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  1. I'll agree with that, yes. The whole game should be GMT. Consistency is the main thing though.
  2. Does anyone know why they chose to make notifications GMT? It's such a strange thing to do as far as I'm concerned.
  3. I've been on SL for 12 years, and a frustration I've always had is that group notifications are always in GMT, yet everything else is PST. On another forum, people are telling me that their notifications come in as PST--if that's the case, then there's something wrong with my account that has been messed up for the entire 12 years. Are notifications supposed to be in GMT? Thanks, --Kizz
  4. What is this selection thing called, where if you hover around its outside it snaps to designated points, and how do I get it back? It's disappearing for my mother over and over again, and the only thing I've known how to do to fix it is to get on her computer with TeamViewer and basically delete her SL preferences, then do all her preferences over again by hand. Yeah, I've gotten a nice pattern formed in re-doing her preferences, I've got it down to 5 minutes now, but still, I'm getting tired of having to do that. What is this option called, and how do I get it back? Thanks.
  5. Good to know. Thanks for the info. I wish I could look at that JIRA. It is definitely *quite* the bug, it makes using SL horrible. I had hoped they'd release another RC or beta version of that series since that came out.
  6. I already said: "I was stupid enough to have clicked "willing to update to release candidates" in the viewer." But yes.
  7. I finally gave up and downgraded. The last place I went, all but 2 avatars were jellybabies. Utterly horrible. This is much better. I certainly hope they fix this issue before it goes into the main viewer.
  8. This version sucks. You can have avatar complexity set for no limit, and no matter what, if you zoom in on an avatar, they turn into a jellybaby. You can't zoom into ANY avatar except your own. You can't look at any details... it just sucks. Really, there needs to be an update for it. I was stupid enough to have clicked "willing to update to release candidates" in the viewer. I'll be downgrading in a couple days if there's *still* not an upgrade to this garbage. I can't believe this is considered a release candidate. If this makes it to the main viewer, why would anyone use the official LL viewer anymore?
  9. Well, well said, truly fantastic response. Thanks for that. I have nothing to counter anything you've said.
  10. LOL Well, learning Blender or paying for Maya is not really a reasonable thing to require for a world that's supposed to be something anyone can create in. People with no 3d modeling skills at all could actually create things in SL--now anything they create is looked at like a joke because LL didn't bother to add more options in the viewer itself to create more types of prims. That's what should have happened, but they took the pathetic lazy route. Sculpties shouldn't ever have happened either--they should have simply put more options in the viewer itself. And stop doing the hyperbole stuff by saying "20 years old", don't be ridiculous. And if one requires the skills to make content on professional platforms in order to make content in a world that's supposed to be for EVERYONE to be able to create content in, it's sort of lost touch with what the online world/environment was created for in the first place. If it requires those skills, why go on SL when you could make content for other games that have better engines and actually have real online gameplay? You also strawmanned my argument: I never talked even a single time about people creating their own game engines. I talked about people working with existing complex game engines, like games that use the Hammer editor. I guess you didn't know my reference so you made things up instead. And if you're not willing to read a page and a half of text, which was all my post was unless you're using a very low resolution on your screen, that's your problem, it means you're a lazy reader, yet act like others are lazy for not wanting to learn how to use Blender or Maya just to make content for an online world that's supposed to be about creating things. You're reminding me of Linux fanboys who claim that it's "easy" to type 20 word commands to do simple things that should have a visual interface. Why can't LL make a NEW avatar engine (or whatever avatar engine they're going to have in Sansar) that lets people do a lot of things with sliders, and then if people aren't satisfied with that, they can have other options? There are plenty of great 3D games that give you an insane amount of options for your avatar without having to purchase products that don't give you any options other than that purchase. Claiming that going out and buying things to change your avatar instead of being able to move sliders to customize it yourself is as stupid as Apple claiming their pro lines are "upgradable" because when you first buy them, you can ask for a better built-in video card. That's not an upgrade, that's spending more money to get something you can't change. Try having a fat avatar. Go for it. Tell me about all the options for that. If you actually think SL hasn't went downhill (in participation, in good places to go, in places to hang out) since late 2012, I have a bridge to sell you. The Narrows Bridge here in Tacoma is going for a good price, that'll be 500 bitcoins please. There's a significant correlation between the time mesh got introduced to SL, and people's participation in creating things and people doing things in SL dwindling. Just because you can find nice items doesn't mean the platform hasn't went downhill in participation and places to go. If it wasn't people not feeling they could create anything reasonable, what do you attribute to SL going downhill so much? Or are you going to be like I was in the mid 90s with the Amiga, thinking it was still a great computer platform even when it was so apparent it was not anymore.
