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  1. Actually, you might notice it, since small speakers generally have a lot of treble, and treble is where these sorts of things are the most noticeable. The bass range isn't affected at all when it comes to low bitrate audio. And yes, it's annoying when DJs talk over a song you want to hear--unless it's at the beginning of a song and is just a tiny phrase or blurb at the beginning of the intro, or if they rewind it when they're done talking so you can hear the whole thing. I usually have a special track I play (usually the Airwolf theme) when I want to talk, or sometimes I'll play a silent track when I'm talking. And yes, hosts that spam gestures are seriously annoying. I'm alright with hosts occasionally asking people to tip the DJ, or DJs occasionally asking people to tip the hosts, but when they're begging for L$ themselves, it's really tacky and annoying. I do get annoyed with some clubs that require their DJs to constantly ask (like at almost every break) people to tip the hosts and donate to the clubs--I choose not to work at those places. Same with the clubs that want people to continually insert ads into the music playlist.
  2. My biggest two pet peeves in Second Life regarding DJs are ones revolving around audio quality--I don't talk about it in Second Life itself because it would be incredibly rude, it's the equivalent of telling someone they're bad at singing: Streams that have a bitrate of 64kbps. Come on now, if you have enough bandwidth that you can get on Second Life, you can almost assuredly handle streaming at at least 128kbps (I generally stream at 192kbps). Do people really not notice how bad 64kbps sounds? Pretty much everything above 10khz in frequency is essentially missing (for reference, a compact disc goes up to 20khz), and the frequencies that are left sound like listening to hold music on a cellphone. Swish swish. The other irritant is when people who don't know what they're doing decide to tinker with compression settings in Sam Broadcaster (Sam Broadcaster with stock settings already sound bad enough, it's why I use Virtual DJ) so there's no such thing as a silent moment, so silence sounds like loud white noise, making everything sound worse than an FM radio station that isn't coming in all the way. And nobody says anything, including myself. Generally, I just leave when people's streams sound like that. I'll make up some excuse as to why I have to go.
  3. I'm glad there was an answer in Firestorm. Thanks for showing the setting, Chic Aeon, that was really helpful. My avatar complexity is at 39,587. I don't change my avatar's appearance, generally. Every 15 minutes or so it would tell me "look, people can see you now" and then 15 minutes later "not everyone can see you", then "everyone can see you", then "not everyone can see you" over and over and over again when I haven't changed anything. It's a stupid notification as far as I'm concerned. I get why it exists, but it would have been nice if it was easier to turn off. Again, thanks Chic Aeon for the fix for the problem, it was very helpful.
  4. I'm going to try just changing to just "Fmeh", and then see if it will let me reset it. Nope, same problem. At least I'm "Fmeh" now though.
  5. No, I'm just trying to reset it back to my username, which is Fmeh Tagore.
  6. It's been over two years since I changed my display name. As others have shown though, it's supposed to allow me to reset it back to my username at any time.
  7. Alright thanks. I hope it works by the time I start DJing again.
  8. When I click OK, it leaves me with this window, permanently. Any ideas on what's going on?
  9. I'll agree with that, yes. The whole game should be GMT. Consistency is the main thing though.
  10. Does anyone know why they chose to make notifications GMT? It's such a strange thing to do as far as I'm concerned.
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