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  1. Oddly it seems that if I drop graphics to "High" before logging in, then bump them back to Ultra, it works ok... But it also looks like there is something wrong with alpha textures in the latest 2.7.4... Sigh
  2. I have tried a couple of different sets of drivers, but haven't messed with network at all - thanks for the replies all - may pick up a Radeon just to see
  3. My GTX 460 won't run mesh (or the latest LL viewer for that matter) due to tripping over the nvidia "error code: 8" bug... Anyone have a recommendation on a card that will let me mesh it up??
  4. I get a hard crash and the mysterious Nvidia error #8 every time I try to start the latest viewer - anyone else?
  5. Er. No, I'm just a doofus I'm using 2.6.4 (225759)... It works fine in 2.6.3
  6. Been playing around with Snowglobe, seems that Hide UI (ctrl-alt-F1) causes it to crash every time - anyone else having this issue?
  7. thanks!! I just tried this, worked like a charm - running 8x in the Nvidia control panel, much more better now
  8. Hi Torley, Interestingly, when I turned on Anti-aliasing, it actually looked worse! I had a white edge around most prims, like a bad alpha layer or something... It got worse as I turned AA up... So I guess I will leave that off for now!
  9. Thanks Torley! (Love your tutorial vids, btw !) Card is running great at ultra! Such a huge difference, especially with some great Windlight settings and shadows turned on This is replacing a very aged ATI card, and I am super impressed - and yep, SC is superclocked. Yay!
  10. Hey kids, running SL on my shiny new computer, just curious what graphics settings people are using with the EVGA 460GTX SC graphics card? SL says it doesn't recognize it, so sets all the defaults very low... thanks!
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