  11. This is just my opinion and nothing more. I'm writing this because I've been disappointed in what I've heard about Sansar, where I was originally very excited about it. I stopped regularly logging into SL after mid 2013, and every time I log in now, everything fun about SL has just sort of disappeared. All the interesting places are gone, and it seems to be a sea of avatars that look like everyone else. When I log in and go to a place that's decently populated (which is hard to find since LL got rid of the good tools for finding places that currently have a lot of people at them) I can wait 5, even 10 minutes and still half the people have missing torsos, and once they eventually appear, they have the same shape as everyone else because mesh clothing doesn't conform to the proportions of your avatar, you must conform to the proportions of the clothing. Most people stopped bothering to build things once mesh became popular. Sure, some people remained and learned the separate software and the skills needed, but it's only a niche audience who have been willing to do that. Being able to build things within SL was one of the biggest draws to SL. The way it is now, if you use regular prims to build things, you're looked at as if you're using Minecraft. I certainly gave up creating anything after it was basically required to use separate tools and import them into SL in order to make anything that looks decent and doesn't make people think of Minecraft. Once mesh came into place, people stopped having fun in SL. Most of the people who I used to see regularly, stopped logging in. I mean, sure, really dedicated people obviously make things in mesh, but that pretty much cuts out everyone else, and it became more of a fashion show of who can spend the most money in-world to buy expensive creations. Doing interesting things with mesh just isn't possible either. To my knowledge you can't apply visual scripts to textures on mesh other than just changing the textures altogether, no animations, no scrolling textures (and if you did scroll it would look totally messed up), clubs/stores/places that have mesh buildings look more and more like what you'd find in real life--boring. Sure, much more realistic, but still boring. The newer lighting engines bring the FPS to a crawl, they're not very optimized, and most people are still basing their builds on the old lighting engines.... so mesh just seemed to be the big thing, which very few people except the very dedicated actually bother with. And now I'm reading that Sansar isn't even going to have any real in-world building tools other than how to place things somewhere. I've not even read if they're going to have sliders for one's avatars (shapes, skin color, hair, or whatnot), or whether you have to choose from pre-made shapes and everything else. If that's the case, what fun is Sansar supposed to be? Is it simply going to be more of this "Ooh look, I can spend lots of money, aren't you impressed?" or "I just spent 80 hours creating this avatar shape in Blender and it still looks like crap and it still does no good when I put clothing on it becuase the clothing won't conform to my avatar." I mean, what good are these virtual worlds when in order to make anything yourself that looks decent, you have to put that much work into it? And as I said--most of the cool places are gone. Want to go somewhere to listen to music and hear hundreds of "Hooooooooo!" and getting spanked by scripts where nobody actually talks to each other except in private messages? Choose from a select set of genres, don't try to look for anything new, or for DJs that try to expand people's horizons, just choose specifically from top 40 (of today or of specific decades), rock, blues, country, "romantic", hip hop and rap, edm, edm, edm, edm, or edm. If you're a DJ and you want to play something other than sticking purely with one of those genres, you're out of luck finding anywhere to DJ at unless you go to furry clubs and then look out of place because you have a human avatar. Honestly, it seems only the furry hangouts have people that actually know how to have fun in SL anymore. Or even at some of the infohubs where it's the 4chan/8chan SL equivalent where you have to deal with bullying and childish behavior. But at least they have fun... I guess... I personally do not like hearing racial and sexual orientation slurs constantly, or people making fun of other people's intelligence, and so on. Sure, there have always been and will always be people who primarily go on SL to have a house that they can continually redecorate, make the walls a different color, get new furniture for, and not really share it with anyone else because simply redecorating your house is, for some reason, a whole lot of fun for you. If that's fun for you, excellent, I'm glad you're able to find something interesting to do in-world. Personally I don't get the idea of redecorating in SL constantly without trying to share it with a lot of other people. But people enjoy what they enjoy--who am I to judge? But then some of you who do this get pissy and have always gotten pissy that people can, oh no, cam into your house to look around, or they might actually bring their avatar there as if SL items and furniture