graffiti and giant cartoony designs. And, if there are any awesome shopping areas not in the Destination Guide... they should be, so please submit so your kindly Editorial Team at Linden Lab can include you! (This is probably easiest done by the mall owner.)
  13. It's never been obvious over the years that "you can click the red arrow to make it disappear". Visual feedback — like a "X" appearing when you hover over it and a notification stating "this points to your destination, click to hide it", like we already use for hints — would make sense. I feel there should be a debug setting for this (in Advanced menu > Debug Settings) but I haven't found one.
  14. HAR HAR HAR LOOK WHAT'S BEEN ROLLIN' IN!!!!1 @Perrie Yup! In Grand Theft Auto IV, you can use an in-game, simulated web browser at an Internet cafe. While "My Online Me" — or "MOM" — has an acronymic similarity to "WOW", the wording definitely makes me think of none other than secondlife.com. I'm surprised hardly anyone else picked up on this before, considering that GTAIV has been out since 2008! @Storm Oh geez. I heard a joke about "Do kids with ADHD go to Concentration Camp?" the other day. @Rhonda On a vintage tip, yes, that video was circulated madly within LL years ago. An unlikely fu
  15. Oh Suella, that shirt totally crax me up. I haven't found much of a use for Facebook myself, but I enjoy seeing memes based on it! Have a Marketplace link to that shirt? Also, I found this "Funny" page on the wiki which compiles some videos and other riffing on SL memes.
  16. I heartily enjoy humor about Second Life, including that which happens within SL: like cultural jokes about hippos and purposefully wearing a blurry texture suit so everyone else goes mad wondering when you're going to clear up (takes one to know one). Also, shows like The Office that show characters playing SL, or outright satire. I've seen other threads touching on such funny topics before, but I wanted to start this one to compile LAUGH after LAUGH. Good clean fun. OK, have at it! Here's something I spotted, and BONUS POINTS if you know where it's from:  
  17. Chibi Chang wrote: Almost all of my friends are gone from the world now, however, and it is very lonely for someone like me, who has seen it all and has no aspirations to do anything to even log in anymore. I see this phenomena probably similar to being a senior citizen in real life, and having your friends and relatives perish, leaving you with nothing but your children to watch over. Chibi! Oh wow, remember me? I think we first met back in 2004 through mutual friends, and I was trying to find out what the whole "neko" thing was about before I adopted some feline traits shortly afterw
  18. While filming Grand Canyon for a certain video, I had the serenidipitous fortune to hop from one ride to another: I jumped aboard a helicopter with a kind Resi piloting it towards the water, then fell — not to a precipitous death but onto one of the hovercraft, also being skillfully chartered — and the journey proceeded. I also really enjoyed using my SpaceNavigator to fly my camera in loops and whorls... easier to see than talk about, starts @ 3:19 here:
  19. Not long ago, I was going to eat sushi with friends. (I'm so fond of sushi I named a cat after it.) But before I did, I took many pictures of the impending feast. One of my chums asked me why, and I candidly replied: "This meal will be gone soon, but the memories will remain." So it is with inworld photography, one of the most popular hobbies inside Second Life — and getting started is as easy as clicking a single button. Years ago, I started a snapshot help page that has since helped thousands of Residents discover the joy of SL photography firsthand. As time passed though, I received hun
  20. Looking back and looking forward, it's also a great time to learn more about the history of Second Life — and feel free to update that page if you spot something that should be there!
  21. Thanks for the heads-up on this, Peewee, I'm going to correct the link on the original page — this comes from a time (eons ago... haha) when we used a blog system before the current one.
  22. I've already found the new merchant/store search to come in handy when I couldn't find something in inworld search — but it was listed on the Marketplace!
  23. @Canoro Thanks for pointing that out, and yes, that's right, the "Like" button doesn't affect submission chances. What the Editorial Team does look for is an overall beautiful experience — and what helps us is if during your submission, you have a helpful description and a great picture that you feel accurately depicts your place. I also have a guide on how to take snapshots if you need help with that. @Dillon Thanks for noticing that, we're definitely conscious of making the DG well-categorized. @Celestiall Incidentally, one of my WindLight presets is inspired by Barsoom. Alpha Point + t
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