is somehow a personal reflection of what you do in your real life personal life and the privacy of those things is as important as the privacy of your real life home or as important as homeland security in the United States is to the U.S. government, and you want to get people's accounts terminated over it. That's always made me groan and laugh a little bit, as if you redecorating your house is serious enough to terminate other people's accounts over, yet you claim it's fun. Whatever. I digress. Since mesh has been implemented, it seems that those kinds of things (redecorating, and ooh look, I spent lots of money) are what people seem to find the most fun. As I said, there aren't really any conversations in local chat that happen in clubs or really anywhere anymore. There's hardly any individuality in SL anymore because you can't do anything with mesh items, you buy it and use it the way it was designed and that's that. Sure, things look more realistic than ever, but that's not what made SL fun. Realism isn't what made SL fun. What made SL fun was the almost limitless possibilities without having to have the skills required to create your own games in things like the Hammer engine. I mean, if the scripting engine and the physics engines in SL allowed for reasonable gaming, like an FPS or a decent RPG that actually limits your experience on different pieces of land so you must follow the rules of the RPG (instead of relying on people reporting that you're not following the rules), that'd be a little different. But you can't even make a decently-operating car that steers and accellerates right, it's all very antiquated, like a poorly-written game from 1997. Even things like chess require so much scripting and links to offworld servers that it slows down the SL server you're in. Chess of all things! So what's left? Well, it was creating your own fashion, your own buildings, your own hair, your own club, your own whatever---but since mesh, none of that is worth it unless you acquire the skills needed to literally be able to make your own game on almost any game engine (or you can be satisfied with people looking at you as if you're playing Minecraft). I mean, once you have those kinds of skills, you could easily go on to make things for other games. And sure, there are definitely some side benefits to acquiring those skills, but does that make SL a fun place to be? So... what good is Sansar going to be if it's ALL based on having those kinds of skills? As I said, it will probably be more of that same mindset of, "Look at me, I spend a lot of money in order to have pseudo-individuality!"
  12. There used to be ways of seeing how many people were at locations. Even "Destinations", which was a new function, used to work differently when it was first introduced. It would always list how many people were at a location, and the first entries in the pouplar lists used to prioritize as showing the places that had the most people there first. Previously, like 6 or so years ago, or even longer, land owners were upset with how their clubs were never visited because people would use various methods to find the places that had the most people on them. I remember being on forums like SLUniverse where people who ran small clubs and land owners were happy when LL changed it so people couldn't do that anymore. It was why people used bots so often before--and is confusing why they still use them now. I've been on SL since around '06, or was it '05? Can't remember... but I *do* remember back when attached hair moved one frame behind the rest of the avatars, that was always humorous. I've seen a lot of changes over the years. I remember when the search option would list clubs (or any locations really) that were the most populated first. It used to be easy to find new places with lots of people in them. On a side note, yes, I went back to that club immediately after capturing the video and hung out there for at least an hour--I was having trouble with the viewer crashing a lot, so before I left, I told them that I was having trouble with the viewer. Most of my landmarks for places that used to be popular became invalid about 2 years ago--they simply don't exist anymore. I DJed in Second Life for about 3 years, I was getting known as "the voice" as far as my speaking voice. Almost everywhere has changed. I can't imagine how anyone who wants to get involved with SL now would be able to keep interest--and as I said, the infohubs on SL are pretty much cesspools of bullies and trolls and griefers, it's like SL's 8chan. And now one can't even feasibly customize hardly anything about their avatars now--so much mesh stuff means everyone's body shapes are cookie-cutter, there's no modding mesh stuff--mesh was poorly planned, it was released before it should have been ready. Sorry, I digress.... Anyway, thanks so much for your responses.
  13. I know that land owners didn't like it when people could find places via how many people were currently there, but getting rid of it a couple years ago pretty much destroyed the usability of Second Life. I hardly come in-world anymore because I'd have to spend hours and hours just trying to find a place if I log in at night.
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